IT Professional Looks to Challenge Meehan

Drew McGintyDemocrat Andrew McGinty is jumping into the race to challenge Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) in 2018, joining 3 other candidates for the seat.  McGinty was the first to file for the race with the Federal Elections Commission, submitting his paperwork on January 8th.  

“We need more elected representatives who, like me: are not career politicians or wealthy individuals; do not compromise their integrity and can be trusted to do what’s in everyone’s best interests; show all people the respect they deserve; listen carefully and consider all points-of-view; speak truthfully, plainly, and candidly; offer fresh perspectives and new ideas; work effectively with diverse groups of people; find creative solutions to complex problems; and are leaders that get things done,” McGinty’s website says.  

McGinty has a computer science degree from LaSalle University, and a Master’s degree in information systems from Drexel University.  He is currently an information technology consultant.  

McGinty is a native of Montgomery County, but currently lives in Philadelphia.  Two of the other candidates for the seat also live in Philadelphia, but say they are planning on moving to into the district.  The law does not require a congressional candidate to live in the district they are running for.  

“My commitment to the environment is real and I put my money where my mouth is.  I drive a Chevy Volt (an American-made electric car) and have solar electric and hot water at my home,” McGinty’s website says.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to Meehan’s campaign for comment.

12 Responses

  1. Wow, what is Delco to do with all these candidates. I only know of one who helped with Delco campaigns in the past. So why would we want to support someone who never supported past candidates.
    I assure you that will be a question they better be prepared to answer. The person who helped was raised in Delco and will be residing in the district.

  2. It seems that we all get caught playing hero games about the rugged individualist who will save our world.

    I may be a bit preachy but:

    Let all of these people run but unless we have something more substantial how about we concentrate on a substantial platform that the Democratic Party has for progress and then judge the candidates on their ability to get the job done. And even let the Republicans propose some progress and then we can argue substance instead of dogma.

    Let them explain their ability to work on negotiating instead of posturing their weak resume’s around their unique cars and life styles. Ordinary people who have outstanding skills would be best.

    We need an active agenda and a congress that addresses the problems of our society and should not be about trying to build heroes.

    I would like to see Democrats and Republicans run a campaign that will speak to moving our society toward the simple idea that all people have to be presented with opportunity by the rebuilding of our nation to face the real economic and ecological problems we have. At the end of the day we must assure that all of us ordinaries have an ability to work and eat!

    Americans must have a congress that can move toward everyones opportunity to work hard at real jobs that allow our children to move upward to a better station in life.

  3. Democrats need to stop running candidates who don’t live in their districts.

  4. A few cycles ago, the Dems would be scrambling for a sacrificial lamb..I mean candidate… in December, and drawing to see who got the short straw.

    So, seeing people fighting to run is new.

  5. David- I don’t like Meehan either, but I’d take Muroff and Sheehan over these fools.

  6. Plus he (Meehan) can always ride the coattails of ever popular Trump, right?

  7. None of these three D’s are going to win. The district is hard to run in, very geographically spread out and Meehan has $3 million bucks in the bank and high name recognition.

  8. Forgive me if I don’t think some Volt-driving IT guy or a fancy pants realtor are the answer to our problems in Washington.

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