Kane Decides Not to Testify or Call Any Witnesses

Kane Press ConferenceThat was fast.

According to Wallace McKelvey of the Patriot-News, Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s defense strategy consisted of a single motion to dismiss all charges against her. When that failed, Kane’s lead attorney Gerald Shargel announced that the defense rests.

No witnesses were called.

Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy then asked Kane to questions to ensure she was of sound mind and aware of all her team’s decisions.

“As I sat here, I listened to the commonwealth’s case and I don’t believe it’s necessary for me to testify in my own defense,” Kane responded. “I agree with Mr. Shargel.”

“The commonwealth…Sorry, force of habit. The defense should rest,” she concluded.

The Judge excused the court until Monday when closing arguments will take place.

52 Responses

  1. This whole thing was a mere smoke screen by FINA to occupy her time and take away whatever she had intended to do and that was to get into the Sandusky case and find the real truth about FINA. When she ordered FINA’s computer to be taken away and checked, that’s when his temperature rose to boiling and he hasn’t come back to normalcy since. He’s like he’s been hot under the collar ever since. IF he had NOTHING to hide on his computer, then why all the smoke screens? Currently, FINA should be nervous and pacing bc his world is about to collide w/the real one especially IF the FBI is investigating Seth Wms., and IF the rumors are true that they are also investigating the Sandusky issue, then I’d say he’s going to end up wearing the orange jumpsuit. IF KK is found guilty, be ready to see ALL the emails that have been in hiding that the Judge would not allow into her case to be exposed. IF she’s going down at all, she won’t go alone!!!

  2. Can’t see a Jury convicting on the type of evidence MontCo presented. It was all innuendo and the witnesses they did call are not credible.

  3. Agreed, Delco.

    Plus – the case is trumped-up bull-shit. Everyone knows the reason only this leak is being investigated. They wanted to discredit Kane going back to before she took office.

    Fina and his pals are dirty. The motive for their attack on Kane is as obvious as the heat outside.

    Jurors should consider all the illegal leaks from that grand jury. And ask themselves why no one being prosecuted for those.

    The answer is obvious.

  4. After months of Ms. Kane’s antics of lying and fabricating stories, the truth came out in a courtroom.

    In a courtroom for everyone to see and hear.

    Now, Ms. Kane will get to sit and contemplate all of her ill-advised antics—-in a jail cell.

    Ms. Kane is going away. For a long, long time.

  5. The defense lawyers must be extremely confident. They must know that the Jury is going to acquit. I have read that the evidence was very weak. But not presenting any evidence means they know the gov’t did not prove anything,

  6. Seth's Chief of Staff / Wife of Fina's lawyer / Wife of Tyron Ali's lawyer / Sister in Law of Harry Levant says:

    There was a time I was in the Press talking about the AG.

    And my husband is suing the AG. On behalf of Frank Fina, who worked for me.

    My husband also represented Seth Williams, my new boss. Seth hired me after my husband helped Seth out. I am not at all qualified; but I make six-figures.

    We have my husband’s brother’s case (yes – he got arrested for stealing over $1,000,000.00) to my husband’s clients (Fina and Costanzo).


  7. Good for you, Mrs UnsanctionedSpongeRetardBungy!! You did the right thing. He is an asshole. He’s stupid. And he probably has a venerial disease after all those shifts at the Rest-Stop.

  8. I told you he was a latent homosexual. At least he admits it now. I kicked him out of the trailer weeks ago. Wonder if he is back with his boyfriend, Brett?

  9. Hey Ping. That will soon be “President Hillary Clinton.” Show some respect. And then have another cup of TEA. Your party is a mess because of people like you. The R candidate is a JOKE. A total fraud. And here you are typing garbage. Shame on you.

    Oh – you may also want to prepare yourself for “Senator McGinty” too. It’s coming!!

  10. Pat Unger, you claim that’s your real name yet you allow anyone to pretend to be you. Doesn’t make sense.

  11. Failing to take stand will cost
    her. Can’t help feeling sorry for her- she has issues but the corrupt PA politics ate her alive. Conduct by ethics committee and PA Supreme Court was a moral disgrace- another example of liberal hypocrisy- if Kane is evil what does that make “filthy Hiliary”?

  12. You fantasize about a man blowing you, don’t you bungy. You could always go to the turnpike rest-stop and pay SpongeBob. He’ll do it.

  13. Shargel has gotten big names off with worse cases than this. His closing argument should be good. OTOH, I can’t see anyone on the persecution team that can speak convincingly about the wetness of water.

    By the way, anyone see the pics of Kathleen on PennLive all week? The woman is guilty – of being Hot! Her twin was looking good, too.

  14. Can Gov. Wolf give Seth and my husband one of those pardons too?!?

    And how about me? Oh God. Am I getting arrested too? Seth already replaced me with that guy with the orange beard …. the one who doesn’t pay his taxes.

