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Justice McCaffery Responds, Slams Chief Justice Castille

Castille and McCafferyThe personal feud between Chief Justice Ron Castille and Justice Seamus McCaffery of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has now officially boiled over.

McCaffery released a statement today to the press in reference to the pornographic emails he received and sent.

“Unfortunately, personal, private emails between me and some longtime friends were never meant to be viewed by anyone else, but they were,” he wrote. “I sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment. I erred and if I offended anyone, I am truly sorry.”

McCaffery then quickly transitioned, however, into why he felt this issue had become such a big controversy.

“This latest cooked-up controversy over my personal emails is part of a vindictive pattern of attacks by the soon-to-be-retired Chief Justice, Ronald Castille,” he asserted. “He is fixated on taking down a fellow justice with his misleading statements and incredible hypocrisy. Isn’t it time for the press to ask the real question? Why is the Chief Justice fixated on hurling one accusation after another at me, in an ongoing attempt to discredit me? We all know what is motivating this unwarranted and unprecedented attack.”

That motivation, according to Justice McCaffery, is the Chief Justice. In fact, McCaffery unleashed such a long list of accusations against Castille that this section of the statement must be presented in full:

“Ron Castille’s statement yesterday, issued on AOPC letterhead and purporting to represent the position of the entire Supreme Court, was a lie. In fact, members of the Supreme Court did not even know about the statement until they read the publication. And it is only the latest lie in the Chief Justice’s egomaniacal mission to ‘get me.’ His mission began when he reported me to the Federal Bureau of Investigation over my wife’s legitimate receipt of referral fees, and that didn’t work. He has done everything possible within our Court to undermine me with my colleagues, and that didn’t work. Now, with only two months left in the hourglass of his tenure on our Court, he is trying to finish what he has been trying to do for so many years. He has been on this mission because I had the guts to challenge him on the Family Court fiasco and on what the citizens of Pennsylvania got for the more than $3 million of First Judicial District funds that were funneled to one of his closest friends. And I had the guts to challenge him on his disastrous handling of Pennsylvania’s worst judicial scandal and a tragic injustice that will forever be known as the ‘Kids for Cash’ disaster.

The letter finishes with another statement about his regret for the emails.

The animosity between the two Justices is not a surprise but they public nature that the feud has taken is rather shocking.

It is worth questioning how these two men will be able to sit on the Court together if only for the rest of the year. Outside of every else, though, it should be entertaining.

15 Responses

  1. Basile, as we say in Dutch Country, “Du bischt verdammpt Sei!!” Why respond to twaddle. KK must really be an irritant given she defeated TC’s hand picked boy.

  2. I am a Democrat and voted for McCaffery but he needs to resign from the Supreme Court or be impeached. Sending porn emails to other Commonwealth employees (or anyone) is not appropriate behavior for a judge.

  3. I think this is pathetic political ploy by Kathleen Kane, do try and discredit all these men, just because she was getting heat of being Impeached. Instead of trying to dig up dirt she should be doing her job.I contacted her about an extremely serious Injustice going on in Allentown. She ignored my pleas for Help and since she didn’t step in to stop it, which is her Job-it escalated into extreme Child Abuse & Neglect. My little boy is being threatened and severely brainwashed and lives in fear every day. It also led to assault, false arrest of a disabled man, police brutality, malicious prosecution and manipulation of the Justice system. There is so much more going on but my son & I live in fear and none of this would have taken place if only the state attorney general would have done her job and got involved to stop this travesty. But ‘No” she too busy trying to destroy other men’s lives. Pathetic-this is why Pa. is the 5th most Corrupt state, and in 2013 it had the highest report of Child Abuse. And no one will Help us.

  4. “You failed to reply to my comment of two days ago; it’s not like you!”-poster

    MOST times a non-reply is a reply.

  5. @ DD:

    You cede justification and credibility to blog on PoliticsPA when you are exposed as unable to justify your posture after having been challenged effectively.

  6. @ DD

    OK, “let’s you and i step outside” [back to the other site].

    You have failed to defend AG-Holder after I pulled references [that you surely knew existed] to skewer your ability to defend him.

    Your “silence is deafening, for you can run but you can’t hide.”

  7. Bob, Some people are intellectually honest and others are shameless, regardless of whether they use their real name or not. You should know us by now by our reputations.

  8. @ DD:

    You failed to reply to my comment of two days ago; it’s not like you!

    [Cat got your “tongue”-fingers?]



    @ DD:

    Well, you combine willful-ignorance and moral-equivalency to cover-up your excess, typical Dem….

    You wrote “Robert…ALL the Obama/Holder linked criticism is racially based.” You engage in historical revisionism when you ascribe your comment to another “Bob” and you break your absolutism when you absolve me [properly].

    You cannot claim that anyone in Bush-’43′s administration knowingly signed-off on a false-document, particularly one on such a high-profile situation [for which he has yet to apologize], so don’t trot-out vagaries to cover-up your guy’s version of BHO’s imperialism.

    Also, you failed to cognate the fact that Holder knowingly lied under oath to Congress [along with Clapper, etc.], and no retroactive claim that the quote was the “least incorrect” lie passes the scratch/sniff test.

    Why can’t you admit obvious error???

  9. It sounds like this porn controversy is ironically part of d*ck measuring contest between the Justices. 🙂

  10. I think they should televise all the Supreme Court case conferences for the next two months. Pay-per-view it on Netflix and it might close up that $56 million budget shortfall we just had. Popcorn, please!

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