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Irey Vaughan Joins Mango Ticket as LG Candidate

Paul Mango’s Gubernatorial campaign announced that Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan would be joining his campaign as the Lieutenant Governor Candidate.

“If the past three years of dysfunction in the Wolf-Stack debacle have taught us anything, it’s that our Governor needs a strong partner as Lieutenant Governor. I can think of no better governing partner than Diana,” Mango said.  

Irey Vaughan has served as a Commissioner since 1995, being the first and only woman elected to that position.  

“I am running for Lieutenant Governor to do my part to ensure that my family and every Pennsylvania family, for generations to come, can live, work, and raise their families in a climate of conservative family values, plentiful jobs, a low crime rate, with an opportunity to live a better life than my generation has,” Irey Vaughan said.  

Irey Vaughan ran for state Treasurer in 2012, losing to incumbent Treasurer Rob McCord.  

Her entrance into the race comes after the PA GOP endorsed the Wagner/Bartos ticket that was formed earlier this year.  

Irey Vaughan was one of the first endorsements Mango received after entering the Gubernatorial race. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party did not miss the fact ahead of the announcement.  

“Of course Paul Mango is choosing a running mate who is comfortable helping him peddle his lies about his job creation record,” Pa. Dems Communications Director Beth Melena said. “When you have a non-existent job creation record and refuse to name your previous clients, you need to make sure you have partner that is willing to be complicit in your lies to Pennsylvanians.”

12 Responses

  1. I heard Diana [before she expanded her last-name] speak to a women’s group [I was provided special-dispensation to crash] in West Conshohocken [outside Philly] and found her to be literate both regarding domestic/foreign issues; notwithstanding the conflict between Wagner [whom I’ve met twice and who I like] and Mango [who has yet to disavow behaviorally endorsing ObamaDon’tCare by supporting Medicaid Expansion], she is a far superior “running-mate” to anyone else [such as the INELIGIBLE-TO-BE-PLACED-UPON-THE-BALLOT-PER-THE-CONSTITUTION, Joe Gale].

  2. Diana Irey? She only raised taxes like a billion times and spends all her time grandstanding in front of a camera.

  3. this is a smart political move if they were running together not sure this plays out as smartly as Mango thinks it will. People will vote for her in the southwest and she could end up with the nomination. Mango will run well in southwest as well but doubt he can over come Wagner in rest of state.
    BTW there was a reason the Constitution/Convention in 1968 eliminated gov/ running together. any body remember whey they changed the constitution to do this?
    one last thought why would Mango do this? Got enough challenges and fundraising already. Becomes a distraction to his campaign.

    1. The Gov. and Lt.Gov. never ran together. Both candidates ran separately in the primary AND in the general election. The PA Constitution was changed so that the Lt. Gov. was picked in the primary and then ran with the gubernatorial nominee of their respective parties in the general election. Pennsylvania had never had a Gov. and Lt. Gov. of different parties since the Constitution of 1873. In 1966, Leonard Stacey, the Democrat nominee for Lt. Gov. came closer than ever before to winning the general election. Ray Shaffer, the Republican gubernatorial candidate won and that could have made things interesting if Stacey had won. That possibility concerned enough individuals to change the PA Constitution. Now, there are individuals who want to change the Constitution again so that the gubernatorial nominees can pick their Lt. Gov. like Presidential nominees do at the national level.

  4. Ivey Vaughn is a washed up hag with no qualifications except she is a woman from Washington County. Well, congratulations. Mango could have done a lot better. Ivey Vaughn should concentrate on stock piling hair conditioner and leave politics to candidates with a chance of winning.

    1. We both can agree that she is grossly unqualified for political office, but you don’t need to be a sexist.

  5. Will someone tell Mango and Wagner that this isn’t how the process works? We elected Gov and Lt. Gov nominees separately.

    I can’t wait for the 2018 GOP ticket to end up being Wagner/Vaughan.

    1. by the way, there is a good chance that could happen. A woman with Washington County under her name might fare better in this stupid race than a guy with Montgomery County…this is about geography and gender and the Mango/Brabender team just trumped the Mini-trump.

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