Joyce Launches Three New Ads in PA-13 Primary

Republican John Joyce launched three new ads in the Republican primary in the 13th Congressional district featuring the mother of one of his patients, touting his pro-life position, and his 2nd Amendment support.

“These three new television ads will continue to bring Dr. Joyce’s message directly to voters in the 13th District.  Dr. Joyce has served our communities as a doctor, and now he’s ready to serve on a new level as a pro-life, pro-second amendment, commonsense conservative,” Joyce Campaign Manager Adam Breneman said.  

“Bryan’s Mom,” the 30-second ad, features Stacy Miller speaking to the camera about Joyce treating her son.  Miller says, “John Joyce absolutely has my vote. He saved my son’s life.”

The other two ads, “Life” and “Our Right,” are both 15-second ads.  

In “Life” Joyce speaks directly to the camera while holding his granddaughter saying “life begins at conception” and that he’ll “be a pro-life, commonsense conservative.”  “Our Right” again features Joyce speaking to camera, saying “the 2nd Amendment is a key part of our Constitution” and he “will fight every day for our right to bear arms.”

The ads are scheduled to run in all the counties of the district.

You can view the ads below.

Bryan’s Mom:


Our Right

57 Responses

  1. So far I’ve seen a lot of reason why I shouldn’t vote for some one. Little if not no reasons why to vote for someone other than the usual ‘he’s a nice guy.’ The only candidate that I’ve met and been impressed with is Doug Mastriano, a retired combat vet, who’s showed me that he has a full grasp on local, national and international issues. I feel that Mastriano will serve us fairly, has no ties to any lobbyists or ‘dirty money’, nor has an axe to grind. Further, and most important to me is his compassion for our veterans. No one else has shown that, IMHO.

  2. It’s very dishonest of him to claim that he’s an outsider who won’t be influenced by special interests when his son is a lobbyist for a liberal lobbying firm and will automatically get his vote on any piece of legislation his son is pushing for.

    We don’t need any more RINOs in Washington who campaign on conservative principles and then sell us out to their cronies.

    1. Very dishonest for Dr. Joyce claiming he is an outsider because his son may be lobbyist? Does this make Dr. Joyce a lobbyist? Think about your logic and/or better yet use common sense. My sister uses her left hand to write. Does that mean I use my left hand to write? NO! I am right handed.

      John Joyce is NOT a lifetime politician! John Joyce is the BEST man for 13th Congressional district seat. This is TRUE no matter how you try to spin the facts.

      Vote Dr. John Joyce!

      1. There’s no “maybe” about it. His son, Sean Joyce, IS a lobbyist. Please feel free to look it up if you don’t believe me. It is against Congressional ethics rules for Congressmen to be lobbied by members of their immediate families because it creates a conflict of interest.

        Like I said, this guy is portraying himself as an outsider, but the truth is that he has significant ties to the Washington establishment. It’s intentionally misleading and makes me conclude that he is not worthy of my trust or my vote.

        1. Your Logic doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying his wife is a Democrat- therefore he will be influenced by Democrats! You do know people are capable of being there own person.

          1. His wife is a Democrat? I hadn’t heard that. So now we know that he’s married to a Democrat and that his son is a lobbyist for Democrats. What else is he hiding behind this expensive ad campaign?

            Nope, not voting for a RINO like Joyce.

          2. No, goofball, his wife is not a democrat. She is a registered Republican. Always has been.

        2. The ties you are talking about are pretty much the definition of *insignificant* ties. They’re not even ties. They’re talking points with virtually no money behind them, invented by opponents trying to ride the Trump train that they were too good for before. Still voting for Joyce.

  3. John Joyce might be an excellent doctor and take great care of his patients, and good for him! But I don’t believe that he’s the right man for this job. I personally support Art Halvorson, and encourage any other readers to go check out his website and Facebook page. He’s the only candidate who has promised to self-limit his terms in Congress.

    1. Haha, oh, he promises something, does he? I’ve heard a lot of statements from politicians, but when they start with “I promise,” I really listen. ????

