Joseph Leeson Confirmed to PA Eastern District Court in Bipartisan Fashion

Casey-ToomeyJay Leeson, the former Bethlehem City Solicitor and council-member was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in bipartisan fashion on Thursday.

The Senate approved Leeson by a vote of 76-16.

The 14th judge the pair has confirmed to the Pennsylvania District Federal Branch, Leeson’s qualifications were discussed at length by Casey and Toomey.

“I am pleased that the Senate has come together in a bipartisan fashion to confirm Joseph Leeson to the federal bench,” stated Casey. He continued, “Jay Leeson is an outstanding lawyer with extensive experience and an excellent record. In addition to having a highly respected career in the practice of law, he has also demonstrated an abiding commitment to public service. I’m confident he will serve the Eastern District of Pennsylvania with distinction.”

Toomey was similarly effusive adding that “This is a great day for the city, and I am confident that Mr. Leeson will excel on the federal bench. I will continue working with Senator Casey to recommend well-qualified judges to serve the people of Pennsylvania.”

Leeson, a native of Allentown, earned his undergraduate degree from DeSales University and his J.D. from Catholic University School of Law.

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2 thoughts on “Joseph Leeson Confirmed to PA Eastern District Court in Bipartisan Fashion”

  1. pete says:

    If anyone there is interested in pursuing information and documentation of crimes and corruption re the above comment, contact me.
    In the meantime, I STRONGLY suggest you file a Right to Know Request with the Office of the Governor,the AG, the Department of Labor & Industry and the AG Bureau of Claims asking for Notices of Intent to Sue filed in the last 3 months.

  2. pete s says:

    Newslanc article dates the Cummings’ – Casey family relationships back to the 1950’5.
    Senator Casey’s time in Pennsylvania government coincided with that of WC Judge Patrick J. Cummings. Please note his history:
    So, when the “John Brayfee” 911 cell tower prosecution was about to engulf his brother, Thomas P. Cummings, partner and attorney of P.J. McLaine of Acker Associates, Senator Casey nominated Peter Smith. At the time that Thomas P. Cummings and McLaine’s cell tower partnership was formed, WCJ Patrick J. Cummings reassigned an Acker Associates comp case to his own docket, on March 08, 2006, to be precise. Thomas P. Cummings III was, according to his LinkedIn profile, an employee of Acker Associates. (He is now employed by the Commonwealth at the AGs office.)
    Smith’s pedigree in Pennsylvania government leaves me wondering if Casey appointed him to shelter the Cummings brothers from prosecution.
    Plural. Brothers. At the time that P.J. McLaine of Acker Associates notoriety were partnering in the “John Brayfee LLC” 911 no-bid cell tower scheme, brother and WC Judge Patrick J. Cummings reassigned Seamon vs. Acker Associates to his own docket. That was the first of many criminal acts on behalf of Acker and their insurer.
    So, in sympathy to Munchak AND Cordaro’s ineffective counsel argument , consider that “John Brayfee” Cummings was appointed WC Appeal Board Commissioner by Governor Corbett, whose AG office buried Insurance Fraud Referral 541-63-1806, which named WCJ Cummings for criminal intervention on behalf of McLaine, Acker, and benefitting Penn Millers of Wilkes-Barre.
    Locally, the Clerk of Judicial Records of Lackawanna County kept Seamon v. Acker et al, 94-CV-4378, now before the Superior Court of PA, off of the electronic filing system, making it invisible to the public and say, AJ and Bob’s investigators. That docket includes a hearing transcript and recording indicating Acker and his attorney prevented a subpoenaed witness from appearing at a hearing per subpoena by lying about his whereabouts. That witness was seen outside the hearing venue minutes before the hearing.
    How is it possible that the US Attorney’s office didn’t know that, or did they? Were these things hidden from the defendants to keep Acker and McLaine plausible as “victims”?
    The US Attorney should come forward and explain whether there were conflicts of interest by members of their team with those they immunized.

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