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Kane Accuses Supreme Court Justice of Sending Lewd Emails

Kane-ConferenceAnother State Supreme Court Justice has been implicated in the pornographic email scandal.

In the wake of her latest arrangement over her second charge of perjury, Attorney General Kathleen Kane revealed that among the emails she turned over to the Judicial Conduct Board are 1,500 concerning Justice J. Michael Eakin.

“The images themselves aren’t the only story,” Kane said. “The problem is the network that’s involved, and the breadth of this network is incredible. This network is judges, U.S. attorneys, attorneys general, law enforcement, district attorneys, and public defenders.”

Last year, PA Supreme Court Seamus McCaffery was forced to resign after it was revealed he was exchanging inappropriate emails with employees in the AG’s office. During that strange episode, McCaffery allegedly threatened Justice Eakin, stating that he was told the latter was involved in the same activities as the former.

McCaffery wanted Eakin to convince then-Chief Justice Ron Castille to end the effort to oust McCaffery.

Castille, who has been critical of the Attorney General, seemed skeptical of these new emails when asked by the Inquirer.

He apparently feels Kane was holding back emails to use in case she got into trouble.

Kane meanwhile seemed to assert that Eakin is just another of the “good old boys” that are behind her legal issues.

She revealed that one of Eakin’s emails noted that 30% of female murder victims were killed by husbands or boyfriends.

“The punch line is ‘Well, 30 percent of them should have just shut the expletive up,’” Kane said. “I’m not the woman to shut up.”

UPDATE: Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo revealed that these Eakin emails are actually not new and were part of the emails the AG sent to the Court during the McCaffery investigation.

Apparently, Eakin only received one email with “offensive sexual content” and did not send any.

“They are lying. She is already charged with perjury – two counts of it,” former Chief Justice Castille said. “Now, they’ve got her smearing Eakin’s reputation. It’s beyond reprehensible.”

90 Responses

  1. rsklaroff-

    Sending someone spam-virus to click on is not an attack on the server.
    The “nature” of he emails is bullsh*t attempt to retroactively classify them.

    Technically you could flag someone having a cold or trouble sleeping as “classified” by arguing it would the other side an advantage during negotiations.

    Collin Powell and others have already pointed out the Hillary broke no laws/rules.

    We already know the Benghazi investigation is about Hillary’s poll numbers, thanks to a rare honest admission from the GOP.

  2. H3 – sad. U continue to support diverting attention from her shameful actions. Here’s something to consider. She should take responsibility and resign. It would be her greatest achievement as ag. It doesn’t matter who else is involved. She is the one who answers to the people.

  3. @ DD vs. Ha3:

    I think I figured-out the basis for the minuet that is being danced on this website by the two-of-you.

    Recall that “Pretty much every claim Mrs. Clinton made at her initial March news conference, and since then, is false. In the spirit of keeping it simple, here’s the Complete Busy Person’s Guide to the Clinton Email Scandal. Stick it on the fridge.”

    Now that Lanny Davis no longer is AG-Kane’s paid-stringer/sap and that she is burning through press secretaries, y’all are competing for this job; the runner-up for this position would probably be applying for a comparable spot on behalf of Hillary [after Joe Trippi and his gals, MSNBC-expatriots, have exhausted their seemingly-endless supply of rationalizations].

  4. shill-boy aaron – I ordered you to have more TEA and GET A CLUE. Now do it.

    FYI – This article is still not about the prosecution of Kane. There are 627 other Nick Field articles that are. Go post your shill nonsense there.

  5. @ DD & Ha3:

    Regarding the AG-Kane piece: She just can’t stop leaking.

    Regarding Hillary’s unprecedented use of an non-secured personal-server that violated BHO’s rules as well as those she imposed upon everyone she supervised:

    “…many were “born” classified—that is, the nature of the information required that they be handled as classified from the start.”

    “The Clinton emails released this week show that her server was attacked at least five times by hackers linked to Russia. It is unclear whether she clicked on any email attachments and put her account at risk. Mrs. Clinton’s server meanwhile sat for many months in a private data center in New Jersey, accessible to people who lacked security clearances. Thumb-drive copies of her email were also unsecured for months, while in the possession of her lawyer, David Kendall. And classified email she sent to aides on their private accounts is now sitting on Google and AOL servers.”

