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House Returns to Work on Budget

The state House is returning to Harrisburg to try to finish the state’s revenue package to fill the $2.2 billion gap to fully fund the spending package they passed in June.  

According to the Patriot News, the House will likely vote on the plan that House GOP members proposed to pull money out of other funds to help fill the gap.  

The vote will likely take place at some point Tuesday, though whether the plan will pass is unclear according to State House Sound Bites.  

The Patriot News reports that the Senate’s plan to balance the budget using tax increases and expansions, gambling expansion, fund transfers, and borrowing will not be considered either completely or in part until after all non-tax and borrow options are explored.  

State Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams), who helped author the House’s plan, told State House Sound Bites that “we have a few people that are uneasy with some of the things that we’re doing, but that’s to be expected.  I think we will have the votes.”  

Moul added if the vote fails, they would be willing to discuss folding some of the proposals in his plan into a compromise plan.

4 Responses

  1. Word around the capitol (and Republican watering holes) is the only thing they actually have the votes for is DiGirolamo’s PIT increase, but Turzai won’t bring it to the floor. Seems like a strategic blunder on his part.

  2. Moul and all of them should be ashamed to take seven weeks off before finishing the people’s business and to accept their salaries. No vacation until the job is done. The proposed bills to not pay their salaries should have a provision that they cannot leave for the summer until the job is done.

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