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Isenhour Out as Chief of Staff, Joins Wolf Campaign

IsenhourGovernor Tom Wolf announced that Mary Isenhour is stepping down as Chief of Staff. Sources indicate she will take a role in Wolf’s to the re-election campaign.  

Mike Brunelle, the governor’s Executive Deputy Chief of Staff, will assume the role of Chief of Staff.

“Mary has been with me since the beginning, and I am tremendously grateful to her for her service and loyalty,” said Wolf in a statement. “Mary’s dedication to the people of Pennsylvania and to the governor’s office are unmatched.”

“Mike brings a diverse array of experience, and he knows state government inside and out,” he continued. “I am confident that Mike will ensure there is a seamless transition.”

Brunelle is former Executive Director of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Pennsylvania State Council and served as a State Representative in New Hampshire.

Isenhour come on board as Wolf’s Chief of Staff in July of 2015, when Katie McGinty left the position to begin her run for U.S. Senate. McGinty’s move was unexpected and Isenhour was seen as a stabilizing force with deep ties to the Governor.

Isenhour is a seasoned political operative who first joined Wolf’s team in early 2013 and guided the businessman and former Pa. Revenue Secretary to a landslide primary victory followed by a 10 point win over incumbent Gov. Tom Corbett.

Her previous campaign experience includes serving as Executive Director of the Pa. Democratic Party under Governor Ed Rendell, chairing Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Pennsylvania primary campaign, then running the State Committee’s coordinated operation for the general election in 2008.

43 Responses

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  2. She had no relationships with the Dems in the capital. I heard they all hate him and her. I say Wolf will also be a one term Governor. His relationship with Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Sranton, and etc… Doesn’t exist. He has disrespected all of them. Shapiro should run against him. Take this bum out

  3. I am so glad that finally Sin and her lap dog Corey gets blamed for the Democrats loss in PA. The campaign was screwed up from day 1. They wouldn’t listen to anyone, just like they both are doing to State Committee. Rumor has it that people want to see the credit card statements that employees of the party has – the members want accountability instead of Sin using her card as a personal one – with trips all over.

  4. I think for she made the right choice is to step down as chief of staff and work for tom wolf’s reelection campaign. but I’m not sure for If i’m going to support him for his reelection campaign or not.

  5. Diano you are a moron and everyone knows that. Get out of your basement and get fresh clean air. You have no power you have no vote. The world knows you blame Groen for your failed business. Look in the mirror.
    Wolkpack ran or was to run the pa Clinton campaign. They drank partied and failed to leave the office except to go to meet Mary and Obie at the bar.
    Wolfpack has a pack of enemies with all the dirt on them. No fear, that dog day is coming soon.

  6. @DD: Agree. Isn’t that the reason Marcel is head of state committee anyway? There is only one candidate he cares about.

  7. Wolfpack are dangerous people, just ask Rep Mahoney in Fayette County and Rep Cohen in Philadelphia. You don’t piss off the wolfpack they will get you.

  8. Typo correction:
    The row offices were already won the moment the GOP failed, and fielded paper tiger candidates.

  9. philly-

    While you’re at it. Put together a motion to remove Marcel as chair after letting PA turn RED for presidential after more than two decades of BLUE. Disgrace for Marcel and all his apologist who claim he couldn’t do anything (after boasting that he would deliver the state for Hillary and claiming Burn couldn’t). No gains in state house/senate.
    The row offices were already won the moment the GOP failed to field paper tiger candidates.

    Just Sayin-
    I would not be shocked if Wolf looked at his poll/approval numbers and pulled out (for health reasons or to “spend more time with his family”) to pave the way for Josh.

  10. Formulating motion to terminate Mary/Sin at the February 11 state meeting. Save our party, unsoil our house of complete incompetent wolf forced staff. wolf can’t run the state it’s a complete embarrassment he is destroying the party with his forced staff to the party. stop the back door mary deals

  11. Bob Casey should run. Or Eugene DePasquale. We can all live with that. He’s not corrupt and Josh and Mary wouldn’t have to kill all the other Dems. My fear is Wagners gonna bring Trump in here on tour. And Tom Wolfs hokey jeep driving phoney baloney bull crap is gonna have Rendell and McGinty stumping. Pa State Dems better do an intervention on this Wolf guy right quick. Who has his ear anyone know ?