  4. I have known Dr. Joyce for many many years. He is a hardworking, dedicated individual, as well as family man and team player. He has always been active in our community and I genuinely believe that he will represent our area well in D.C. Definitely has me and my family’s votes!

  5. It’s funny reading swamp monsters claim that they’re swamp monsters are better than the other swamp monsters, because they want to be like the Trump sewer monster.

  6. Art Halvarson ran on the same platform as the baby killer Hillary Rodham Clinton. Each night my prayer is that someone with integrity would rise as a candidate. Our prayers are answered wiht Dr. John Joyce!!!

    1. This is so clearly a fake comment from someone on Joyce’s massive payroll. Art halvorsons campaign staff is too busy putting up signs and talking to voters to pull one of these fake account, perfectly on message politicspa comments. I mean “conservative Mom” give me a break, only politicos and wannabe politicos read this site let alone comment.

  7. I supported, donated, and voted for Art Halvorson in 3 of his previous campaigns because he was helping get rid of the Shuster dynasty that has overseen our region for too long. But after 6 years of running, and then running a 4th time as a DEMOCRAT, and publicly admitting he voted against Trump- how can I support this man again? How do I even know what he stands for besides waking up angry every day? I was skeptical of someone like Dr. Joyce entering in the race, so I attended one of his events, and he stayed behind and talked to me. I told him I probably wasn’t going to vote for him, but he smiled and said ‘I hope you’ll come out and see me again, would love to chat more”. I attended another meet and greet, and have been following him closely. I think he may be the real deal
    Dr. Joyce is talking about issues and the real solutions he has for our struggling area while everyone else is playing politics as usual and trying to spread lies and negativity. Finally someone with some decency entering into this region. JOYCE WON OVER MY VOTE.

    1. If you wanted to be rid of the Shuster dynasty, why are you now supporting the Shuster dynasty’s handpicked replacement?

      1. Great question. Or maybe this is a fake comment dealing to establish some sort of justification for people to switch from the proven Halvorson to a fake outsider, controlled by the shusters?

        1. Unfortunately you’re incorrect about several key facts in your note — Art has only run twice before, once in 2014 against Travis Schooley and Bill Shuster, and then again in 2016 against just Shuster, where he narrowly missed the Republican nomination in the primary by less than 1% of the vote. At that point in time, hundreds of Democrats chose to write in Art’s name as they are nominee for the democratic ballot. It’s not as unusual as you would think, and Art was very clear that he was NOT switching to the Democratic Party, and would remain a staunch Republican. You can look through his previous posts on his Facebook page as evidence. I’m sure John Joyce is an excellent physician and is a man of character, but unfortunately he is deceiving people by indicating that he is an outsider. His son is actually closely tied with Bill Shuster. This may affect your opinion of him.

          Art is a staunch pro-life, pro-second amendment advocate with military and business experience as well as successfully working in DC for several years before retiring with the respect of everyone he has worked with over the years.

    2. This carefully crafted and entirely fake response from the Joyce campaign is exactly what you’d expect. The idea of supporting someone like Joyce — whose has poured thousands into Shuster’s campaigns over the years, and whose son (Sean Joyce) is a lobbyist in DC for Shuster’s biggest donors — would be absolutely repugnant to anyone who ever voted for Art Halvorson.

      Joyce is Shuster’s revenge. He hopes to buy the election, that’s clear enough.

      1. Oh, “thousands”….he must be a serious friend of Shuster’s. Or! Maybe Joyce is a moderately wealthy businessman who donated some pocket change to the candidate he thought was less of an idiot than Halvorson or Eikelberger. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe?

        1. John Joyce makes close to 700,000 dollars a year as a dermatologist. He makes millions more investing property and in natural gas fracking extraction which will contaminate and poisons Pennsylvania drinking water and whose Injection Wells have been proven to cause earthquakes. Joyce donated 10s of thousands of dollars and backed Shuster even though he knew of Shuster’s adultery and corruption. He supported Shuster who he knew tried to force through legislation that benefitted the airline industry while at the sane time he was sinning with an airline lobbyist. Joyce is a part of the deepest and most putrid part of The Swamp. His son worked as Shuster’s campaign manager. His son now works for a liberal lobbying firm.

