Kane Creates Website to Defend Herself

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1Attorney General Kathleen Kane wants to set the record straight. She wants Pennsylvanians to hear the truth about her.

For this reason, Kane created a new website Friday called www.TruthAboutKathleenKane.com. Designed by Kane’s lawyer and spokesman Lanny Davis, the website is an attempt to garner public support for the Attorney General before oral arguments for her case are held in front of the state Supreme Court in March.

“The purpose of the website is to challenge, finally, all of the smears, false accusations and illegal leaks from the grand jury process that has investigated me for eight months on the utterly baseless and false accusations that I illegally leaked grand jury information,” Kane stated in a press release Friday.

Kane came under fire in January when a grand jury recommended charges against her. The attorney general faces charges of perjury, official oppression, obstruction of justice, false swearing and contempt of court.

For her part, Kane has consistently decried the investigation and charges against her. She said she has done “nothing illegal” and has pledged to serve out her entire term as Attorney General.

The website’s home page answers a question posed in the recent New York Times article on the Kane investigation: “The question before Pennsylvanians is this: Is Kathleen G. Kane, the first woman to be elected as the state’s attorney general, the victim of angry men who targeted her after she exposed their pornography habits?” The answer the website gives is a definitive “Yes.”

“The political and biased nature of this investigation is demonstrated by the undeniable fact that this special prosecutor has investigated the AG concerning illegal leaks that in fact never happened, while ignoring more than six months of illegal leaks from his grand jury process,” Davis said in a statement. “This website from now on will allow everyone to see what the facts are, rather than the anonymous illegal leakers which this Republican special prosecutor has chosen to ignore.”

Along with the press release, the website features sections for news, legal filings, statements from Kane and a list of 10 facts. The final fact on the list reads: “This is not the way the judicial system should work in America.”

13 Responses

  1. Haha her run is coming to an embarrassingly bad conclusion and you guys just can’t stand it! It just BURNS you up doesn’t it? Lol

  2. Let’s see Freakie Frankie serves up Castile’s number one enemy on the Supreme Court McCafferty in exchange for a gag order on his own e-mails which we are all are sure contained no Porno !!! Then Castile after issuing the gag order covering Freakie Frankie’s butt from the Porno fallout allows a Judge in a extremely Republican county who is beholden to the Republican controlled Senate Judiciary Committee in Harrisburg for his election as Judge via holding up a Gubernatorial Appointment for nearly 2 years (http://articles.mcall.com/1993-10-25/news/2951542_1_civil-trials-courts-work-republican-william-r-carpenter) until the election, call an Investigative Grand Jury to session outside of any Law Statute or Legal president to investigate e “leak” of information about a non productive investigation into a NAACP officer.

    Then Castile retires leaving the mess for others to clean up. The Judge in Republican Land Montgomery County who called the Grand Jury is soon to retire as well. Hmmm!

    So Castile gets his enemy McCafferty !!! Freakie Franky keeps his high paying Government Position and his e-mails secret while his old boy co-workers go down the shoot and get fired or resign do to Porno at work for the Government Agency that prosecutes sex offenders.

    The Republicans Statewide get to Politically smear and weaken the Democrat Attorney General who exposed all the dirty secrets or Porno e-mails!

    They somehow get Freakie Franky employed by the Philadelphia DA (wonder if Castile was a reference) who the Republicans hope and either defeat or further weaken Kane in a primary election. Giving them either a easy to beat non incumbent or a much weakened and smeared Democrat Attorney General in a General election.

    Gee none of this smells like Politically motivated actions by Republicans against a Women and Democrat……..!

    So you (Republicans) lose an election your not happy about and you take it into Republican Controlled Courts !!!!
    I guess if it worked for Bush against Gore in Florida 2000 why not in Pa….!

  3. Unsanctioned R-

    “liberal Philadelphia Inquirer”?? Is there a second paper using that name we don’t know about? The Inquirer failed to endorse for Governor, because the owner was a big contributor to Corbett and didn’t want the endorsement going to Wolf. So, there was no endorsement.

    There was no reasonable expectation of her going to jail in 2014. As for “nothing illegal”, that’s a very solid defense in a case where it’s true and the charges are all trumped up and the grand jury against her leaked like a sieve, and the people involved were predisposed against her politically.

    I’m hoping that once she is cleared of all these charges, the misconduct of those who are behind this witch-hunt get their comeuppance.

  4. This whole website smacks of desperation. As the liberal Philadelphia Inquirer has documented, she’s the victim of her own self destructive decisions. The “nothing illegal” defense may keep her out of jail in 2015 (which would be a successful year for her, based on expectations) compared to 2014. But, how sad. Just sad.

  5. ColdAsHeck-

    We are 6th largest by population, within 1% of Illinois (5th). We are also 6th by GDP.

    I’m sure you’re ready to indict her for what may well be a typo or someone misreading a list.

    As you led with 5th vs 6th as your primary criticism, we can see how desperate you and her other critics are to find anything negative to say.

  6. Someone should tell Kathleen Kane that Pennsylvania isn’t the 5th largest state in the country.

    However much Lanny Davis charges to create an accurate website instead of an inaccurate one…it’s apparently out of Kathleen Kane’s price range.

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