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Is McCormick The Best GOP Candidate?

Later today, Dave McCormick is expected to announce that he is a candidate for the U.S. Senate, challenging three-time incumbent Bob Casey, Jr.

As of this writing, McCormick would be the lone candidate in the GOP field, unlike the seven-person field for the nomination in 2022 won by Mehmet Oz

Is McCormick the best Republican candidate? We’d like to know your opinion.

Is Dave McCormick The Best Republican Candidate To Challenge Bob Casey?

  • Yes. Lessons learned from 2022 (57%)
  • No. Should find someone else. (43%)

Total Voters: 42

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7 Responses

  1. Another carpetbagger who has spent less time living in Pa. than Donald Trump.

    However, the scary part is that he espouses the same losing Republican philosophies as the previous losers like Rick Santorum and the Toomey.

  2. Great pick by the Republicans. Pennsylvania is looking for a Wall Street crook that wants to send poor kids to fight in endless wars. This guy is really creepy. He looks like he gets sexually aroused by shipping jobs overseas and watching other dudes have sex with his wife.

  3. Now, McCormick, who lives on Connecticut’s Gold Coast, wants to be Pennsylvania’s senator because he owns a home in Pennsylvania, but rarely, if ever, stays there– and, reportedly, at least one other house in another state. I won’t vote for a non-incumbent who doesn’t spend at least six months worth of nights sleeping in Pennsylvania.

  4. Pugliese is a quality, principled firm. Rocco Pugliese built the firm on his name, his beliefs and his standards. This is a real win for L & N.

    1. Trump screwed McCormick because we refused to ‘tell the world my election was stolen’. Same with Lou Barletta. He endorsed the two who carried his water, Trump’s ego ending up really screwing PA . Lost the Senate by 900 votes to Uncle Festerman. Lost the Gov race by the widest margin in PA history. What a shame.

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