  12. Let’s get behind Scott Wagner. Time for a real business person with common sense and leadership.

  13. Oh Mary Mary Mary you jammed state party with Executive Director Sin as the party director so you could control running state party into the ground. Who besides wolkpack hires promotes people with no experience?
    Governor take Sin, Obie, and Mary and send them packing open our eyes they are poison. While you sleep the keep the backdoor open.
    State Dems have no respect for you.

  14. I just signed up to be a volunteer for Scott Wagner. I voted for the first time last year and it felt good. It will feel better getting rid of this disaster for a governor we have.

  15. Another wolfpack bits the dust. Sure she left on her own——-sure she did!!!!! Wolf read his reelection campaign report. Wolf found all Mary backroom deals…
    She is holding the same job she did on state time,.

  16. OK – so Wolf comes into office and wants to deal with the fiscal mess the revenue deficient Republicans have created with their desire to satisfy Grover Norquist. Rather than taking responsibility for their mess, the Republican party continues to spew the same supply side garbage that will eventually totally bankrupt our nation. Until we have a total meltdown that leads to a middle class revolt that declares war on and decimates the top 1%ers, we will never recover. Putting people like Trump and Wagner in executive government positions will only make the middle class have less money and stuff the pockets of the upper class. If you want to see what a Wagner governorship will resemble, look to Kansas and the sh!tstorm that is Sam Brownback

  17. I voted for Wolf because I was upset with Corbett at Penn State. Wolf didn’t scare me despite the name, creepy beard, and beady eye balls. I won’t make this mistake twice.

  18. NO WAY IN HELL I am voting for Wolf again. Wolf indeed…didn’t think I’d ever be fooled by a politician again and this pipsqueak comes along with his blue jeep and talking about being a frugal business owner. My a**!! Can’t wait to vote you out you fraud!!

  19. @who cares You like high taxes? You like your children and grandchildren being burdened with billions in pension debt that accrued while our do-nothing governor only cared about an extreme left-wing agenda instead of getting our finances in order and addressing the pension crisis? You like our schools and how they spend spend spend more all the time while we see no increase in accountability or our children’s test scores? You like how every other state in the country has modern liquor laws and we are still stuck in the dark ages? You like this P.O.S. governor firing the workers in the unemployment centers near the holidays and turning them into pawns because Republicans wouldn’t hand him a massive tax increase? Enjoy the game and do me a favor and stay home on election day you probably were anyway

  20. Is there a bigger failure in the country than our governor? What has he accomplished other than shutting down government with his budget antics and trying to raise taxes by an absurd amount?

  21. I like this Scott Wagner guy. He seems like he’s no b.s. and won’t put up with special interests. i thought that’s what Wolf was i voted for as a democrat, but i vote person not for a party and i’m tired of democrats in my party who talk common sense and say they will be different then they get in there and it’s the same old program of raising taxes. i voted for trump not straight ticket and i plan to vote for Wagner. Do what you always do you get what you always got

  22. Word on State Street is Wolf’s numbers are completely under water and that’s why Mary Isenhour is being yanked out of the bullpen to try to save him. Mary also has had enough of getting stuck in the crossfire between a chief exec who won’t compromise and a legislature trying to hold the line on taxes and bring the commonwealth into the 21st century on issues like liquor distribution

  23. Can you say “revolving door”? How blatant can Wolf be? What happened to the Fresh Start, governor?

  24. What qualifications??? All the real players had joined other governor teams. No one wanted Mary.
    This is a re-lection not an election. No Tom Corbett. No Penn State issues. Failed record from day one. Wolf is out begging for money-not using his 10 million again. You brought the election. Fool us once shame on you/fool us twice shame on us.
    Three republican millionaires up ageist wolf 2018. Wolfpack full of losers. Hell he is so worthless Burn could beat him.

  25. Difference? Mary has played politics while in office from day 1. She had zero qualifications then or now.

  26. Hmm, what happened to the Ex Director of the PA Dems? I thought she was going to work on Wolf’s camgaign or at least the members of state committee was hoping she would leave – what a waste of money and the Party has nothing to show for it!

  27. [This comment has been removed for violating the comment policy, which states: “Criticizing someone’s ideas or job performance is in bounds. Personal attacks are not.”]

  28. Great news for both of them! Brunelle is excellent at what he does and will serve the Governor well. Mary also knows the political side and will serve him even better in that role.

  29. isenhour a destabilizing force ? This is a joke right? She’s the reason Wolf has low polling and no relationships with other Dems. Perhaps with Marc, Wolf will finally be able to govern.

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