Kane Flip-Flops, Won’t Release Emails

KaneOn second thought, Kathleen Kane won’t be publicly releasing those emails after all.

Last week, the Attorney General called for Judge Carpenter to allow the release of all the pornographic emails found on government servers.

The next day, Judge Carpenter revealed that Kane had not made any official request for the emails to be released.

On Tuesday, the PA Supreme Court unsealed Judge Carpenter’s December 2014 order, proving that Kane had the power to show the emails all along.

Now, however, Kane doesn’t want the emails seen by the public.

According to Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review, open records request by his paper and the Inquirer have been denied.

“The office will continue to oppose release of the emails” through the Right to Know Law process, Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo said. “The reason it will do so is there are contractual and privacy issues that must be considered.”

Apparently, the Office of the Attorney General is worried about the fact that its workers are unionized and are also concerned about the effect such a move would have on third parties.

Those concerns, however, didn’t stop the OAG from giving the Inquirer information on eight officials back in September 2014.

Kane’s lawyers told Bumsted that the emails will be used as part of her defense.

So to recap, the Attorney General’s public response to eight criminal charges was to cite her legal inability to release emails that would show the unsavory character of her enemies. The real scandal, according to Kane, was in those emails and the public had a right to see them.

Instead of unmasking this public menace, however, the AG is now holding onto to the emails so they can be used in such a way as to best aid her legal defense.

Kane’s next hearing is scheduled for Monday.

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