          Vote for the honest Abe of the bunch . Vote for the man that risked his life for 30 years as a rescue helicopter pilot while he saved many lives.
          Vote for a true American hero. Vote for the man our country looked to and chose to lead in the re-organization of the entire Coast Guard . Vote for the man chosen by his peers and brass to be the President of the National Christian Officers Organization .


    3. Halvorson supported Ted Cruz in the Presidevtial Primary as many other Conservatives. Captain Halvorson voted for Donald Trump in the general election. Art supports the conservative agenda of President Trump. He also supports his pro-life and social emphasis. John Joyce is Bill Shuster’s hand picked man so that the Shusters can keep their foot in the door to all the Swamp’s money and influence. Joyce’s son was Shuster’s campaign manager. Now that son works for The Podesta Group ,a lobbying firm that supports some of the most liberal politicians and causes in the world. Don’t be fooled!

      There is no better man in this race than Captain Art Halvorson.

      1. Correction . The liberal lobby group that joyce’s son works for is called, “Invariant “

  8. Strong message from Dr. Joyce. With Halvorson and Eicheberger spitting the vote Dr. Joyce becomes the front runner. I’m sure Halvorson will attack and say nasty things and Eich has been quiet.

    1. You realize it will be Eich and Joyce that spot the vote. And Halvorson will be the front runner?

      1. Can you explain how you think Art will say nasty things? He has never posted anything that is actually nasty. He has stated facts that other candidates have been keeping quiet or not being completely honest about, but that’s not mudslinging or being inappropriate in anyway. It’s stating the facts. Look through his postings on Facebook and you’ll see that everything he has said he has said with respect and honesty. There’s nothing nasty about it.

  9. I don’t live in the district but Joyce seems like the clear choice. All I hear that Halvarson guy do is complain about other people. Joyce will be a breathe of fresh air.

    1. Point made. Joyce is the choice of people who don’t live in the district. He’s the choice of the swamp. People who live in the district see the that Captain Halvorson is attempting to rescue America.

      1. Again, I’m not sure how you can say all Art does is complain about people. He has posted maybe two or three items about items that should be of interest to people. Especially if the candidates are closely associated with Shuster and are not being 100% honest with voters about their connection with such a previously powerful and unrelenting incumbent in the area.

        To say that he just complains about other candidates makes him sound like a petulant child, and if you read his press releases or listen to his interviews, it’s very clear that he is simply stating proven facts.

          1. No, you do not become Captain in the Coast
            Guard as a rescue helicopter pilot saving the lives of people while you risk your own if you are anything but a God fearing ,mature and capable man. For 30 years Art served his country and is highly decorated for that service. His peers and brass saw the wisdom and maturity of Art so they chose him to lead in the reorganization of the entire Coast Guard after 9/11.
            He , because of his Christlike character and faith ,was chosen as The President of the National Christian Officer’s Organization.
            There is no better person in this race. None of the others would be running now if Shuster was still in it. Only Captain Halvorson had the courage and non-quitting determination to challenge the Shusters and is why we have this opportunity to nominate and elect Captain Halvorson now. Our district can no longer afford or stand to be looked upon as sending corrupt, Rino ,lobby controlled career establishment politicians. Only Captain Halvorson has comitted to persally limit his terms in office elected. The others only expressed the possibility of considering legislation about it.,

            Captain Art Halvorson is our opportunity to get genuine comitted leadership as a Consrrvative in both fiscal and social policy. He walks the walk and will not only vote the right way but also convince others to do the same.

  10. Art Halvarson is a total fraud! How can he say he’s principled and then run as a democrat?

    1. How can Joyce say he’s an outsider when he is clearly the swamp/Shusters hand picked replacement?

      1. You are mistaken, he did not run as a Democrat. Several hundred Democrats wrote him in as their nominee in the previous election, but Art was always very upfront and clear that he was not switching parties and would not caucus with the Democrats if elected. If you go to his Facebook page and look at his post from 2016 that will be very evident.

