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Williams Fundraises for Indicted State Senator

Seth WilliamsDistrict Attorneys probably shouldn’t be seen with indicted lawmakers…especially at fundraisers.

According to PhillyClout, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams made a surprise appearance at State Senator Larry Farnese’s fundraiser last night.

The problem? Farnese was indicted on thirteen counts last month. These charges include: one count of conspiracy, five counts of wire fraud, one count of mail fraud and six counts of unlawful activities involving interstate or foreign commerce.

The goal of all this was to bribe enough people to become a Ward Leader.

Furthermore, not only did Williams show up, but he also got a shout out from Farnese.

Williams, who is already under fire for his employment of Frank Fina and others involved with sending lewd emails, surely doesn’t need another controversy.

50 Responses

  1. Seth Williams better get all his partying in now. And he better get better at fighting. No one is going to like him in prison.

  2. Agreed, Isaac. There is one guy posting as Spongebob and a million other names. PPA needs to delete his posts. And report him to Police. Seems sick in the head.

  3. Nick – this is getting out of hand. It’s time to come up with a coherent comment policy and start deleting this garbage. The homophobic slurs and insults to mothers – over the line.

    “In pursuit of a lively but civil discussion of Pennsylvania politics and current events, PoliticsPA reserves the right to delete libelous or obscene comments, spam, and those comments that do not further constructive discussion, including comments solely consisting of ad hominem attacks…” You get the idea. Everyone spend 10 minutes a day doing a quick skim-through and take out the trash.

  4. Seth Williams was a rising star. His career had a great trajectory. He had a strong staff that had a great track record. His team helped him revamp the Office and avoid bad Press.

    Then he decided to bring Frank Fina aboard. And the rest, as they say, is history. Seth is circling the bowl. Fina should have been flushed a long time ago. If Williams would have listened to the 1st Assistant he forced out and the top Deputy he demoted, Seth’s career would not be in the toilet.

  5. This was good bough to re-post here on this Seth article:

    gregbitt1990 says:
    June 6, 2016 at 11:21 am
    “That’s the gist of one of the provisions of a new anti-fraternization policy put into place this month in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.
    The two-page policy, implemented by Chief Integrity Officer Kathleen Martin, outlines an array of possible relationships that are now forbidden – save a few caveats.
    According to a copy of the policy obtained by the Daily News, intimate or sexual relationships are forbidden between a superior and a subordinate, an assistant district attorney and an intern, and job applicants and anyone who has a hand in making hires.
    However – yeah, there’s a however – preexisting relationships involving any of the above are OK, as long as they are disclosed to higher-ups.” (from article)
    So – if Seth Williams was sleeping with a blonde employee of his, who would he report that too in order to comply with this new Policy of his? And what if he was giving this blonde employee promotions?

  6. He will NEVER voluntarily step aside. Seth Williams has no money and no friends. As Lynne Abraham said, he is an empty-suit D.A. only to help him support his lavish lifestyle. And now we know that he was using campaign money on the Union League and the Sporting Club, it looks like Lynne was correct. The asshole he helped become Judge helps Seth live that lavish lifestyle too. It’s all going to come back to him — especially if his way of paying Bob Levant was to hire Levant’s wife. And that certainly appears to be EXACTLY what happened.

  7. Jax – Would Seth have to step aside if he is indicted? Or is it automatic? Couldn’t he just stay like Kane has?

    Dan McCaffery getting the job would really be insult to injury to Seth … but I don’t think he really cares anymore. He is now in full-out panic mode. More worried about staying out of prison and paying his bills than he is anything else.

    What is McCaffery’s relationship with Fina and Costazo? Would he fire them immediately?

  8. Well if seth is indicted the board of judges chooses his replacement and the guy Seth beat-McCaffery, is now a sitting judge. Wouldn’t that be justice??

  9. ** EDIT **

    My apologies to Seth Williams. It was not “Big Booty Latinas” he was following on twitter. It was “Rate My Latina”

    From Gambacorta’s article:

    The accounts, @RateMyLatin and @RateMyEbony, were suspended between March 9 and March 11 by Twitter and disappeared from the D.A.’s account. They resumed posting on March 12 but were not restored to Williams’ feed.

    Images captured by the Daily News in late February showed the lewd accounts listed in plain sight among the 573 Twitter users that Williams’ account, @DASethWilliams, followed at the time.

    Williams declined to comment, but spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson said last week that the D.A. had “no idea” how the smutty feeds ended up among the accounts that he follows.

