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Jill Biden Makes Case For PA Women to Back Husband’s Reelection Campaign

Jill Biden speaks at Millersville U.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden came to Lancaster County on Sunday and made her case for why Pennsylvania women should turn out and cast their ballots for her husband, President Joe Biden.

In a short address at Millersville University, Biden offered comments on reproductive rights on the eve of the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

She shared a story about a high school friend who got pregnant when they were both 17 years of age and in high school at Lower Moreland in the late 1960s.

“Abortion was illegal here in Pennsylvania. My friend told me that she would have to get a psychiatric evaluation, declaring her mentally unfit before the doctor would provide the procedure to end her pregnancy,” recalled the First Lady. “So I went to see her in the hospital after she had the procedure done, and I cried all the way home.

“And when she was discharged, she couldn’t go back to her house. So I gathered my courage and I asked my mom, ‘Can she come stay with us?’ And my mom didn’t hesitate. She said, ‘Of course she can.’ And my mom never told a soul. In fact, my mom and I never spoke about it again.

“Secrecy, shame, silence, danger, even death,” she continued. “That’s what defined that time for so many women and we are being shamed back into that silence again. And now 50 years later, we are still fighting the battles that were settled so many decades ago. We are the first generation to give our daughters fewer rights than we had. Radical Republicans are sacrificing the health and the freedom and the futures of women in the name of their political agenda. And that’s why we’re here today. My husband, President Biden, has always been a champion for women.”

Before an invited crowd of more than 200, Biden continued to champion her husband’s cause, while criticizing the former occupant of the White House.

“He underestimates our power because he doesn’t understand it,” she said. “He sees our empathy and compassion as a vulnerability. But we know that what we give, what gives us clarity to fight, is for what’s right. He thinks our love for our families and communities makes us soft. But we know that those are the lives that light a fire in our hearts that make us fierce and unafraid. He sees us working late shifts and making grocery lists driving to soccer practices and volunteering, caring for our parents and raising money for those in need. And he thinks we can be ignored. He doesn’t know that when our bodies are on the line when our daughter’s futures are at stake. We are immovable and we are unstoppable.”

She closed with a clarion call to women across the Keystone State to back her husband.

“Donald Trump is dangerous to our families and to our country. We cannot let him win. We cannot sit by while our freedom slip away. We’re going to walk every block and knock on every door. We’re going to organize phone banks and registered voters are going to meet this moment as if our fundamental rights are at stake. Because our democracy is on the line. We are going to fight like hell and we are going to win.”

Dr. Sharee Livingston, an OBGYN in Lancaster for 18 years, spoke prior to Dr. Biden’s address. She explained to the audience why she feels that Joe Biden deserves their vote.

“The fundamental freedoms of Pennsylvanians hangs in the balance right now, because of one man’s actions – Donald Trump. Today is the eve of the Dobbs anniversary. Since then, we’ve watched women across the country from Arizona to Ohio suffer oppressive abortion bans that leave no exceptions for rape or incest. We’ve watched Donald Trump threaten access to IVF contraception and even pushed to jail physicians like me, just for following the oath that we swore to.

“Now Donald Trump and his allies want a national abortion ban and if he gets a second chance in the White House, he will try to enact one without the help of Congress or the courts. These attacks aren’t just disturbing. They are life-threatening.

“Take it from me, I am an OBGYN physician. Patients are terrified. Make no mistake. Donald Trump couldn’t care less about these women. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about me either.”

Stacie Blake from Lancaster was thrilled to have the First Lady come to the area.

“She is someone to look up to her education credentials are real commitment to her family, and to have her come to Lancaster is just so exciting.”

When asked about a recent poll that listed reproductive rights as the third or fourth-most important issue facing Pennsylvanians, Blake disagreed.

“I understand that people have concerns about the economy that is front of mind, you know, for many of us on a day to day basis. And I know that many women, when they step into the voting booth, cannot deny that we do not have the protection and rights that we need and they will be voting accordingly.”

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  1. What a pathetic case Jill Biden makes – here’s a woman who denied existence of own grandchild- who is part of a family that appears to have gotten rich on public’s time- and who was in opinion of many openly biased against Israel. What she thinks isn’t worth much- what Joe Biden has said and done does matter- you don’t have to like Trump- to see the evils of the Biden’s words and actions- our Nation can’t afford another four years of the far left and their sickening ideology.

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