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Inquirer Poll: Obama Widens Lead to 11 in PA

President Obama has opened up a sizeable lead over Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania, according to a poll commissioned by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The poll shows that Obama holds an 11 advantage over Romney, 50-39.

Obama’s large lead is due largely in part to Independents. Obama leads 47 percent to 36, and enjoys a 54 percent favorability rating from independents in PA.

On the issues, voters said overwhelmingly that the economy is the number one issue in this election with 35 percent. Jobs/unemployment came in second with 14 percent.

This poll gives further credence to the growing belief that Pennsylvania is out of play as a swing state, and is likely to go blue in November. Currently, no Presidential candidate, nor the PACs that support them, are airing ads in PA.

The poll was conducted September 9-12 by Republican pollster Adam Geller of National Research Inc. and Democratic pollster Jeffrey Plaut, of Global Strategy Group.

20 Responses

  1. Republican denial. The Limbaugh bubble makes it impossible to even consider losing a state even when R leaders are spending cash based on same numbers they call rigged.

  2. 11 point lead??? Out of nowhere?? Sounds a bit fake to me! If this were true, you’d see a similar Obama bounce in bordering states like NY, and Maryland and that’s not happening! Who came up with this poll? The same guy that sold Jack the seeds for the beanstalk?

  3. Anyone who views the corruption and crime that long existed and still exists in Philadelphia today who would vote for any Democrat is either intellectually challenged, apathetic, or union-owned.

  4. Marry and her husband traveled abroad on 911? Hmmm did they know not to be here?
    Were you in…FRANCE…cause if you were in FRANCE your tea buddies will not be happy

  5. Mary,

    I feel infinitely safer with Mr. Obama as our president than I would Mr. Romney. Romney is very scary and ill-informed. If you’d turn the channel occasionally, you’ll be amazed at what the truth actually looks like.

    I’m really appalled at your post. You want people to believe that Mr. Obama personally sent a tweet out about sweatshirts as he was standing there waiting for the coffins? I feel very sorry for you. No one should have to live with such animosity in their heart.

  6. Everyone knows the routine among PA newspapers, the Inquirer reports it then the balance of the states papers pick it up in the next couple of days.

    Anyone using a 2008 matrix and depending on that to be accurate needs to put their crack pipe down. But hey, gain solace in your polls…please! November 6th will be a “what the hell” night for you! Laziness deserves a reality adjustment and one is headed this way.

  7. Yea Mary, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do 50% of his job. he still gets those briefings. Your still under the impression that Bush is in office, because he couldn’t read or form a coherent thought, so if it was him then yea I’d be worried. But obama has smarts, compared to tea baggers like yourself.

  8. Mary – the WashPo’s opinion piece that discusses this points out that the president reads the Presidential Daily Brief every day and the National Security Council spokesman pointed out that there’s nothing unusual or interesting about him reading it but not having an interactive discussion about it. If anything, it shows the president is good at reading comprehension and doesn’t need it regurgitated for him. To my knowledge, his schedule doesn’t indicate how many times he calls for clarification or with questions, but it’s pretty safe to say he is in communication with his advisors. If anything, I think this indicates that he is more competent and it’s a more efficient use of his time than being spoon fed what’s already been written out for him.

    As a graduate of public schools, I can also say with confidence that attending daily intelligence meetings is not the entirety of his job – it’s quite a bit less than that. So missing half of one part of his job, as you describe it, is still only a fraction of a fraction, in fact. Of course, the president gets to decide what his job is and when he does it, which is why presidents like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan got to spend such unprecedented amounts of time on vacation.

  9. Did you have a public school education? Answer the question. Yes or no, it is ok for the President to skip doing 50% of his job?
    I am not a Tea Party member but I do know how to think and reason.
    I was stuck in another country with my husband across the globe on the original Sept 11th. It is not a nonissue just because you want it to be.

  10. Change the subject (actually, you prove my point), then just try to discredit me, but you cannot defend HIS actions.
    Think, man! This is serious stuff to just let them use you as an human twitter account.

  11. In the earlier statement you said that no other news station covered it. If you don’t know the President has a phone and a computor, I’m just letting you know.

  12. Where was Bush/Cheney when the convention was going on in Tampa? Oh, I forgot they were not invited….There were an embarrassment to your party.

  13. Dear John P,
    It has been reported on Washington Post, National Review, huffington Post, among others. If that had been Bush, it would have been on the front page of every newspaper in the country.
    Whether it is laziness, incompetence, over confidence, or treason, is it ok with you? Why would you give him a pass on this?

  14. Inquirer Poll: Turnout Will Be An Exact Repeat of 2008

    Who actually believes this garbage? Aside from the terrible methodology, the fact that the paper is now a subsidiary of George Norcross, Inc. speaks volumes.

    Just another rag “reflecting the liberal leanings of its urban audience” a la the New York Times.

  15. That can only be due to the FACT that you journalists hide the important news.
    Obama was not present for intelligence meetings since Sept 5th according to the Washington Examiner. The week of September 11th should really ring a bell for him as a possibly dangerous day.
    He tweets some ridiculous advertisement during the receiving of the bodies from Syria. Michelle Obama is too busy attending a fundraiser to attend this event, anyway, per the official White House schedule. Our President then leaves Washington DC, missing another intelligence meeting in order to attend another fundraiser. All per Greta blog on
    Is this acceptable behavior from a Commander in Chief? How can you imagine yourself safe with him calling our national security decisions? On what basis could you possibly think so?
    Worse, they are lying to all of us, as if protests in 20 locations all over the world are spontaneous. He never tells truth if he thinks he can get away with something less. Are we ignorant enough to vote this man into our highest office twice?

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