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Isenhour Joins Wolf for Guv Campaign

Mary Isenhour
Mary Isenhour

Prominent Democratic strategist Mary Isenhour will advise Tom Wolf in his run for Governor, she told PoliticsPA Friday.

She remains a close political ally of former Gov. Ed Rendell, who has yet to indicate his preference in the wide field of potential 2014 Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls.

“I’ve known Tom for a long time, and I really think he’s the right person for the job,” Isenhour said. She will maintain other clients but, “this will be my main focus for the next year and a half.”

She will serve as senior adviser.

Wolf served as Secretary of the Pa. Department of Revenue for two years from 2006 to 2008. Since then, he’s run his family construction supply business in York County.

He was seen as a second-tier candidate for Governor – until he said he planned to spend $10 million of his own money in the race.

Isenhour knew him during her tenure as Executive Director for the Pa. Democratic Party under Rendell. There, she said, he did a lot for the party.

But her involvement does not mean a Rendell endorsement is forthcoming.

“I’ve known the Governor for a long time. I still ask for his advice all the time, and often take it,” she said. “But I don’t mean by my decision to insinuate what the Governor is going to do.”

Wolf faces his former colleagues, former DEP Secretaries John Hanger and Katie McGinty, as well as Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and pastor Max Myers.

Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and several other Democrats are also considering challenges to Gov. Tom Corbett.

7 Responses

  1. Mary Isenhour has no discernible skills other than being a Rendell parasite. Seriously. Without Rendell no one would hire her.

  2. Jeremy-

    Well, I’ll be relieved when he’s finally history. 🙂

    I’m kind of hoping he does run. He’ll get slaughtered and it will end his political career.

  3. @Dave. You could be a Sestak historian.

    I don’t know if he will run. It is hard to tell. The Dem primary maybe as interesting as the pres primary in 2008.

  4. Jeremy-
    McCord isn’t “waiting” to run (just waiting to make 100% official announcement). Several months ago he acknowledged at event that he was running.

    Of course, with Schwartz in the race, and a complete lack of traction, it no longer matters how much waiting McCord does. Unfortunately, he’s got about the same chance of winning whether he announces tomorrow or announces in Spring of 2014.

    The only “motion” I’ve seen from Sestak is:
    1) last month he changed the name of his campaign committee from “Sestak for Senate” to “Friends of Joe Sestak”

    2) His past few reports show him spending a few thousand dollars on some young kid (early 20’s) , with the work labeled “consulting”.

    The expenditure is unusual for several reasons: It’s more than he pays his family members. It’s a long time before any election. It’s a large percentage of cash-on-hand now down below $9,000. It’s paid to a young person (who Sestak usually tricks into working for free as an intern).

  5. For major races, you need to start 18 months before the election. So far, Wolf and Schwartz are the only two who have been doing anything. Of course, others have declared but no other action.

    Two observations:

    1. What is McCord waiting for?

    2. The longer you hear nothing from Sestak the less likely he will run. Once he commits, obviously, he is in. Once he declines, then he loses all attention and Toomey prepares for his re-match.

    3. Corbett can hire all the consultants he wants. HE IS HATED BY DEMS AND REPS! Even the Republicans I talk to, wont vote for him.

  6. I guess when you have a ten million dollar warchest, you have a lot a friends in politics.

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