  6. H3- what’s sad is the disgrace that kane has brought to her office and the fact that people on this site are trying to divert attention from her shameful actions. Blaming others for her actions will not save her.

  7. DD putting the smack-down on solar off once again. LOL …

    Look at poor tea-boy aaron … pretending this article is about the prosecution of Kane. Sad … So sad …. aaron – go wipe the Fina-juice off of your chin, have another cup of TEA, and then GET A CLUE.

    Eakin suggesting that female victims of domestic violence should have just “kept their mouths shut” is depraved … Shame on Eakin!!

    When a D Judge got exposed in this scandal, he resigned to preserve the integrity of the Court. Let’s see if this vile, disgusting Repervlican will do the same. BTW – does Castille think anyone is still listening to him on this matter? All that screaming and yelling wasted … After all, Castille, who wanted Kane’s job, authorized the witch-hunt and leaked confidential material from the investigation.

  8. rsklaroff-

    It has NOT been shown that any of Hillary’s emails contain data that was classified at the time.

    Also, Hillary’s personal emails were on her private server, not full of pornographic/racist/misogynistic trash.

    From the Inquirer article:

    “Kane provided little detail in her remarks about Eakin. As examples of offensive emails, she cited two messages, neither of which involved X-rated images. Rather, the messages contained “jokes” in which the punch line was that a victim of domestic abuse needed to shut up.

    The Philadelphia Daily News reported Friday that it had obtained some of the emails and also learned about them from “a source close to Kane’s legal team.”

    “Some are pornographic,” the paper said.

    It said others mocked gays, African Americans, Mexicans, and women. Eakin received one, the paper said, with a video portraying black people as welfare recipients who wanted to avoid working.”


    Rendell is infamous for hitting on everyone with a skirt (including the workplace when he was DA). This kind of behavior has been pervasive and institutionalized in the criminal justice system. Bravo to Kane for exposing it. I hope she burns the corrupt system to the ground. Then they’ll try to tack on a bogus arson charge.

    I agree with you except for Paterno. I wished he lived long enough to go to jail as an accessory in the cover-up.

  9. So sad and pathetic watching people trying to defend kane and the disgusting corruption that has taken place under her watch. Just sad.

  10. Truth be told – Fina & The Corbett Pervs are criminals. They have prosecuted others for similar behavior.

  11. Peggy – we know for sure that one-term Tommy continued to fund 2nd Mile after he knew Sandusky was using it to find children to rape.

    And Corbett was as bad as AG as he was as Governor. Just look what he allowed to take place in his office on his watch. His top deputies were stealing from taxpayers and swapping racist material via the State’s e-mail system.

    AG Kane has already done PA a huge favor by exposing this corruption and ethical violations. Truth be told – Fina & The Co

  12. How many lives did Corbett and Fina ruin? How more that did the same receive immunity from Corbett? How many were Democrats and how many were Republican? I truly believe when the truth comes out, the Attorney General will be vindicated. These are the same two men who tried to ruin the reputation of Penn State and Joe Paterno. What happened to the Second Mile? Why wasn’t the Second Mile investigated? Who was on the Board of Directors of the Second Mile? How much money did the Second Mile give Corbett? How much in grant money did the Commonwealth give the Second Mile – when Sandusky was being investigated by the AG?

  13. So sad..for the AGS office….for the Democratic party
    ..and for the people of pennsylvania. Shame on Kathleen kane.

  14. The weather is miserable- and I feel a need to post a message agreeing with David Diano. Our system of justice grants to. “All” a presumption of innocence and due process. Nothing reflects more disturbingly. How corrupt and vulgar the politics of Pennsylcania than the action of the so called discipline committee and our ethically challenged Supreme Court than their rush to judge Kane. Would Bill Clinton or a member of a minority group have been treated comparably. Frankly I think we ignore reality if we don’t at least ask the question. I would suspect their is much to question about Brady, McKinty and Rendell who play the game-Kane is not capable of. Kane should go either when her term ends or if convicted by a jury- her political and legal lynching before that has taken place should trouble all of us.

  15. @ DD:

    I’m not “declaring” anything, nor can I conclude all 1500 are “problematic” as you have “declared” them to be [absent documentation of your “threshold” to have been].