    Sure … NO IDEA how they got there!! LOL …. Seth seems pretty clueless. Here are some of the tweets he was enjoying:

  10. Here’s a quote from Mike Barley, Seth Williams’ new campaign manager/money guy:

    “It has been the greatest honor of my professional life to work for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania under Chairman Gleason and I am both humbled and excited to continue working to elect qualified Republican candidates in my new role. I have inherited a great core staff of professionals and I know that together our team will execute Chairman Gleason’s vision to win elections and expand the reach of the Republican Party in our Commonwealth.”

    He didn’t mention helping Democrats in Philadelphia!! Wonder why ….Hmmm
    Oh wait … that quote is from BEFORE Seth Williams hired Mike Barley’s Corbett pals – Fina and Costanzo. You know – the ones that used their Government computers on racist, woman-hating e-mails and got caught by Kathy Kane. I guess Seth Williams got the FULL SUPPORT of the Republicans when he hired Fina & The Corbett Pervs.

    He is going to need it too. Because the Feds are coming for him, he has no real friends in Philadelphia, and he is broke. Nobody likes or respects him. No Democrat is going to support him. In fact – it seems like Frank Fina and the Levant family are the only friends Seth Williams has left (beyond the Corbett Republicans running his PAC in Harrisburg).

    He better keep working with Bernard Hopkins. Won’t be long til he will need better fighting skills in the Big House.

    Keep dancing, Seth. Keep dancing. Paying shills to come here isn’t gonna help you!!

  11. “This is a Silly Story” = Shill for Seth Williams. Didn’t take Seth’s camp too long to play the race card!! Pathetic.

    The Shill below exposes him/herself by talking about who else was at the fundraiser. Also – the moron must have forgotten that Seth Williams is a PROSECUTOR. He is supposed to be different from the other “elected officials.” He is supposed to be more ethical.

    Of course, it seems that Seth Williams himself has forgotten it too. Why should we expect his shills to be honest or forthright. Ethical has left the building.

    Ha3 – You forgot this story … the one where Seth Williams is covering up for the person who defaced City property in front of his house:

  12. They are ALL silly stories. All of them. Silly, silly, silly. Just IGNORE all these stories. They are silly, after all. says:
  13. Seriously? One politician attends an event for another politician who is accused but not convicted of something and that’s a story? Then how come you didn’t call out any of the other elected officials who were there, including Senator Sabatina, Congressman Brady, Councilwoman Gym, and Councilman Squilla?

    We know Clout has a bias against black politicians. But seriously? This site now too? Maybe the idiots who think everything is about Frank Fina and Kathleen Kane might have a point.

    Whatever issues Seth Williams may or may not have on his own, the fact that he showed up at a fundraiser for someone else is not news. Nor is the fact that the elected official listed the DA in a list of present elected officials.

  14. DD – Are you talking about Dems in the Primary next year? If so – there are many names floating around. Former Judge Hughes is often mentioned. She has a good job in the private sector and may not be interested in running. Former Deputy Mayor and Managing Director Rich Negrin is the guy the party hopes will do it. He was an ADA before he went to City Hall as Managing Director.

    But – if (when?) Seth gets indicted, the Judges will vote on his replacement. That’s how Lynne Abraham got the job. That person will have a leg up on the field as the incumbent.

  15. Williams had a great career. The sky was the limit. And then he hired Frank Fina.

  16. Please. Stop with all this bad press!!! Frank Fina is a good guy!! Trust me. Good guy!! Just ignore that he is my husband’s client in a $$$-driven lawsui.judt ignore my financial motive and just TRUST ME. He’s a good guy!!!

    And, for the love of God, please stop asking questions about my qualifications and how I got this job. My husband is tight with Seth and he is Fina’s lawyer. Shhhhh. Seth hasn’t responded to any media requests for answers. He wants to keep it quiet!!

  17. Agree with Pat and Bungy.

    This guy will never get another female vote – as a vote for Williams is a vote for Frank Fina (a disgusting human being with no morals and a hatred for women). And the African American community in Philadelphia has turned on him already. The people that work at the DA’s Office are fed up. They know that their leader is crooked. It’s just a matter of whether the Frds take him out or the voters.

    He could fire Fina tomorrow and arrest Dougherty and the gal who slashed the tires next week. It wouldn’t matter. His political career is over.

  18. Yo Jax – tell that to Chaka Fattah. Seth more likely to be in prison than to get another term.

  19. Won’t make a bit of difference. Brady will insist the party endorse him as the incumbent and he will win in a landslide- it’s almost impossible to beat an African American head to head in philly. Seth should have never been elected in the first place. He won over much more qualified candidates. Sorry folks.

  20. No wonder Seth Williams showed up “uninvited.”

    Seth Williams:

    The guy who is covering up for the person who defaced City property in front of his house.

