Judicial Conduct Board Member Part of Email Chain

PA Judicial CenterThe email scandal continues to metastasize.

According to Angela Couloumbis and Craig R. McCoy of the Inquirer, one of the members of PA’s Judicial Conduct Board was a recipient of the now infamous emails.

Eugene Dooley, one of the dozen members of the Board, received offensive pornographic emails from former Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery. McCaffery was forced to resign last year, in large part because of the messages he sent.

Dooley sat on the Board when it cleared another Supreme Court Justice who was part of the email chain, Michael Eakin, of any misconduct (Eakin’s activity was revealed by McCaffery).

“Some of Dooley’s emails, obtained by The Inquirer, show he received at least 11 messages with sexually explicit content – including naked women and women engaged in sex acts – from McCaffery and others in 2008 and 2009,” Couloumbis and McCoy write.

It is not yet clear what impact this revelation will have on the Board’s current investigation of Justice Eakin.

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  1. Perhaps the Feds need to come in and investigate. Start with the use of State computers on disgusting vile material they e-mailed around to each other, move onto the laughable “investigation” into Kane, the many leaks from that “investigation,” the corruption on the Supreme Court and the Judicial Review Board, and the crooked prosecution in MontCo.

    Then maybe someone can figure out who has been following that Judge!!

  2. Perhaps Eugene Dooley was outed as a porn emailer so that he must recuse himself (or resign) from the Eakin disciplinary investigation, where he could have voted to remove Eakin to avenge the forced resignation of his buddy McCaffery. Not that Eakin does not need to go. But you can bet there is a political angle to everything that occurs in this bizarre scandal and cover-ups.

  3. It’s not surprising at all. Corrupt ayy-holes like this think they can get away with covering up for each other. It’s not working now, though. Kane may be a criminal … but I sure am glad she stood up to these corrupt racist pervert woman-hating creeps.

  4. Is this surprising? Is there anyone who doesn’t understand how the member of the judicial conduct Board are appointed? They are appointed by individual member of the Supreme Court. Duh!! I’m sure if someone checks, you will see that every member of this politically connected board received something from one of their buddies on the Supreme Court.

  5. correct, observer. if they were “obtained by the inquirer,” then “Freakie Frank” was probably involved.

  6. McCaffery had the decency to resign when he got exposed. Eakin is bringing down all his friends. Which is TREMENDOUS.

    Hang in there, Eakin. Hopefully, we will soon find out why the Disciplinary Board was so quick to suspend Kane’s law license when they have done NOTHING about the prosecutors who have so clearly been up to no good.

    The fellows who used their State computers to distribute racist e-mails committed crimes. Why haven’t they been “temporarily suspended?”

  7. No surprise that a Conduct Board member was in the loop on porn emails. Did you really think they got there by being independent, rather than a political lackey of the PA Supremes and/or their friends?

  8. Jim Parsons: I don’t disagree that the entire judicial corruption complex needs to be outed, but I think you misapprehend the role of investigators. Most likely, they are paid to collect salaries and pretend to be investigating, while Graci and the Judicial Conduct Board get their marching orders from the PA Supremes. Same for the PA Disciplinary Board. No real independent investigation, just political persecutions.

  9. Yeah Jim. And the janitors too. Let’s see what those guys are up to. Ignore the corruption of Graci and the Board members. Maybe the lady who runs the cash register at the cafeteria needs to be investigated.


  10. Someone should do an investigation on the Judicial Conduct Board Members.. Also look into the Judicial Conduct investigators. They are the ones that do the investigation and report back to the Judicial Conduct Board Members..

  11. Has Eakin resigned yet?

    Has a grand jury been set up to investigate leaks from Kane probe?

    Is Frank Fina still collecting a pay-check from the citizens of Philadelphia?

  12. So / Kane was right. There is widespread corruption in Harrisburg.

    The FBI needs to get involved. These racist pervert creeps need to go.

    Meantime – not a peep from Eakin or Castille. Wonder if Angela knows that she and Craig are next.

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