    Your potential [benign] characterization thereof recalls how Hillary justified withholding her “personal” e-mails which, we now know, included hundreds of communications with classified data.

    Meanwhile, your gal AG-Kane [the paradigm of “reprehensible”] inches closer and closer to the abyss….

  16. rsklaroff-

    How about if you declare what your threshold is for how many need to be “problematic” and what rises to the level of “reprehensible”?

    You seem to fail to grasp that the 1,500 are the problematic ones, which is why they were turned over.

    An email from his wife asking him to pick up milk on the way home would not be one that was turned over, unless he forwarded the email to a friend and said: “This is why men should have mistresses, because they don’t nag you.”

  17. @ DD:

    You do not know how many of the 1500 e-mails may be problematic and, of those, to what degree they are reprehensible.

  18. rsklaroff-
    “a modicum of documentation”??

    “among the emails she turned over to the Judicial Conduct Board are 1,500 concerning Justice J. Michael Eakin.”

    I think 1,500 is more than a “modicum”.

  19. I remember when our AG possessed a license to practice law. I think his name was Tom corbett.

  20. Hey … look at aaron … he’s a repervlican shill-boy … he needs another cup of tea ….

    AG Kane is going to have a trial. The days of trying HER in public are over. Just about everything that could be leaked and printed was. It’s now time to try Fina & The Corbett Pervs in the public.

    Nice try, though.

    BTW – Fina & The Corbett Pervs look GUILTY to me. At the very least, they stole from PA taxpayers by using their State computers and State time on that vile garbage.

  21. Hey..wait..look over there at that guy…he’s the bad guy not me…hey look over there at him..

  22. Is this the part where you pretend I am going to have a conversation with you (a mental patient)?

  23. @ DD & Ha3 & others with weird-monikers:

    It is revealing that y’all are sticklers for detail when defending AG-Kane while you are already tar/feathering Eakin despite the absence of a modicum of documentation.

  24. Larry

    There is a “Larry” here who claims to be a lawyer, and apparently works in Harrisburg (likely for a legislator).

    If you aren’t that pr*ck, please modify your handle with an initial, occupation, political affiliation, real name etc

  25. DD – Imagine Eakin wrote an Opinion on a case handled by Fina or one of the other Corbett Pervs. Those defendants are going to have a field day with this … and for good reason.

    With the ammunition that Fina could drop the bomb that Kane just dropped, the Judge would be in a position to do whatever the OAG wanted him to do.

    As the attorneys interviewed in the DN article suggested – Fina is a “cretin” … LMAO …

  26. Here is the argument that would lay this issue to rest (if the porn/racism defenders had an ounce of honesty/integrity and weren’t such hypocrites, especially the ones claiming to be “real” lawyers).

    Imagine there is a jury trial involving issues of sexual abuse or racism. Now imagine during jury selection it is discovered that one of the jurors has a blog with all the same kind of content we are seeing in the emails that Kane is releasing.

    Would this juror be dismissed? (hint: hell yes!)

    So, if such a juror is unfit to serve on a jury, how unfit is a judge or DA who routinely sends/receives/shares emails like these?

  27. AG Kathy Kane Please Release The E Mails Let them Go as we all what to know how the winds are going to BLOW What did they Know and when did they know it so lets show it . Turn all the Lights of The Porn E Mails and watch all The Cock Roaches scurry in a Hurry to avoid the Light of day

  28. Eakin is a racist and sexist slob. Now we know why the Supreme Court acted so swiftly on the DB’s ridiculous motion. Acting in their own self-interest. Shameful.

    There are w whole bunch of convictions that are soon going to have to be un-done. There’s another reason everyone wants AG Kane to be silenced.

    This scandal gets worse every day. But, in the end, it will be a good thing for PA when creeps like Fina, Eakin (and McCaffery – who is already gone) are no longer in high-paid government jobs. There are better qualified people … and BETTER PEOPLE period.

  29. It is Time for Justice Eakin to step down and Be Prosecuted for his Many Roles in Porn Gate The Justice is a Disgusting Pervert and should never be sitting In Judgement of Other People In Fact he should be in JAIL .

