Independent Judge Makes Ballot for Pennsylvania Supreme Court

PanepintoThe campaign of Judge Paul Panepinto released a statement today announcing that the independent candidate has gathered enough voter signatures to be on the ballot for the November general election for Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

“Judge Panepinto’s impressive grassroots volunteers spanned more than 40 counties to collect the signatures of 29,000 voters who want his name on the ballot, which is nearly double the amount required by the law,” wrote the Panepinto campaign. “Pennsylvanians are fed up with the political stranglehold that political parties and bosses have on choosing candidates for the People.

This is the first time in two decades that an independent will be on the ballot.

“In November, Judge Paul Panepinto will give voters the opportunity to remove politics from the courtroom as the first independent Supreme Court candidate on the ballot since 1993.”

Prior to this campaign, Panepinto served as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in 1990 and Administrative Judge of Family Court of the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania in 1996. He continued in this post until 2000. More recently, he was appointed to the Committee of Judicial Discipline from 2003 to 2007 and as the Coordinating Judge of Complex Litigation on the Civil Trial Division in 2006 and 2007.  

Three seats on the PA Supreme Court will be up for grabs on November 3rd.

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  1. Not beholden to any political power holder or in the back pocket of any big money person and party, I have done my homework and Judge Panepinto truly is the best choice for the PA Supreme Court. It’s time we clean house and start electing some honorable courageous intelligent ppl Who Will be a voice To represent the ppl and to be fair and not get caught up in scandal and politics and ppl who have true experience. This judge has served on each the – family civil and Trial courts in Philadelphia . He’s never been graded short of recommended and was highly recommended every time before this. People talk about this past sanction decision I wasn’t there I don’t know the facts and 99% of the people making comments don’t know either.

  2. Paul Panepinto is NOT a conservative. Not being a Liberal does not make him a conservative.

    It is a common mistake to think “not a liberal” is a conservative which is why so many think Fox is conservative; it is not. DTrump, a good guy and a great American who can get things done, is not a conservative. And, for sure, Megyn Kelly is not a conservative

    It is a mistake to equate “Republican” with conservative.

    Ted Cruz is a consistent conservative.

  3. Re: Panepinto: “The Philadelphia judge who sanctioned a lawyer nearly $1 million said in an opinion on Wednesday that she intentionally elicited banned testimony from an expert witness and “sabotaged” the case.

    Judge Paul Panepinto said lawyer Nancy Raynor, who represented a med-mal defendant, failed to properly instruct an expert witness about a ban on any references to smoking by the decedent, whose family was suing for failure to diagnose lung cancer. The Associated Press, the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Legal Intelligencer have stories on the opinion.

    “Raynor’s determination to try this case in her own way and against the rules of this court, with a lack of fairness to other parties, culminated in her willful elicitation of barred testimony,” Panepinto said.

    “It is glaringly apparent that Raynor’s conduct was orchestrated to improperly influence the outcome of this trial,” Panepinto wrote.

    The $950,000 sanction represented the cost of the plaintiffs’ attorney fees, which were “reasonable and based on industry standards,” Panepinto said.”

    His ruling does not sound unreasonable, given what the defense attorney did. One assumes that if he were wrong, the Pa. Superior Court would have reversed his imposition of the sanction.

  4. Was Panepinto ever the subject of a JIRB proceeding of judicial discipline for the expert-witness case referenced above?

  5. Unless he says Philly in his ads or literature I believe the candidates county is only listed on the primary election ballot not general

  6. He’s registered as independent in Philadelphia ward 34. His wife and son are registered Republicans and his daughter independent.

    So, the question is:
    Is he a conservative who will take votes away from the Republicans or will his registration county of Philly take votes away from the dems?

  7. This guy is a wackjob who should be facing judicial discipline, not running for the Supremes. He’s the one trying to bankrupt an attorney for a truthful statement her expert witness made in court. If you follow Philly court proceedings, you know this guy’s outrageous rulings.

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