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Judicial Election Day Thread

We are keeping track of updates from across the state as seven seats on the statewide appellate courts are decided today.  

There is one open seat on the Supreme Court, four on the Superior Court and two on the Commonwealth Court.

1:00 P.M.: Sources close to Commonwealth Court candidate Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon are reporting that at least half of the polling locations in Philadelphia do not contain Fizzano Cannon’s full name, instead listing her as “Christine Fizzano.”

1:30 P.M.: Commonwealth Court candidate Judge Ellen Ceisler’s campaign manager Daniel Ceisler says that turnout in Philly so far is average, but the rain that has been predicted in many parts of the state just started in Philly.

3:00 P.M.: Fizzano Cannon’s campaign spokesman Pete Peterson released the following statement about the ballot issues in Philadelphia.

“This is a colossal screw up that harms the ability of Philadelphia voters to identify and vote for Christine Fizzano Cannon, the only candidate for Commonwealth Court who was “highly recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and whose name is well-known in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It is hard to fathom how, out of 67 counties, this would only happen in the City of Philadelphia where Fizzano Cannon’s principal opposition is a sitting Philadelphia Judge. Out of the three female Commonwealth Court candidates the only name they have wrong is the Republican. The issue is magnified by the fact that many voters are likely to associate Judge Fizzano Cannon’s candidacy and message with the word Cannon, particularly since the campaign has heavily branded a cannon logo throughout the campaign.”

4 Responses

  1. Judge Christine Fizzano is a dishonest fraud who got elected locally in Delaware county years ago by LYING directly to Dem voters and claiming she was the endorsed Democratic candidate. She wasn’t.

    Someone with her ethics should have been disbarred, and allowed to sit on a court.

    1. David, you are the fraud, she never made any such claim. I know that for a fact because I worked on her campaign at the time. Like other judicial candidates in that election (2011), Fizzano Cannon cross-filed in both ballots, but she never claimed to have the Democratic Party endorsement. Even so, Democratic voters still supported her in the Democratic Primary. Maybe it has something to do with her being the best candidate.

      Regardless, anyone who gives two shits about the democratic process (small d) should be outraged by the games played in Philadelphia and the misprinting of ANY candidates name on the ballot, regardless of their party affiliation.

  2. ThePhiladelphia Building Trades and AFL-CIO supported Fizzano Cannon in this election. So to make an accusation such as that is somewhat naïve and possibly defamatory. But when you look at who is supporting the woman, it is hard to make a case for deliberate misprinting.

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