Justice Dougherty Recovering After Philly Attack

Kevin-DoughertySupreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty was injured in a random, unprovoked assault after dinner Friday night in Center City Philadelphia.

Dougherty was treated at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for a possible concussion, but was able to go home after a few hours, Brian X. McCrone and Julie Shaw of the Inquirer report.

A 26-year old man has been arrested for the assault, and Justice Dougherty is now “fine,” according to the report.

Dougherty has only been on the Supreme Court for a few months after leading the Democratic sweep last November.

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  1. Here’s a better Q — how is it that Seth Williams’ alleged “conflict” does not prevent him from prosecuting the guy who allegedly attacked Dougherty?

    It is being reported that the attacker has been charged. Doesn’t the accused have a right to have a prosecutor that has not accepted tons of $$$ from the victim’s family?

  2. To me – it is a bigger deal that Williams is letting Lesean McCoy get away with what is obvious in the video — that he and his boys sucker-punched and then stomped some off-duty Police Officers.

    I have read that Seth Williams is down on the field for Philadelphia Eagles games. Has he said where he gets those tickets? Is it somebody that has relationship with NF? Or with McCoy? Oh – and did he pay for those tickets/field passes??

  3. “Unprovoked?” Lolol… He’s a Dougherty. My bet is he had more than a few drinks at dinner, and cursed the guy and told him to go get a job.

  4. Apparently, a lot has changed since Seth Williams first ran for Office, saying:

    “Some people say I should wait four more years. I say, why? For who? For what?” Williams said. “This is about the victims of crime.”

    The guy that John Dougherty and those 3 thugs attacked is a victim of crime. A victim of violent crime. Lynne Abraham has said that she would have gone after Dougherty. Seth refused to do so.

    It’s no longer about victims of crime. it is about $$$ now. Seth doesn’t have any. Which ,ay explain his “loyalty to Frank Fina” (who is a Corbett guy like Seth’s new $$$ man):


  5. Agreed, Mr. Ha.

    Williams needs to amend his public statement. Maybe something like this:

    “You don’t get a pass just because you are a friend, or a member of my political party, or race … but you do get a pass if you have given me thousands and thousands of dollars.”

    “You also get to keep your Government job even if you are a racist pervert. As long as you are helping me raise money through your Corbett pals in Harrisburg.”

  6. Safe — You need to ask Seth Williams that question. The Police did their jobs. The victim was brave enough to give a statement. The video corroborated the victim’s statement.

    Seth’s explanation as to why he gave Johnny Doc a FREE PASS is that he has a “longstanding relationship” with Johnny Doc.

    But his “longstanding relationship” with Mrs. Bishop did not stop Seth Williams from prosecuting Bishop.

    “You don’t get a pass just because you are a friend, or a member of my political party, or race,” District Attorney Seth Williams said this week. “I’ve known and looked up to Rev. Bishop almost my entire life. I’ve been to her home often. My mother listened to her gospel radio show …”

    So – Williams has known Bishop his whole life. And she gets prosecuted by his Office. No FREE PASS. No “referral” to another law enforcement agency.

    But Dougherty shows up with three thugs and attacks a non-union worker. He does not get prosecuted by Williams.

    Why??? I’ll tell you — it’s because Dougherty gave Williams tons of $$$. Bishop did not.

    Give $$$ to Seth Williams — Get a FREE PASS.

  7. When is Johnny Doc get locked up for breaking that guys nose and breaking his eye socket?? This is a bunch BS. The FBI sees right threw this.

  8. I think the perp is lucky the cops caught him before his brother’s union pals.

    Otherwise, they’d be using their electrical skills to hook his balls up to some high voltage lines until they glowed.

    Wishing Justice Dougherty a speedy recovery !

  9. Glad Kevin will be fine. Kevin Dougherty is a good guy. Sending get well wishes from your friends in Crawford County.

  10. Sounds reminiscent of the Pgh. Mob’s attack on Chris Conrad when he dared run against Junior Zappala. Is the bromance between godfather Zap and Johnny Doc already on the rocks. Not surprising. You can’t trust a fart and you can’t trust a ho. Zap and Doc hug both sides of the bowl. Wait for the swirl.

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