    The guy who’s Twitter feed once included photos from Big Booty Latinas.

    The guy who spent campaign funds on membership dues at The Union League and The Sporting Club at The Bellvue.

    The guy who turned his back on the victim of a violent crime because one of the perpetrators gave him lots of $$$.

    The guy who lives with his Mommy.

    The guy who demoted a top Deputy and hard-working prosecutor because she suggested that the Office not have racist, sexist prosecutors on staff.

    The guy that has a Harrisburg bartender and Corbett Republicans running his PAC.

    The guy that got his ass kicked by a defense attorney.

    The guy who is the subject of FBI criminal investigation.

    The guy who sips bourbon in a bow-tie at the Union League.

    The guy who gets field-passes for NFL games and then refuses to prosecute NFL players who sucker-punch off-duty officers.

    The guy whose family lives in the suburbs with the wife that he cheated on repeatedly.

    The guy who goes to bat for disgusting lawyers with multiple ethics violations so they can become Judges.

    And that is all BEFORE WE EVEN TALK ABOUT Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo.

  21. BRET COTT aka Bungy aka HaHaHu. Now Brett why would adopt the identity of another person especially a female. Was that part of your training in prison how to act like a little slut prison bitch they made you into. Tell us did you pay taxes on the money you stole from the old people. Got to get better than that troll boy. Oh wait…….Here comes your Clown Car get your dress on before it leaves just like your whole family did when you got locked up for being a thief.
    Please obsessing on me in this and other areas I already told I’m not like you . The main difference between you and me Brett is called acriminal record.

  22. This creep will never get my vote again. He employs sexists and woman-haters. He says that he himself is a “recovering sexist.” Has a reporter asked him what that means yet? Not sure I even want to know. Just get him out of there.

  23. I am very sorry about my husband’e behavior. He is a sick man. And he is obsessed with this HaHa fellow. Now he is even talking about “sucking dicks” again. I thought I had convinced him to stop doing that. He can’t resist, I guess. Again – I am sorry.

  24. William … I mean Robert … No - William … … Robert … William ……… Robert …. William Stauffer says:

    Sorry. I know that didn’t make any sense. I am a retard-troll. And I am coming unglued.

  25. Bet the broke-ass mo-fo didn’t write Farnese a check. Seth there for the free liquor.

  26. Seth is going to have a hard time explaining how he is able to prosecute Bishop (who he has known since he was a child but did not give him any $$$) and not able to prosecute Dougherty (because of the $$$ Dougherty gave).

    It’s really bad. And the 2nd in command hanging up on a reporter is proof that they were scurrying to find reasons to do something they should not have been doing (helping Dougherty avoid handcuffs).

    Seth’s own words will be used against him. That’s because he is totally full of shit and just providing lip service to be doing the right thing.

    He will regret getting into bed with Frank Fina, Bob Levant and Kathy Martin. They suck. And they are dirty. But it appears Seth Williams is dirty too. He knows who slashed the tires …. Everybody knows ….

  27. Yell !!!!!

    Just kidding. The article says that the optics are bad. I agree.

    Seth Williams has seemingly abandoned the idea of avoiding appearances of impropriety. In fact – it seems that he really couldn’t care less about anything but his political survival. Just look at what he did on the John Dougherty assault case. Lynne Abraham would have never turned her back on the victim. Never. And she most certainly would have never demoted a top female deputy for recommending that the Office do what was right (arrest Dougherty).

    That Office deserves better than Seth Williams. The people of Philadelphia deserve better. He will be lucky to make it to the next election. And it he does – he will lose. Seth probably knows that.

  28. Don’t all yell at me at once – but I don’t see a problem with Williams going to this fundraiser. I know he is the elected DA prosecutor, but who are we kidding – he is just a politician like the rest of them.

  29. HaHaHa-

    He is too busy getting “hot-dogs” shoved between his ass-burger buns to keep track of his aliases.

  30. DD – he is “William Schuester” now. Not William Stauffer … or Robert Stauffer. LOL.

  31. Seth HATES when they use the chubby pictures. He has been working out, you know!! At the very expensive Sporting Club. Where he uses campaign money for his membership dues.

    Then he puts on his bow-tie and goes down to the Union League. His dues there are also paid for with campaign money.

    Then, after having a bourbon, Seth goes home in his City car with his million-dollar security detail.

    When the tires get slashed one night, Seth fails to timely make a report of the vandalism. He makes the taxpayers pay for the damage to the City cars … not the person who caused the damage … rumored to be a jilted ex-lover … an ex-lover who still has not been arrested. Wonder which Unit at the DA’s Office was tasked with investigating? The Police Dept. said they were not investigating Anyone want to bet it was a Unit where one of the Corbett Pervs was assigned?

