Kane Gets the Chance to “Make Seth Pay”

kane happyThere have been so many twists and turns in the rivalry between Attorney General Kathleen Kane and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams that one could write a series of books about it (and someday someone likely will).

The latest chapter, however, is quite intriguing.

Last August, it was revealed that William’s PAC was under investigation by the FBI and IRS for possible violations. The political action committee subsequently blamed the leak on Kane.

Now, Chris Brennan of the Inquirer writes, a new referral asserts that Williams is breaking state campaign law and advocates for the PAC’s documents to be released per the Inquirer’s request.

The official who gets to make the decision about whether to allow the paper access to the files? Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Kane has considered Williams a foe ever since he hired her enemies Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo. She blames them for the leak concerning an abandoned sting operation which started her whole legal mess. Furthermore, Williams has been prosecuting that case in an attempt to prove Kane wrong.

To top it all off, when the lewd emails of Fina and Costanzo were released, Williams decided their only punishment would be “sensitivity training.”

In the presentment against Kathleen Kane, one of the major revelations was an email that stated that she would “make Seth pay”. Now she’ll get the chance.

You can’t make this stuff up.

26 Responses

  1. I used to post as “kanesdriver” … I am an Agent at AG’s Office … and I have been breaking the law to hurt my boss, Attorney Grneral Kane.

  2. Williams and Kane both exhibit a level of vindictiveness and pettiness that renders them unfit to serve in any office.

  3. Jared, the porn emails have nothing to do with the charges against Kane. Those charges, and the evidence to support them, are as clear as day. She’s toast.

  4. Hey d from sepa……might wanna be careful about throwing out that coal region trash crap. I think I hear banjos playing behind you.

    Am I the only one that thinks this whole mess is so muddied that a hung jury is a forgone conclusion in any trial of anyone that is tangentially involved?

  5. Kane sure has been a disaster. Maybe we should elect someone who didn’t take seven years off from practicing law. Clown car, Repervlicans, Fina.

  6. aaron? That tool is not me. He’s a Repervlican ayy-hole.

    You need to bet a live, “kanesdriver.” Have they fired you yet?

  7. So now HaHaHa aka BustaPerv aka Whereiskanesdriver aka Copper aka Platinum is “aaron”

    You’re a complete loser.

  8. Chris Brennan don’t make me laugh. Brennan was the one who received the file from Adrian King and Josh Morrow. He’s also the” anonymous ” source to receive the email address of judge eakin via McCaffery the day after Seamus resigned. He’s a known doc henchman and a hack reporter. Now he’s after Seth cause JOHN told him too.!!! The Inky isn’t even a real newspaper What a joke. If I was A Fed I’d be looking at texts from Brennan Dougherty and Seamus. EAKIN RESIGN YOU LOSER!

  9. aaron: This trivial dust-up is nothing for the pa dem party compared to the years of litigation from Foerster wing of the dem party hauling Cyril Wecht to court.
    PS: Now they are slobbering all over themselves to put his son on the PA Supreme Ct.

  10. Aaron — clearly you’ve never seen either in person.

    Good from far but far from good.

    Coal Region Trash — that’s that CRT!

  11. POPCORN IS READY! Too bad she can’t make a charging decision with a suspended law license though.


  12. Good for the AG. About time these other Democrats in name only like Seth get what they deserve. BTW, this is not embarrassing for the Dem Party when there are Republicans involved. These idiots should try getting a real job sometime. Pomposity and hubris nearly always brings down people like williams in the end!!! I am happy for this new development.

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