  15. Why squander time mounting a defense? Kane recognizes that she will be convicted (no one is ever acquitted of ANYTHING in Montgomery County, people – it is the most corrupt courthouse in America). Besides, prominent Democrats would clearly like this matter to be concluded as swiftly as possible. And why worry? Kane knows she will be granted a pardon by the Democratic Governor. Isn’t that right, Kathleen?

  16. Bottom Line gets it right. Morrow phone call is not an admission by Kane and cannot be used against Kane. Jury will be so instructed. His testimony could and probably should be thrown out as coming from a “corrupt and polluted source.” That’s what the law calls a person like Josh Mortow.

    I am very surprised the DA did not have any direct evidence. No surprise defense rested so quickly.

  17. What is the obsession with people on this site and “real names.” Do some people hide behind a screen name to say things they wouldn’t be caught dead saying in polite company? Sure, and that anonymity can be both refreshing or troll inducing, and like everything else, I take the good with the bad. As for me, I say the same words on this site that I say to family, friends, and like minded co-workers, usually with more expletives offline. But some of us work in sensitive jobs where either our employers or clients might not take too kindly to our political beliefs. As for me, the donors I solicit for a very worth non-profit come from all walks of life and political beliefs. I can’t afford to tick off a Trump supporter any more than I can a Kane defender. So sorry if it makes you unhappy, but as the sole source of support for my family, I’ll remain anonymous and keep my job.

  18. Bottom Line: the texts clearly show more than a mere desire by Kane, but even if they didn’t, combine the texts with the FBI recording of “Kathleen wants me to leak documents.” Why be so clueless on purpose about where this is headed? Also, Bottom Line, what will you say about the jury when they convict?

  19. The texts only prove that Kane wanted the truth to come out about Frank Fina. And – thankfully – it now has.
    The texts do not prove a crime. Not even close.
    Jury will throw out Mortow’s “corrupt and polluted” testimony as they must under the law.
    This will be a quick acquittal, IMO.

  20. Anyone notice that there are no people willing to attack KK with their real name here?


  21. No one explained the text messages except the prosecution. No one here defends them. Unless a sycophant is on the jury, and I doubt any of you are, she’s cooked.

  22. Eric – what is your e-mail address? Where do you work? I will defend my positions whenever you like.

  23. Anyone notice that there’s only one person willing to defend KK with their real name here?

  24. Meanwhile, HaHaHa is out in the hallway of the courthouse talking to reporters:

    “The prosecutors are weeping and wallowing in failure! Her Majesty Kathleen Kane is preparing her victory feast! Any minute now, the prosecutors will apologize for their work on this trial and give back all of Kathleen’s incriminating text messages!”

  25. Brandy, if that were true, would it have anything to do with whether Kane in fact leaked grand jury materials? Answer: nope, it is just you saying wwaaaaahhhh, this isn’t fair!! But the evidence is clear: Kane did it.

  26. Did anyone point out that there were many leaks from the grand jury that investigated Kane for a leak!?!

    If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is.

  27. Diano, another thing: what is your amateur legal opinion on whether it should be a crime to use campaign funds for purposes that are completely unrelated to elections and campaigns? PA law says it’s a crime. I know you like to say “wah wah, it shouldn’t be a crime.”

    So, do you think it SHOULD be a crime? BTW, Kane will be prosecuted for that crime next, because she used campaign funds to finance her defense in this trial.

  28. DD – I totally agree. But the defense team may want to argue “Where’s Fina” ….

    It is curious that prosecution did not call him. What are they trying to hide? And why did Fina deep-six that investigation?

    We already know what he did on the sting case (the one rejected by every prosecutor who saw it before Seth Williams and his “Press play.” We know that Fina let his lawyer’s other client keep $400,000.00. We know that Fina dropped all of the charges against his lawyer’s other client.

    Kane took Fina down. She took Eakin and NcCaffery down. She should get an Award.

  29. Diano, apparently her attorneys have no faith in their ability to score any points. If this was ever a contest of wits between Kane and Fina, Fina is doing a victory lap right now.

  30. Marie, let’s check YOUR ignorance: in the rare instances that “character evidence” is offered, the defense knowingly opens the door to cross-examination about the defendant’s character. That’s why it’s never done. And it wouldn’t be done here, where Ed Rendell has made public statements criticizing Kane specifically for her insistence on seeking revenge. Thanks for playing.

  31. Agree that the defense team must be extremely confident. I guess the liars and con-men the government called kinda speak for themselves.

    I’d be shocked if this Jury convicts the Attorney General on that “quality” of evidence.

    We shall see.

  32. Marie, what would Rendell know about any of the facts in this case? Or, were you hoping for one of Kane’s irrelevant distractions?

  33. I was hoping to hear from Rendell.

    Oh well. There will always be Seth Williams’ trial. And Johnny Doc’s.

  34. Yeah, Shargel is CONFIDENT that his client would get torn to shreds if she took the stand.

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