Internal PA-10 Poll: Daniels 44, Perry 41

Scott Perry / Shamaine Daniels

A newly-released internal poll commissioned by the Shamaine Daniels campaign shows the three-term Harrisburg city councilwoman with a 44-41 advantage over Scott Perry in the race for the 10th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House.

The poll, provided by Public Policy Polling, has Daniels with a three-point lead among likely voters in the district and a four-point margin (49-45) after voters are told more information about the candidates.

The analysts at FiveThirtyEight give the pollster an overall A- grade.

“Voters in PA-10 are sick and tired of extremist, violent rhetoric and the politics of division represented by Scott Perry,” said Daniels in a press release. “They are ready to elect leaders who are going to listen to them and fight for them on the issues that matter. My opponent doesn’t even respect their vote, much less their voice. He is more concerned with Donald Trump’s needs than those of the people he was elected to represent, and they have had enough.”

Perry, the five-term congressman from York County, has a favorability rating of 40 percent to just 23 percent for those aware of Daniels. But Perry is underwater with a 48 percent viewing him unfavorably, compared to just 15 percent for Daniels. It is noteworthy that 63 percent of the respondents indicated they were unsure whether or not they have a favorable opinion of Daniels or do not know her name.

Upon hearing that Daniels is a strong supporter of reproductive rights, 42 percent of respondents said they would be more likely to support her, while 29 percent said the opposite.

Perry’s numbers suffered due to his involvement with overturning the 2020 election. Forty-seven percent said they were less likely to vote for him after hearing he reportedly asked former President Donald Trump for a pardon, while 45 percent said they were less likely to send Perry back to Washington after hearing he voted “no” on the infrastructure bill.

Twelve and 23 percent of respondents, respectively, said they would be more likely to vote for Perry in November.

“Congressman Perry’s attention is focused on the unaffordable cost of living under which his constituents are suffering, not internal polling paid for by his opponent,” said campaign spokesperson Matt Beynon.

Public Policy Polling surveyed 714 likely voters in Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional District from August 9-10, 2022. The margin of error is +/- 3.7%. 50% of interviews for the survey were conducted by telephone and 50% by text message.


The story has been updated to include a quote from the Perry campaign.

15 Responses

  1. Overturning Roe was a huge mistake and now traitor Perry’s choice to throw out the votes of the very people who voted him into office may finally be his undoing.

  2. I just do not see how this poll can be accurate. You can’t tell me Daniels at this point would perform better than DePasquale in a tougher district than two years ago. Unfortunate, but just saying

  3. While I don’t agree with Scott Perry on everything, he respects the constitution, respects the law and is as hard working of a Congressman that I’ve ever seen. Of the two candidates, he is clearly the one that better represents the fiscally conservative leaning 10th Congressional District. This push poll will help to fire up Scott Perry’s base support for a big win in November!

    1. Yeah, no. Scott Perry is none of those things. He doesn’t respect the law, his constituents and hides regularly. There is no accountability nor transparency with him. Perry constantly ducks the news media, runs away from anyone who tries to engage him regarding his support for Trump and is really a duplicitous person. As for a “push poll”, I find it amusing that every time a Republican is found to be losing, excuses are abundant.

  4. Classic push poll. Let us tell you everything we can think of negative about Perry and then in this moment tell me who you’ll vote for. Even then she’s under 50% with that big push. I think Scott fends off the attack, again…

  5. Perry qualifies as a “traitor”. To wit:
    Attacking a state authority to which one owes allegiance

      1. Yet another fake post by the dreadful Name Thief that Politics PA permits to deter Truth in this Website.

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