Kane Denies Wrongdoing, Pledges to Serve Entire Term

KaneAttorney General Kathleen Kane spoke about the charges leveled against during an appearance at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Kane told WGAL-TV that she’s disappointed with the methods used to investigate her office, and insists that if an independent study were used to investigate the situation regarding the alleged leaked press leaks, it would reveal she had done nothing wrong.

In addition, she maintains that she has done “nothing illegal,” and intends to serve out her entire term as Pennsylvania Attorney General.

The news comes one day after two reporters for the Philadelphia Inquirer were subpoenaed by Thomas E. Carluccio, the Special Prosecutor in the Kathleen Kane trial.

So far, charges have yet to be filed.

At one point, Kane quoted the late British Prime Minister Winston Churchill: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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  1. Yes, of course, the mean grown-ups are making her answer questions. Clearly she’s a victim of a conspiracy by Republican men rather than a thinly qualified ADA from nowhere who married money.

  2. @ DD:

    Please provide citations to support your assertions because they do not comport with the chronology that has repeatedly been appearing in the media.

  3. Robert
    1) Reviews don’t always produce reports. Sometimes just releases of information. There was a new matter in the case involving parties obtaining financial records for a claim.

    2) She said she was reviewing a lot of cases. The past administration was terrible and needs a review.

    3) I disagree with your assertion that she leaked the information.

  4. @ DD:

    I can’t understand why you didn’t reply to my prior gambit…


    …so you are invited to do so, here:

    You rationalized AG-Kane’s selective release of Grand Jury data to the press “Because she was reviewing the past investigation and how it was (mis)handled. This is legitimate function of government and A.G.’s office, especially when there is a claim that ‘criminal activity was just ignored’.”

    First, when did she issue a report regarding conclusions as to how anything was “(mis)handled”?

    Second, when did she say this was her rationale for doing so?

    Third, what was the justification for releasing these data via a press-leak rather than in a public setting?

    When you have admitted you must go “0 for 3″ when addressing these simple/logical outgrowths of your conjured-rationalizations, you may be forced to admit that she has painted herself into a corner from which she will not be able to escape.

  5. “despite overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing by the officers”

    Michael Brown? I think the first-person evidence was overwhelmingly contradictory everywhere but MSNBC.

  6. Robert-

    Did you O.D. on your stupid pills?

    Her statement is clearly directed at Risa Ferman or anyone independently (ie without a political agenda) reviewing the “evidence” in the grand jury case would drop the case.

    The leaked/alleged recommendations of the jury are irrelevant, as we’ve recently learned from the cops-killing-unarmed-blacks cases where the prosecutors deliberately manipulated their presentations to prevent an indictment, despite overwhelming evidence of wrong-doing by the officers. Grand juries indict over 99% of the time, which makes them poor barometers of actual guilt or conviction, but rather rubber-stamps of the will of the prosecutor.

  7. Dr. Bob, this is her lead up to an apology that she didn’t know that ignorance of the law wasn’t a defense.

  8. What sort of “an independent study [could be] used to investigate the situation regarding the alleged leaked press leaks [that she thinks] would reveal she had done nothing wrong” does she have in mind?

  9. She claims she did nothing wrong because she wasn’t Attorney General during the GJ proceeding that originally took place….and that she later leaked. All prosecutors know that information from a GJ is sealed unless released by a judge. Doesn’t matter “when” you were the AG. If it’s not illegal, then she is extremely incompetent.

    The fact that she makes things up at press conferences (lies) and then has to have her staff correct her comments is even greater proof she has no integrity.

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