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Joe Sestak Calls on Leaders to Bring Back American Jobs

Joe Sestak Calls on Leaders to Bring Back American Jobs

Slams Congressman Toomey for Embracing Policies that Drive Outsourcing

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak called on leaders in Washington to put an end to unfair trade practices that disadvantage American workers.

“It is time to stand on the side of working families,” said Joe. “For too long we have ignored policies that encourage companies to move jobs overseas. We need a senator who will always stand up for the hardworking people who are at the heart of our country’s prosperity.”

To curb the loss of jobs overseas, Admiral Sestak said Washington must reign in foreign export subsidies that kill American jobs, close the loopholes for corporations that ship jobs abroad, and revitalize the industry and manufacturing sector that used to define our state while developing jobs in emerging industries like green technology.

Joe said the policies Congressman Toomey supported helped drive the outsourcing of American jobs. Toomey voted to give federal loans to corporations that move offshore, voted for tax loopholes allowing companies to avoid paying federal taxes on earnings from foreign factories, and argued free trade would create jobs, while acknowledging that workers might be “displaced.” [Morning Call, 12/5/99, 1/21/00]

Just yesterday, Congressman Toomey announced he would have opposed legislation Joe co-sponsored and voted for last week that will help cut down on unfair trade practices by cracking down on China for manipulating its currency. [AP, 10/07/10]

“This is about fairness for American workers and companies, and will help bring back jobs that have been shipped overseas,” said Joe. “Congressman Toomey believes in a policy of ‘creative destruction,’ but it seems like he means job ‘destruction,’ without a lot of job ‘creation.’”

Congressman Toomey’s positions have earned him the support of foreign corporations that have been pouring money into Chamber of Commerce, which has run negative and misleading ads against Joe for months. The group has come under fire for using tax loopholes to avoid having to disclose which foreign corporations are helping to pay for their ads [New York Times, 10/5/10].

“It is interests like these that stand to benefit most from the policies he has always pursued, fueled by a belief that wealth would trickle down to families here in Pennsylvania,” said Joe. “But ‘voodoo economics’ don’t work. Wealth doesn’t trickle down – it’s built up. We need a public servant who is dedicated to solving the problems we face and is willing to stand up to anyone to do what’s right for Pennsylvania.”

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