Kane and Fina to Testify Today

Fina KaneDon’t expect them to shake hands and smile for the cameras.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane and her adversary Frank Fina will both be testifying in court today.

They’ll be participating in the trial of State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop, one of the Philadelphia officials who allegedly took bribes during an undercover sting operation.

Fina ran this investigation under Kane’s predecessor. Kane, though, shut the operation down and claimed it was racially biased.

On March 17th, 2014 the Inquirer ran a story about the AG’s decision, a revelation that infuriated Kane as she was convinced Fina leaked the information. On June 6th, the Daily News published a piece which Kane leaked that was meant to paint Fina in a negative light.

That string of events led to Kane’s own legal difficulties and some incredibly embarrassing revelations about Fina.  

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  1. Ummm — Larry, the headline of the article includes Frank Fina. His boss offered Bishop such a sweet deal so that Fina did not have to testify. The “apology” was probably part of the deal. They know that a finding of racial targeting would mean that all the other defendants would get to withdraw their plea deals. Williams’ career is on the line (and Fina’s is over).

  2. kraig, Bishop’s defense attorney apologizes in open court and yet you persist in claiming racism? Speaking of shills, you are one of these deluded morons who would see Kathleen Kane murdering a child in the street and try to pivot the conversation to Frank Fina.

  3. The shills for Frank Fina are all in a frenzy. But the fact remains that Fina is a racist that should not have a badge and should not get another dollar of taxpayer money. The ridiculous “plea” deal in Bishop’s case is an embarrassment to law enforcement. She gets her record expunged, for Gods sake. If the case was not tainted by an unjust deal with Ali and improper behavior by Fina, there would be real penalties for these corrupt politicians.

    I look forward to seeing these “hundreds of pages” of evidence. I won’t hold my breath though.

  4. Diano, thanks once again for playing amateur lawyer but that’s not how plea deals work. They especially don’t involve personal apologies from defense counsel. Instead, there were hundreds of pages of proof that race was not a factor. But please, you moronic shill, do share some more amateur opinions. Maybe you have some medical opinions you’d like to share?

  5. Hey Marie and HaHaHa/Pat Unger, how do you feel about our hypocritical Attorney General being on the very porn emails that she condemns? HILARIOUS!

  6. You have to be kidding me. There are actually people supporting Kane. Have you not followed any of the events this embarrassment to the office if attorney General has done. You people must be paid to write these comments because no one can be that stupid. There truly is nothing that this disgrace accomplished. Name one thing she has done oh that is right she got rid of two democrat judges, she is the best thing that happened to the republican party

  7. HaHaHa. Why don’t you shut up when you don’t know what you are talking about. You should be sued for your stupidity. Time to get back in your clown costume “Bozo”
    Your trolls are waiting for you

  8. I wish I could be there to watch that bastard squirm. They better inform him of his 5th Amendment rights. Because Castille and Eakin won’t be able to protect Frank Fina from what is coming his way. His antics have finally caught up to him. The shackles could not go on a nicer guy!!

  9. I am not sure why the Judge would allow the testimony of Kane – even if the defense was requesting it. She was not elected until after Fina targeted African Americans and started calling his sting case the “Black Caucus Case.”

    The attorney for Bishop needs to ask Fina about his relationship with Tyron Ali, Tyron Ali’s lawyer and the new integrity officer at the district attorneys off. This will be one of the first times Fina has said anything publicly since some of his e-mails were revealed. I do not believe he has even apologized. It would be great if Bishop’s attorney today showed him the “Bravery at it’s Finest” e-mail and ask him why he decided to send it to a group of his friends. There really is no good answer. People who are not bigots don’t see something like that and send it to others.

  10. Better be careful, Nick.

    It has NEVER been proven that Kane leaked anything – let alone why anything was leaked. People and Papers have been sued for printing such stuff.

    BTW – it was Bruce Beemer (the 1st Assistant) that just testified against Kane in the Senate’s hearing) that found that the targeting of Blacks by Fina was improper. He also found that the “deal” Fina made with the con-man Ali was unjust.

    And now we may know why. It turns out that Fina and Ali have the same lawyer. And that lawyer’s wife was just hired by Seth Williams as his “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel” — two positions that did not exist until Seth made them up for Fina’s lawyer’s wife. The lawyer’s wife has just about ZERO qualifications for the job as well.

    Seth Williams has some explaining to do. It is rumored that this lawyer is ALSO SETH’S LAWYER in the federal criminal investigation he is facing.

    COZY, huh Nick? When are you going to write about this? It was in the DN? Did you miss it?

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