Kaine to Make PA Campaign Trip Next Week

KaineThe Democratic Vice Presidential nominee is coming back to the Keystone State.

The Clinton campaign announced today that on Tuesday, August 30th and Wednesday, August 31st Kaine will be making campaign stops throughout the commonwealth.

At this moment, Kaine is scheduled to visit Erie and Lancaster on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, he’ll make a stop in Lehigh Valley although the Clinton-Kaine team has yet to specify where.

This is the first time the Dem VP nominee is returning to Pennsylvania since the Democratic National Convention and his bus trip with the Clintons.

Kaine’s visit comes just a week after GOP VP nominee Mike Pence swung through SEPA.

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3 thoughts on “Kaine to Make PA Campaign Trip Next Week”

  1. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Good luck on your trip to Pennsylvania Tim Kaine.

  2. PA Grandparent says:

    Has Con-Man Trump conceded yet?

  3. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Vote for Clinton/Kaine.

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