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Joe and Jill Biden To Campaign In Bucks and Luzerne Counties

Source: Dr. Jill Biden’s Facebook

The Bidens will be returning to the Keystone State on Saturday to campaign in two battleground counties. 

According to a release from the Biden campaign, former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, will be traveling to Bucks and Luzerne Counties on Saturday to talk about “building back the economy better for working families and encourage Pennsylvanians to make a plan to vote.”

The former VP’s most recent visit to the state was in Philadelphia last Thursday night, when he fielded questions from Pennsylvania voters during an ABC News town hall. 

Two weeks ago, the former VP delivered an address in Gettysburg calling for national unity, while he visited Erie just four days after to tout his economic agenda. The previous week, Biden made multiple stops in western PA as a part of the campaign’s “Build Back Better Express” train tour. Sen. Kamala Harris’s last campaign visit in the state was on Sept. 17 in Philadelphia. 

It’s been a busy week of campaigning in the commonwealth for the GOP presidential ticket as well. 

President Donald Trump made an appearance in the Keystone State this week when he hosted a rally in Erie on Tuesday night, while Vice President Mike Pence is slated to make his third visit to the state this week for a rally in Allegheny County on Friday afternoon. 

The previous Tuesday night, Trump made his first visit to the state in October when he hosted a rally in Johnstown. Prior to that visit, Trump’s most recent appearances in the state were in the last full-week of September when he held rallies in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh. Trump was slated to meet with firefighters in Philadelphia two Sundays ago after IAFF Local 22 endorsed Trump over Biden, but the event was cancelled after the president tested positive for COVID-19. 

Last Saturday afternoon, Pence made his first appearance in the state in October by hosting a rally in Reading. On Monday afternoon, he returned to the state to hold a rally in Cumberland County

According to the Doylestown Intelligencer, Trump is expected to make a visit to Bucks County next week as well at the Pennridge Airport. 

Recent polling indicates that Biden has an advantage over Trump in the state. The Real Clear Politics Average shows Biden besting Trump by 4.9 points in Pennsylvania.

4 Responses

  1. Why do you think the Biden campaign has not publicized where in Bucks County he will appear tomorrow?

  2. It is trending Democratic for Biden, but with the margin of error of about 4.5% in many Polls, it all depends on turn out. If enough Democrats show up, vote by mail, along with enough cross overs of Republicans and Independents and Trump doesn’t take the count to the Supreme Court after going to the House of Representatives and putting in his “alternative” Electors loyal to him, Biden may yet win. It depends on Democrats and enough Republicans and Independents coming to their senses and voting for their own self interest and not that of Trump’s “Me, Myself and I first.” That’s of course if he doesn’t pull another “October Surprise”, “wag the dog” going to war, try to indict and arrest Biden and his son, or stage a “false flag,” operation to steal the Election. Then if he never concedes the Election, what happens if he won’t leave the Whitehouse.” Trump suffers from many ailments but his worse affliction is the “Vince Lombardi Syndrome: winning isn’t everything its the only thing.” If enough Democrats, Republicans and independent voter show up or mail in their ballots along with some Republican crossovers and Independent voters who see the light as to who has the best interests of the country in their hearts and minds, they will vote for Biden “high crimes and misdemeanors”

  3. At least Biden is doing what Hillary failed to do in 2016 – showing up in PA in places other that Philly.

  4. Trump was less of an ass than usual tonight, but still a huge ass. His size, not Chris Christy size.

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