It’s Official: Schwartz for Gov

Saidel and Schwartz
Saidel, left, and Schwartz

Allyson Schwartz is running for Governor. The Montgomery County Congresswoman said she plans to file the paperwork today.

“He’s just missing in action most of the time,” Schwartz told the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tom Fitzgerald in an exclusive interview. “What I’m hearing from people around the state is that they know we need a fresh perspective about the economy and growth.”

She’s the fourth Democrat officially to declare a bid, following former DEP Secretary John Hanger, pastor Max Meyer and former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf. Former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty has formed an exploratory committee to run.

Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord and several others are also expected to run to challenge Tom Corbett.

“I’m running to be governor, not the ‘first woman’ governor,” Schwartz said. “But the fact that I am the only woman in the congressional delegation and in a senior policymaking role, means people know I can beat the odds. I have brought a different perspective…it does change the dynamic.”

Her staff told Fitzgerald that she will transfer her considerable congressional campaign cash – $3.1 million – to her gubernatorial account.

Her move opens the floodgates in PA-13, where a number of Democrats are eager to replace her in Congress.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit in her announcement Monday is the man she tapped as her campaign chairman: Jonathan Saidel, the former Philadelphia City Controller who filed to run for her seat.

A few Democratic operatives tell PoliticsPA the move could signal a deal. Saidel is a close ally of Bob Brady, the Congressman and chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Committee. His support could help Schwartz sew up the nomination against the other Democratic hopefuls. Schwartz’s support could help Saidel succeed her in Congress.

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  1. So the passage below is from Anyone complaining about the tax credits Corbett gives to private businesses should have a problem with Schwartz too, right?

    “Though known as a strong advocate of abortion rights and gun-control measures, Schwartz’s record on economic and fiscal issues is moderate, a fact her campaign intends to highlight. In the U.S. House, for instance, Schwartz sponsored the largest-ever tax credit for biotechnology companies, a growing sector of the economy in Pennsylvania.”

  2. Square-chick-

    My point was that Onorato’s lack of pro-choice positions dampened enthusiasm for him in the East.

    Also, there was a complete lack of coordination with the 2010 Senate campaign. Three guess why (and the first two don’t count)

  3. Jonathan Saidel? Not a helpful association in my long-term but humble opinion. Please observe his candid role in the Tiger Hill documentary “Shame of a City.” Poster boy for bad politics as usual.

  4. Congresswoman Schwartz: Will you please educate Congressman Keith Rothfus that a woman can get impregnated by forcible rape. I have the living proof. Probably Rothfus spends to much time speaking to extremists like Todd Akin on the House Floor.

  5. David Diano

    You do realize that two of the three Reps in the US Congress from Allegheny County are Rs and none are pro choice? Not to mention the two US Senators who represent this Commonwealth . . . I think the Ds can certainly nominate someone who is pro choice and win, but we need to avoid nominating someone who is a lightning rod on this issue.

    Agreed about the alcohol tax and Onorato. Allegheny Dems (and others) cut off their nose to spite their face in voting for Corbett. But Corbett used that magic formula of promising to cut taxes and hold down spending without ever telling anyone how . . . til after the election.

  6. Square chick-

    Onorato had several problems. First of all, he was too far to the right (wasn’t pro-choice), and couldn’t drum up enthusiasm in the East. In Allegheny, he had a bad rep because of some tax on beer/alcohol. Bar owners put Dan’s name next to the part of the receipt with the tax.

    So, to compare any Dem to Onorato is an analysis mistake.

    As for Corbett, few realized how truly bad/corrupt/for-sale he really was (and how he bungled the Sandusky case). Also, 2010 was a GOP year.

  7. she will beat tom corbett easily and definetly win allegheny county.corbetts poll numbers are the worst of any sitting governor.get ready pennyslvania here is your first female governor.

  8. I’m waiting for everyone to yell and scream about the $3+ million Schwartz is transferring from her Congressional campaign account to her run for Governor. Wondering how all her donors feel. Wagner is doing something similar in Pittsburgh. So campaign finance laws are so loosey goosey that as long as you raise money for one office, feel free to run for whatever office suits your fancy.

    BTW, the only way Corbett stays in office is if Allyson Schwartz is the Democratic nominee. Remember Corbett beat Onorato in Allegheny County . . . and Allyson Schwartz is way to the left of Dan Onorato. There is NO WAY that Allyson Schwartz can carry Allegheny County in the general, not to mention anything else west of the Susquehanna.

  9. I heard PA GOP Leaders approached Montgomery County Young Republican leader, Joe Gale about considering a run for the 13th congressional district. They believe he would attract enough media attention to help boost election results for the GOP slate in the South East.

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