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Job Opportunities Led to Dent’s Early Exit: Report

Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) made the decision to resign his position in the coming weeks based on possible career options away from Congress according to a new report.

“It’s no secret I’ve been talking about media work. I’m sure I will be doing more than one thing, several things. You can say that pretty safely,” Dent said told the Patriot News in an interview.

According to the Patriot News Dent said he has “been pursuing these several options for the next chapter of my professional life and those discussion are progressing.”  

“Nothing is final and I’d like to move more aggressively on those fronts. I’ve talked to my family, they felt it was the right time to do it,” Dent said.

Dent told the Patriot News he will leave office some time between May 8th and Memorial Day.  

After he officially leaves office, Governor Tom Wolf will have 10 days to set a date for the special election to replace Dent that will be at least 60 days after the announcement meaning Wolf could set the date the coincide with the November general election.  

“The governor can do whatever he wishes.  It would be better to make the elections concurrent,” Dent said.

11 Responses

  1. Dent was always good on TV. Well spoken and well versed in politics. It will be sad to see him go but he will make big bucks on TV. MacKenzie will carry Dents torch. MacKenzie is what the people need. Well spoken and very knowledgeable. He will be on TV with Dent someday.

    1. Has flashback of Mackenzie’s horrible video for Congress. Yeah, very good on camera… eeek

        1. Although you have to remember Ryan can give a fantastic speech and is very charming. Dent has done the same for years. Glad Dent will be in media. Dent will have great career after politics.

        2. Justin don’t you think it’s a little wild that you’re still doing this after all these months and your failed congressional campaign?

    1. I wonder if you’d be able to think more clearly if your parents were second cousins instead of first.

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