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Kane Closes Gun Permit “Florida Loophole”

Kane Florida loophole
Kane announces the policy change. Photo courtesy of Rep. Briggs (right).

Gun safety advocates scored a win Friday as Attorney General Kathleen Kane, fulfilling a campaign pledge, limited gun permit reciprocity between Pennsylvania and Florida.

It means that Pa. will no longer recognize concealed carry permits issued by the state of Florida, which has relatively more lax standards. Pa. residents who had been denied a permit here were able to obtain them from that state.

“Our state’s gun traffic and permits should never be bypassed,” said Kane. “Closing this loophole shows that it is possible to swiftly implement common sense gun safety measures that protect our streets. This is my administration’s first official step, but it certainly will not be our last.”

State law grants to AG authority over the state’s reciprocity agreements vis-a-vis firearms.

It’s been a big goal for gun control/gun safety groups, who note that Pa. recognizes more Concealed Carry permits from Florida than anywhere else – about 4,000 according to the AG’s office.

Gun owners who currently have a Florida permit have 120 days to obtain a new one from Pa. Florida residents or citizens with dual residency are not affected.

Rep. Tim Briggs (D-Montco) has been pushing the loophole issue since last session.

“I am thrilled that Attorney General Kane is taking a proactive approach to closing loopholes that now allow dangerous criminals to roam the streets with weapons they should not possess,” Briggs said of the Philadelphia press conference.

The issue came up in Kane’s general election win as well as her victory in the Democratic primary.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s PAC spent about $250,000 on television ads to tell southeast Pa. voters that Kane would close the loophole. Her Republican opponent, Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed, was endorsed by the NRA from whom he had received an “A” rating.

During the AG primary the group CeaseFirePA scolded Patrick Murphy, Kane’s opponent, over his support for legislation that would enact reciprocity agreements at the national level. The group offered warm words for Kane at the time.

24 Responses

  1. How do you like her now?
    Nothing like a felon making the rules to keep law abiding citizens disarmed.

  2. Sooooooo-oo, I am a Florida resident with a Fla concealed weapon permit. Will it, or will it not be honored in Penna when I come up in May to trout fish? Another place on line says there is still reciprocity between Fla and Penna. What’s up?

    Thanks. Al

  3. Great job!!! Gun permits should be like a drivers license. Use it anywhere as long as its in good standing. Not, I’m revoked in PA so get a FL one and PA has to honor it. About time this loophole is gone!!!

  4. To obtain a Florida license you must go through a extensive background check through local authority and FBI. The FBI is not going to allow dangerous criminals to even have a gun let alone a license to carry one. Most people who apply for Florida ccw do so because it gives reciprocity in more states. Now these politicians are denying law abiding citizens the right to be able to protect themselves and their families from real criminals who don’t give a damn about anything, law or lawless. That was a dumb statement she made about Florida allowing dangerous criminals to possess a gun permit.

  5. Yes there have been crimes committed, including murder, by holders of Florida permits. The Inquirer had an article about it:

    To the guy who anonymously claims he was denied for parking tickets, Mr. ccy, why don’t you just pay your frickin parking tickets? If you can’t afford to pay what you lawfully owe, you could sell some of your precious, precious firearms. You know what? I’m glad you can’t carry a gun in PA. Guns are for responsible, law abiding citizens, not scofflaws who ignore their obligations. There are 3,000 PA residents from outside Phila. with Florida permits. I guess they all owe parking tickets in their home towns?

  6. I was denied by Phila for traffic tickets which is not a valid reason for denial! That is why i went the Florida route. She needs to pass the nutter & ramsey loophole!!

  7. Can someone give me a reason why a Pennsylvania resident would have to go to Florida to get a concealed carry permit?

    You live in PA, get a PA carry permit. It’s that simple.

  8. Florida does not have “lax standards”, in fact they are more stringent than Pennsylvania.

    1. Cost for application to Florida, $117.
    2. Special documentation needed, fingerprinting, passport photo, training verification.
    3. Obtain application by mailing the Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing, PO Box 6687, Tallahassee, FL 32314-6687. Phone number; 850-245-5691. Permit application can be requested for free.
    4. Application must be notarized.
    5. Fingerprinting must be done by a local law enforcement agency.

  9. Kathleen Kane just gave conservatives carte blanche to refuse to recognize gay marriage licenses from other states by refusing to give full faith and credit to a Florida CCW permit. Well played.

  10. Does anyone have any numbers on those that obtain concealed carry permits from Florida that commit crimes with those firearms? Or is this a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist?

  11. Sounds like another politician over reaching the bounds of their office and pushing an adgenda. What’s funny about this is that criminals don’t get concealed carry permits, they just carry illegally…because they are criminals and they disregard laws.

    Most people who have Florida permits do so likely because Florida has more reciprocity with other states than a PA permit does. People hold Utah permits for the same reason. In these persons with Florida permits are such criminals why haven’t they been rounded up? I’d also like to know the details of why these people were denied and how they supposedly then got one through Florida. If Florida is easier to get than a PA permit it must come in a Crackerjack box.

  12. This is great to see, especially after PA passed the Brad Fox law and finally sent its backlog of mental health records on prohibited gun purchasers to the background check system. Baby steps, but the government is finally doing the will of the people.

  13. Good job, Kathleen. People wielding guns should be able to “shop around” for a state with weaker carry laws to circumvent PA laws.

    Kane closed the loophole, and hopefully her special prosecutor can get rid of the a$$hole in the governor’s mansion for his role in Sandusky mishandling (and likely cover-up).

  14. I LOVE HER! So awesome so finally see a strong, confident, capable, woman as our first Democratic Attorney General.

  15. I voted for the Libertarian candidate for AG because I knew Kane was no good and didn’t like the GOP candidate. I’m glad I didn’t fall for Gun Ban Kathleen.

  16. And, Florida’s requirements are not “relatively more lax”. Anyone prohibited under federal law would be denied a Florida license. Florida also requires training and fingerprints (unlike Pennsylvania).

  17. She broke the law. The Attorney General has the power and duty to enter into reciprocity agreements, and report to the General Assembly. She does not have the authority to modify or rescind existing agreements. Section 6109k. She essentially destroyed an agreement that was in place for over ten years. The General Assembly needs to correct this by enacting Constitutional Carry.

  18. PoliticsPA should actually start sending their own reporters to events. Briggs didn’t speak at this event nor play any role besides positioning himself for a photograph by his staff. His false and lame attempt at attention should be noted as a warning to all Democrats.

  19. How many crimes are committed each year by someone who has a concealed weapons permit? Virtually none, but you feel it is a high priority to go after them instead of actual criminals? I hope you are looking for a new job next election!

  20. What do you expect, her husband is anti-union owner of Kane Trucking company. Nutter is a typical anti-union democrat.

  21. We are going to close the Kane loophole next time she comes up for office. I’m ashamed to say I voted for her. Standing up ther with Philly Mayor Nutterbag.

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