    Is there any wonder Seth is hanging out with criminals and endorsing fraud lawyers for Judgeships. Is there any wonder why the FBI is criminally investigating him?

  32. Pretty soon, we will be hearing about how Seth and Larry “go way back” … like Seth and that FRAUD of a lawyer he helped become a Judge – Scott DiClaudio.

    Nick Field talks about Seth’s continued employment of Frank Fina, but not only has Seth Williams not fired the racist Frank Fina, Seth Williams is letting Frank Fina run the Philadelphia DA’s Office. Word is that Seth is hardly ever there.

    How else can the hiring of the new 2nd-in-command Kathy Martin be explained?

    Kathy Martin has a shady background (representing rapists, drug dealers and murderers). She was a part time prosecutor for a cup of coffee in rural PA somewhere. And then – all of a sudden – she is 2nd in Command in a big city D.A.’s Office (Philadelphia)!!!

    Weird huh?

    Kathy Martin’s title is “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel.” She has ZERO general counsel experience and just about no prosecutorial experience. Did she interview with the Hiring Committee? Did she get vetted by HR folks? How did Kathy Martin walk off the street into a six-figure salary with the City?

    Hmmmmmm …… Let’s see …..

    When Kathleen Kane won the AG race, but before she took office, then Deputy AG Frank Fina finalized his “unjust” plea deal with Tyron Ali – the con-man cooperator in the sting case. Bruce Beemer, the 1st Asst at the OAG who testified AGAINST Kane, called Fina’s plea deal “unjust.” Frank Fina dropped all of the criminal charges that were pending against Tyron Ali. Fina also let Ali keep the $430K he stole from a non-profit set up to help children. That was taxpayer $$$. Why did Fina let the con-man keep our money?

    Well, Con-man Tyron Ali is represented by attorney Bob Levant. Fina negotiated that sweet deal, in the 11th hour (right before Kane was set to take over) with Mr. Levant.

    And now Fina is suing the AG’s Office for more taxpayer money. And guess who one of his attorneys is? Yep — Bob Levant.

    Rumor has it that Levant has also helped Seth Williams with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Williams.

    A ways back, Seth Williams hired Frank Fina. Whether he knew of Fina’s “e-mail issues” when he hired Fina we may never know. But Williams certainly knows now. And the Superior Court just called Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case “highly improper.” Williams certainly knows that too.

    “Chief of Staff/General Counsel” is a high paying job. $119,000.00 to be exact. Seth Williams hired Kathy Martin off the street into that job. She has zero general counsel experience and hardly any prosecutorial experience.

    But – guess what? Kathy Martin is married to Bob Levant!!

    Now – Seth Williams’ “Chief of Staff” is in the Press, speaking on behalf of the Philadelphia DA’s Office, defending and praising her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina.

    Huge coincidence, huh?? I think not. It’s no wonder that Williams refuses to fire Fina. They are in bed together. Levant and Martin are on that stinky mattress too.

    Is it OK that Kathy Martin, a high-paid City employee, has a financial interest in smearing the AG and propping up her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina?

    Is it OK that Williams and Martin have been demoting and forcing out ADAs who spoke up and suggested that it’s not a good idea to have racists and misogynists as prosecutors?

    Is it OK that Seth Williams has a financial interest in keeping Fina around? Just look at who is running Seth Williams’ PAC. His name is Mike Barley. And he is a Corbett guy – just like Frank Fina. Google “On the Rocks – Seth Williams” and read the article. You will see Seth Williams’ motive here — political survival. He has no friends and no money. Fina & The Corbett Pervs are his only hope!!

  33. Seth Williams knows he will soon be in Farnese’s position. And he wants to make sure people support him when he gets indicted.

    But what Seth has done is much worse than what Farnese has alleged to have done. The people at the DA’s Office who have been there since Abraham’s tenure cannot wait for the FBI and USAO to take action. Williams is a laughingstock – at the Courthouse, amongst the defense bar and in his own Office.

    The guy had a promising political career – and then he hired Frank Fina.

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  35. Nick this article has it backward, the article says it was a Farnese fundraiser, and Seth showed up. It was NOT a fundraiser for Seth.

  36. Um….

    The headline is backwards:

    The article says that Williams showed up at Farnese fundraiser:

    “Clout tipsters informed us Thursday evening that District Attorney Seth Williams had just turned up at a fundraiser at the Waterworks for state Sen. Larry Farnese, who happens to be under federal indictment for allegedly using a $6,000 bribe to sway a 2011 election for Democratic ward leader in Center City.”

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