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In 6 Stop Tour, Smith Unveils Detailed Policy Platform

Smith speaks at a business in Meadville. Source: Smith campaign

Senate candidate Tom Smith unveiled a detailed economic platform in a six-city tour Friday, laying out the plans he has if elected to office.

The Republican is challenging freshman Sen. Bob Casey.

Those who have followed Smith’s campaign thus far will not be surprised by any of the proposals; the real development is the breadth and specificity of the policies. The full platform can be viewed here.

“Partisan gridlock has crippled our government, but here’s the scary part, everyone agrees that America is in trouble,” said Smith during events in Philadelphia, Mountain Top, Pittsburgh, Meadville, Harrisburg, and Tyrone. “I believe working together; we can and will meet the challenges our country faces. That is the great hallmark of the American story rising to meet any and all challenges. We will grow our economy and create jobs when we restore our economic freedom. I’m here to propose America chart a new course to restore the American dream. Focus on growing the private sector, to create jobs and achieve sustainable growth.”

Some of the Smith classics include a flat tax, reducing spending, rolling back regulations, developing fossil fuels, and repealing Obamacare. Newer are proposals to raise the Social Security retirement age and create a means test for Medicare. He also supports maintaining tax deductions for lower income families while eliminating tax loopholes on the whole.

Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar characterized the platform as extreme.

“This is what happens when you take the Ryan budget to a Tea Party rally.  Not only will Tom Smith dismantle Medicare, privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age, his flat tax and capital gains tax elimination makes Mitt Romney look like a left-wing liberal,” said Smar.

Though more specific than before, Smar said that Smith’s platform is lacking one key detail: the rate of the flat tax.

8 Responses

  1. Alex I agree with you 100%, I don’t know what the other people are smoking…Tom Smith has no clue, I’ve heard him speak many times and its all Tea Party talking points.

  2. This comment section is hilarious. Obama doesn’t want to work with Republicans? What a croc. Senate Republican Mitch McConnel stated in 2009 that their number 1 political goal was to make Obama a 1 term president. The Prez tried to work with Republicants during the debt ceiling negotiations, but Republicants adhere only to their King Grover Norquist and his anti-tax agenda. This line of comments is a joke, talk about living in a fantasy world

  3. @Armstrong Co Resident: Your attacks on Tom Smith for nearly a year on this site are baseless. Perhaps it is a personal axe to grind because of the closure of a school that graduates 20 kids/year, but that was certainly not his doing; maybe you are one of the few employees that were not retained when he sold his mining operations, but he did everything he could to protect the people that worked for him. He provided great paying jobs for ~25 years, opened/opens his home daily for activities in/for the community, and asks for nothing in return. He’s genuinely trying to make this country a better place for future generations and investing a significant portion of his own money to do so. As for him being “a multimillionaire living off his wife’s bloated PSER’s money” that pension is well-deserved by his wife for her hard work, and likely represents less than 1% of his annual income.

  4. I wish we could all hear Senator Caseys’ position on solving this countries problems but you never will. He is a “nice guy” with 0 initiatives out of voting for the neo-communist agenda of Barrack Obama. Another 6 years of this do nothing empty suit and Pennsylvania will see more factories close and businesses move away. Some people are simplly doing a John Galt and quiting and who can blame them.

    His version of medical care is the same as his old man. Rules for everyone else and when the politically connected have a problem, to the front of the line they go. I remember those transplants Senior got. Ahead of others in line and waiting. Junior will support the same “elitist” system as he does.

  5. I wish I had known about this, I would have liked to attend.
    Smith is correct about partisan gridlock. This will not change unless Obama is out of office and the Republicans have more, if not a majority of the Senate. Democrats cannot win the House, and Obama will not compromise with the Republicans there. He has said so himself. He already proved it when the credit line needed to be extended and he threatened to stop paying our military and seniors rather than compromise. Because of that fiasco, Obama is directly responsible for the downgrading of our country’s credit rating. And Casey, in voting for all of the Presidents nonsense, needs to go too.

  6. The minute he said “working together” I knew this is typical empty promises by Tom Smith. His views on working together means I will work with you as long as you do what I want.

    It’s easy for a multimillionaire living off his wife’s bloated PSER’s money to talk about raising the social security retirement age and creating a means test for Medicare. Would Tom want that for himself if he wasn’t in the position he is in?

    At least he continues to provide entertainment on the national level and negative attention to our great state with his sexist and mysoginistic remarks. The latest is his assumption when asked what he thought about two women talking to Paul Ryan at a recent function he was attending. His statement that they were probably talking about shoes shows how little he respects women. He then proceeded to make an analogy comparing Casey and Obama’s politics to his wife wrecking his car and taking it to her hair salon! What???

    A vote for Smith is a vote for the dark ages!

  7. Somehow I think Casey’s response would have been the same whatever Smith’s policy positions were. This hack for the President is a political empty suit who represents the Dem cronies that put in the Senate.

    If we don’t address Medicare it will be insolvent in the near term. The great lie of the left is that the rich need to pay their fair share, when they know that there just isn’t enough to tax from the wealthy to fund their grandiose government plans. Wake up middle class, the left is just softening you up so after they clip the rich and still don’t have enough then they will be coming for you. You are where the tax base is and when the time comes yiu will be reminded that you agreed that everyone needs to pay their fair share.

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