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Houlahan To Co-Host Buttigieg Fundraiser

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is set to have a fundraiser in Philadelphia and a freshman Democrat serving in the Philly suburbs is listed as one of the co-hosts. 

First reported by Politico, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Chester) is one of the co-hosts for the Oct. 20 fundraiser for the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful in Philadelphia. 

Houlahan has not endorsed Buttigieg or any other presidential candidate, but Politico writes that her participation in the fundraiser is a “rare sign of interest for Buttigieg among members of Congress.” 

“Chrissy is looking forward to hearing from Mayor Pete about his vision for our country,” a spokesperson from Houlahan’s campaign said to PoliticsPA. 

This is not the first fundraiser for a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate that Houlahan has lent her name to. A spokesperson from Houlahan’s campaign that she’s accepted invitations to serve as a co-host for fundraisers for former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). The spokesperson continued to say that Houlahan, as a member of the Democratic co-host committee in PA, has offered to lend her name and co-host fundraisers for a number of candidates as they make their case to Pennsylvanians and added that she is not participating in raising money for these candidates as the co-host title is an “honorary title.” 

Houlahan is “excited about a number of candidates” according to the spokesperson and does not currently have a particular timetable of when she plans to endorse a candidate, while Sen. Bob Casey and Reps. Brendan Boyle (D-Philadelphia), Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna), and Dwight Evans (D-Philadelphia) have already formally endorsed Biden’s bid. Buttigieg’s largest endorsement coming from a Pennsylvania Democrat is former Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-Bucks).

Houlahan represents the lone county in the state that flipped from Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 to Sec. Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

A ticket for the fundraiser is $2,800.

9 Responses

  1. Pete is having another fundraiser in Philadelphia at 5:30 on Sunday for more normal people. Students and military are discounted, others start at $25. There is nothing new or odd about fundraisers. That’s what needs to be done to run for office in this country.

  2. there is no such thing as a decent, polite respectfull human being amnong the human garbage that make up the commmentors on politicspa. every single one of you is a total embarasement to you your families, `the politicians you claim to support, and this state. The best thing that could happen in pennsylvania is if every one of you where never able to comment ever again

  3. Chrissy shows her true colors. Wasn’t she alleged to be an advocate for the people, not a small number of special interest groups?

  4. #FeelTheBern2020. But not at $2,800 per! What are they serving, gold encrusted Martian caviar? So much for grassroots small donors. The Hillary Clinton fundraiser is on tap at the Houlahan mansion soon, no doubt.

    1. This one is actually not that much compared to some fundraisers. Trump got $100,000 a couple at a California fundraiser. Bernie has gotten as much a $1000 a plate at one of his fundraiser. $2800 is a bit more than the average grassroots donor can afford. This give people who would end up donating the much anyway a chance to meet the candidate. I won’t be there as it’s way more than I can afford.

  5. Unlike the others commenting I see this as a common event. This endorsement is completely acceptable and tying it into salaries of campaign workers is comparing apples and oranges. Actually, not have Houlahan not for Biden is important and shows the openness of the Democratic Party–it definately is a positive.

  6. Of course she jumps on the fundraising events so she can poach all the donors for herself? She’s greedy and only cares about money. Even the other Democratic women in the delegation see Chrissy as a self serving, self promotional, ego-maniac. She has a longggggggg history of trying to get ahead at the expense of others.

  7. HA. Very Houlahan-ish event. Costs $2,800 for a plate, but she could only pay her workers 35 cents an hour and fed the pig slop. She didn’t care about her workers then, and she doesn’t care about her constituents now.

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