In First Campaign Punch, Fitz Links Boockvar to Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi didn’t stop in Bucks County during her visit to PA on Saturday; the former House Speaker traveled to Scranton to raise money for Matt Cartwright. But that was close enough for Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. His campaign challenged opponent Kathy Boockvar to say whether she’d be a vote for Pelosi in Congress.

It’s the first time Fitzpatrick’s campaign has thrown a first punch this cycle.

“Voters want to know: when will Boockvar formally endorse Pelosi for Speaker?” his campaign manager asked in a press release Friday.

“Having accepted thousands of dollars from former Speaker Pelosi, Kathy Boockvar’s endorsement of Pelosi for House Speaker is just a matter of time,” said Fitzpatrick CM Faith Bender.

Pelosi’s campaign and her PAC (PAC to the Future) contributed $7,000 to Boockvar in April.

“Mike Fitzpatrick opposed government-run healthcare (Obamacare) and has called for a Special Session to replace it with legislation that focuses on patients and doctors, not bureaucrats,” said Bender, “Furthermore, Mike Fitzpatrick will fight to ensure that seniors are protected from Obama’s reckless Medicare cuts.”

Pelosi was a frequent feature in GOP campaign attack during the 2010 wave year.

Boockvar didn’t go to Scranton, her campaign said, and added Fitzpatrick’s tack was anachronistic.

“It is beyond presumptuous to talk about who Kathy would support for Speaker, as we don’t yet know who is running,” said Boockvar Campaign Manager Jon Blair.

“We do, however, know that she will not miss her own swearing-in ceremony, like Congressman Fitzpatrick did, or vote to end Medicare as we know it in order to preserve tax breaks for oil companies, which Mike Fitzpatrick has done twice so far.”

The swearing-in ceremony mishap yielded a number of embarrassing headlines for Fitzpatrick early in this term.

The race for PA’s 8th district is shaping up to be the most competitive congressional race of the cycle. Fitzpatrick was elected in 2004, but defeated for re-election in 2006. He won back his seat in 2010.

10 Responses

  1. The only comment worthy of a rejoinder is the need to explain whether “this election is about him [the incumbent] and not about Nancy Pelosi?”

    Pelosi is part of the troica [with BHO/Reid] who brought ObamaCare, the stimulus, etc. She mandated the mammoth medical insurance bill be passed “and then you’ll find-out what’s in it.” She represents the values-system of Congressional D’s.

    The key-question that the challenger must confront is not whether the swearing-in occurred via video [initially]; the jobs/economy issue will dominate, and the electorate will be invited to agree/disagree with BHO’s claim that the private-sector is doing just “fine”!

  2. If Kathy Boockvar were to be elected (she won’t be) she would be just like our former Congressman Pat Murphy…Nancy Pelosi’s Lap Dog! Sorry Kathy, we don’t need another tax loving Progressive-Liberal in Congress!

  3. Bob can you substantiate that mike Fitzpatrick is at a bar 7 nights a week or are you just full of BS? I highly doubt you follow the man around each day and night, especially when he is DC.

  4. “[T]he most competitive congressional race of the cycle”? Um…are you joking? Former beauty queen and frequent election victim Boockvar doesn’t have a chance.

  5. 7 days a week you can find Fitzpatrick at a DC or Bucks County water hole. He’s a drunk!

  6. He doesn’t represent the 99%, Kathy Boockvar does! I welcome Nancy Pelosi !!!

  7. He is visiting businesses…and attending award ceremonies. He should find the free clinics and visit them, and try talking to those citizens who cannot get medical insurance, and are suffering from neglected health issues.

  8. Congress controls the cuts to Medicare and has totally ignored all the recommendations by the Advisory COMMISSION on cuts since the Commission was created by Congress in 1992. Congress is responsible for the ancillary providers reaping huge profits while the doctors reimbursements are embarrassing low.
    I cannot stand liars. The absence of honesty in the medical debate is shameful.

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