Judge Dismisses 305 Charges Against Reed, 144 Still to Go

Stephen-Reed305 down, 144 to go.

Former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed caught a bit of a break today when the judge in his case threw out most of the criminal counts against him.

Senior Judge Kevin Hess removed all charges relating to Reed’s time in office which amounted to 305 of the 449 charges he’s facing (it was originally 499).

Nonetheless, the 144 remaining relate to the historical artifacts that were found during the infamous raid of Reed’s home back in June 2015.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane later revealed that among the items Reed took were a suit of armor, sarcophagus and a “vampire hunting kit”.

The prosecution is expected to appeal the ruling.

7 Responses

  1. Here you go, Alison:

    “From PennLive article — “The committee’s work took four long years but, in 2011, it released its report, a 316-page tome that thoroughly analyzed the causes of wrongful convictions and offered a series of recommendations to fix the problem.

    The committee’s recommendations included greater preservation of biological evidence, changes in witness interviews and photo lineups, state-based funding for indigent defense services, video and audio recording of interrogations, and compensation for people who are wrongly convicted.

    Unfortunately, law enforcement released its own minority report. That report diminished the committee’s recommendations and refused to even acknowledge the reality of innocent people in prison.

    Signers of the minority report included Ed Marsico, Frank Fina, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

    Perhaps most appalling of all, the minority report called the idea of compensating wrongly convicted people “preposterous.”

    Apparently – Frank Fina thinks he deserves taxpayer $$$ and has sued the State trying to get some. But – he doesn’t think people who get sent to jail by corrupt prosecutors like him should recover. Shame on him.

  2. Whatever his failings may have been, I don’t think anyone can truthfully say Steve Reed’s heart wasn’t in the right place. Even today, if you spend five minutes with the man, he won’t bother you with his troubles, but will pitch ten ideas on how to make Harrisburg the best city in the Commonwealth.

  3. If only Alan Kennedy Shafer handled this case. If he was, they’d be adding charges due to Alan’s amazing prosecutorial skills.

  4. Does anything get posted here any more without prompting some demented rant about Frank Fina?

  5. Say what you will about Steve Reed, but the city never looked better then when Steve Reed was Mayor. The weeds were cut, the 2nd street on Friday and Saturday were busting with people. We didn’t have the homicides. Harrisburg was safe – now – sad times for Harrisburg. The weeds are overgrown, homicides at least one or twice a week. Harrisburg is dangerous.

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