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In First Fall Ad, Critz Hammers… Democrats (Watch Video)

It’s not hard to tell from Mark Critz’s first ad of the general election that he’s running in a district Barack Obama lost by 8 points in 2008. The Democratic Congressman smacks the President and his party over the issue of coal and others.

“Seven hundred coal jobs depended on building an airshaft at the Cumberland Mine. But we had to fight President Obama’s EPA to get it built,” Critz says.

“…I’m fighting my own party to stop over-regulation of coal and natural gas and to build the Keystone pipeline.”

It’s reminiscent of one of the best political ads of all time, Joe Manchin’s 2010 Senate commercial in which the West Virginia Democrat fires a rifle at the “Cap and Trade bill”.

He closes, “…I’m pro-life, pro-gun and I’ll fight anyone who stands in the way of Pennsylvania jobs.”

Critz is running against Keith Rothfus, an attorney from Allegheny County and one of Republicans’ top congressional challengers in the country.

Update: Rothus Campaign Manager Jon Raso responded to the ad.

“The voters know Congressman Critz’s liberal leadership is exactly why they’re struggling, and all he can do to try and stay in power is deceive them.  Someone who supports President Obama in over three out of every four votes and voted with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time during her leadership is the last thing from ‘independent,'” he said.

“Just a few months ago Mr. Critz was making every attempt to out-left Jason Altmire, now he’s trying to convince the voters he’s a conservative.”

Critz’s strong television ad campaign helped carry him to an unexpected victory over fellow Dem. Rep. Jason Altmire in the April primary. But as part of that primary, Critz had to walk a careful line between winning the Democratic party base and maintaining his centrist record.

So far this campaign, Republicans have gleefully noted that Critz voted numerous times against repealing parts or all of the Obamacare health care law – he even boasted of it during a debate with Altmire.

Rothfus has been on TV for several weeks, as have numerous outside groups on both sides of the race.

7 Responses

  1. I’m glad that Mr. Critz is showing his independence. Having a Congressman who votes for what’s best for the region and not what’s best of the party is key. Critz has my vote. The Rothfus TV ad that highlights how many times Obama (not Critz!) plays golf is downright stupid. Let Rothfus run against Obama, and let Critz continue to represent the hard working people of the PA-12.

  2. When is KEITH THE CANDIDATE ROTHFUS GOING to come clean on his bio? Why did a Buffalo Catholic boy go to work for Faith Healer Pat Robinson? Does Mr. Rothfus still confer regularly with Mr. Robertson? Does Mr. Rothfus agree to undergo a litmus test on Mr. Robertson’s views? It is bad enough that Rothfus is controlled by Beltway Elites but by a Virginia tele-evangelist too?

  3. Wait…

    You are saying Critz was not the one who saved those 700 jobs?

    I don’t think this is a very good strategy by critz of saying look at me I’m a tool of the gas industry… and running ads against the other democrats.

    Where is the “big time democrat” crtiz from this primary election? He was misleadingly suggestive that he supported Obamacare… but was not in office when it was voted on.

    Critz changes positions depending on the season.

  4. He cites “Obamas EPA” but regulations are in place for years. And he totally ignores the role of Pennsylvania’s role in this statement. MIne permits get reviewed every 5 years by the STATE. The EPA was doing the job it is empowered to do, protect the environment.

    In 2010, Alpha Natural Resources requested the addition of a new air shaft site at the mine, but because of water quality issues, the DEP was required to seek additional approval from the EPA. On September 16, 2011, DEP submitted the permit to EPA for approval. EPA objected to the water-related portion of the permit and for months the permit was stalled between DEP and EPA.

    The Department of Environmental Protection (Department) and Cumberland Coal Resources, LP (Cumberland) have agreed to a settlement of the previous matter.
     The parties have agreed to a settlement, the major provisions of which provide for a revision to Coal Mining Activity Permit (CMAP) 30831303 and associated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (NPDES Permit) PA 0013511. As set forth in the settlement, Cumberland has agreed not to appeal from the final issuance of the Amended CMAP.
      In as much as this went to court in 2010 and was settled in early 2011 the regs existed long before Obama and inasmuch as it was settled on Obamas watch he should be giving credit to the “Obama EPA” for reaching a settlement.

  5. HA! This is coming form the man who’s own county has unemployment around 9.6 percent. He also wouldn’t even support Mike Kelly’s bill that would have cut regulations on jobs. That would have been the largest job saver in PA. If he is fighting Obama, does that mean he supports Romney?

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