  11. John Joyce is Bill Shuster’s attempt to remain in power. Joyce’s son, Sean, was Shuster’s campaign manager and legislative director for years. He now works for Invariant, a lobbyist representing most of Shuster’s big corproate donors. Joyce’s campaign manager is the Zaborney’s outfit, Red Maverick — the same group that kept Shuster in power for most of two decades. Joyce and his wife have given tens of thousands of dollars directly to Shuster’s campaigns since 2002.

    Voting for Joyce is a vote for business as usual in the Swamp.

    1. Tens of thousands since 2002? You do realize that that’s pocket change for a politically active private businessman. Probably got him about 5 minutes of facetime with his former congressman once. And he probably just donated it to Shuster because it was either Shuster, or Halvorson, or Eikelberger. I’d still vote for Shuster over the other two, no matter how much they try to distance themselves from Shuster.

  12. Joyce is fake news. He’s an empty suit filled with shuster lobbyist Clinton podesta money=power dc swamp. Where was he in 2016 when CPT Halvorson was fighting to drain the swamp along with the TrumpTrain? Well we won’t let this happen. Shuster had to spend two million dollars just to win by 1000 votes over the CPT. Joyce seems to have money and I’m sure swampy shuster will help. But real patriots will support CPT Halvorson!

  13. Lots of money, manufactured talking points, no substance- the same formula that kept the Shusters in power for almost 50 years. Dr. Joyce bought his son Sean a job in Shuster’s office with tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions. Now Sean Joyce is a big money lobbyist and the rest of Shuster’s consultants are trying to sneak his dad into Congress to continue with business as usual.

    This guy is no outsider. He’s the DC swamp’s chosen stooge.

    And why is he the only one out of eight candidates in this race that PoliticsPA pays any attention to?

  14. Dr Joyce is a man of integrity and honor, he is a great new voice for our region, he’s born here and raised here, I’ve know known him and his family all my life. They are great upstanding folks. He has my vote!

  15. I live in the area and I see ads for John Joyce everywhere I turn. Nothing from his opponents. Hard to believe there’s so many people running for this seat. Looks like Joyce is the frontrunner.

    1. I think it’s highly evident that Bill Shuster is ingrained in his campaign. Did you know that John’s son Sean was actually Shuster’s campaign manager? They have a great deal more money to work with than any of the other opponents, mainly because they are connected with big money in DC. The other candidates are not. I personally support Art Halvorson, but I do encourage you to look at all the other candidates closely and not just pay attention to the ads you see on TV.

  16. This is just a sad use of a mans personal money to attempt to rob the voters of a real representative. Art Halvorson won’t continue down the shuster Clinton dynasty when he gets to DC to drain the swamp. Joyce is a manufactured candidate by the swamp monsters.

    1. I heard that Joyce is getting a million dollars from Shuster’s PAC (along with a 42 year rolodex), so I am inclined to agree that Joyce will be more of the same. What aggravates me is we should have a list of #MAGA candidates from Trump, since most voters will not be able to work this out for themselves. I agree that Halvorson would be the best candidate, for the simple reason that I believe he would actually REPRESENT us.

      1. As a casual viewer in the same TV market, but not a resident of the congressional district, Joyce’s ads are checking off all the boxes for the right wing conservatives that have always elected the Shuster clan. Less than a month out from the primary, Joyce seems to be the only one on TV spreading a message. If he is “the chosen one” of Shuster, this is sad that the voters are probably being led down the path by the nose again. That said, we don’t need anyone who is going to support Trump, after today’s revelation that Hannity, Trump and Cohen are all part of a REAL deep state control mafia, we need to elect leaders who will IMPEACH the crime boss out of our White House.

        1. CPT Halvorson is on tv. I saw his ad. He’s just not getting the politicos coverage

    2. Joyce is the son of blue collar central PA residents. He and his wife are doctors and have done very well for themselves, and literally every single member of his family is still a blue collar central PA resident. Of course he’ll represent us.

    1. I know you’re really into your porno, since you’ve said this like 3 times, but sometimes a great mustache is just a great mustache.

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