  30. Where are all you anti Kane people freaking out over an alleged Leak When is comes to all the Leaks people have done on The Case against Kane ? Y’all are Deadly SILENT You bunch of Hypocrites . You are nothing but a bunch of Political Hack Pawns Embarrassed By a Woman Bringing down the Last Bastion of a Mans World . You Anti Kane people are a Bunch of Creepy Ghouls . Get a Life outside of this Creepy World that you guys infest .

  31. @ DD:

    Recalling both the prior page…
    …and the current one…
    …it seems little has changed.

    AG-Kane continues to sink, even as she tries to take-down everyone around her; as I suggested on multiple occasions during the past few weeks, it would seem that Wolf could make the next move, and 2/3 of the senators [who are R’s] plus any of the Dems could then remove her from office.

  32. Larry – You are extremely lame.Internet-tough guys like you are usually pimply faced weasels in real life.

  33. Larry-

    “Ethics don’t matter to these people, its all about their own self interests and the rules don’t apply to them.”

    Check the mirror lawyer-boy.

  34. KSDF-

    Yes. I am assuming Eakins sent them. But, even if he just received them, without complaint, it raises serious questions about his biases/prejudices/judgement as well as how chummy is with the people who sent them (especially if they have appeared before him).

    Multi-Tasker General-

    Facing charges is not the same as being convicted, and according to Saylor, the decision to suspend was NOT based on her facing charges as you asserted:

    “A “fair reading of the petition makes it clear it didn’t rely on the criminal case,” he said. Instead, the court considered her conduct as a lawyer.” – Saylor in trib article


    I hope she burns the entire corrupt legal system to the ground and exposes how biased and unjust it is.

    They don’t want to investigate their own leaks of this political prosecution.

    Let’s hope

  35. Eakin will retire the last day of 2018 when he reaches mandatory retirement age. Does anyone really think Saylor is going to force Eakin off the court like Castile did to McCaffery? I doubt it because that would mean Gov Wolf get to appoint the replacement … that could mean a supreme court of 6 democrats and one republican (Saylor).

    Ethics don’t matter to these people, its all about their own self interests and the rules don’t apply to them.

  36. And PLEASE – stop defending Scumbag Eakin! From the Daily News, he SENT this kind of garbage:

    In 2010, Eakin sent an email to five people – including then-Senior Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Baxter – that included a joke about a woman who goes to the doctor, “beaten black and blue.” The woman complains to the doctor that her husband “beats me to a pulp” when he comes home drunk and the doctor advises her to swish sweet tea in her mouth and not to swallow until her husband is asleep. When the woman returns to the doctor, she marvels at how well the therapy has worked. The punchline from the doctor: “You see how much keeping your mouth shut helps?”

    I would love to personally administer the 200 lashes to his amoral back. Scumbag.

  37. It is certain that we will have three new Democrats on the Supreme Court next term. Now we see why the vote to suspend happened. Eakin should resign now – and also face a Judicial Conduct complaint for these ex parte communications, which are COMPLETELY PROHIBITED by every Canon of Ethics. These are some really Stupid, Arrogant and Despicable lawyers hiding under those robes.

  38. Serious criminal charges? Sandusky and Bonus Gate both had leaks. I don’t remember anyone being prosecuted. Again, it goes back to the first women DEMOCRAT. I hope she releases all the emails. Lets find out what our elected officials really think of women and minorities. Especially the ones who enforces the law.

  39. DD, you seem like a catty bitch yourself, so how would you rate Kane’s flailing around in vindictive fashion as she marches steadily and inevitably toward jail and the demise of her career?

  40. Diano, Eakin (along with every other justice) suspended her license because she is facing serious criminal charges. Eakin’s pervy email habits cannot give rise to any criminal charges. Do you see the difference there, Dave? While we’re at it, do you see how Eakin’s emails (or his decades of hitting on women who were not one of his many wives) have nothing at all to do with Kane’s criminal charges and will in no way save her?

  41. DD, you’re assuming that Eakin sent them. The statement said that it was one of “Eakin’s emails”. That vague statement could mean different things. She’s obviously choosing her words now to help with her PR.

  42. Everyone has been worried about hurricane Joaquin hitting this week, missed out on the next lettered named-storm as hurricane Kathleen hit the PA Supreme Court. 🙂

  43. Well, considering that Eakin voted to suspend her license for unprofessional conduct for a lawyer, what’s his rationale going to be for his own conduct?

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