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Kane Highlights Clinton Support in New Ad (Watch Video)

It was an event built for a campaign commercial. Kathleen Kane will enter the final week of the Attorney General race with a positive spot that highlights her endorsement from former President Bill Clinton.

“Who’s more likely to do more good in this job? The answer is Kathleen Kane,” Clinton says.

“She has handled more than three thousand cases. If you want somebody who’s both tough and smart, both somebody who’s got a steel spine and a caring heart, Kathleen Kane is your candidate.”

The footage comes from a rally Clinton held with Kane in Montgomery County on Thursday.

Sure it’s straightforward, but Bill Clinton is pretty popular among Democrats.

More interestingly, their final-week ads show where each campaign thinks it is. Murphy’s most recent spot was a broadside of attacks against Kane on a number of issues. That, plus the fact that Kane appears to be entering the final on a positive note, suggests that both campaigns see her as the frontrunner.

Kane’s campaign declined to comment on whether this was the last ad; both camps declined to comment about internal polling.

9 Responses

  1. flynnbw – The ONLY reason Murphy would not immediately start running for Gov is if he’s not elected for AG in the first place.

    Corbett is looking to be the first one-term gov in recent PA history. Anyone with statewide ambition is planning to take on Corbett in 2014.

    Likely candidates include: McCord, Wagner, Sestak, Williams, Knox, and Murphy.

  2. It is highly ironic. Patrick has WAY more experience in the courtroom than Bill Clinton ever did when he first ran for Attorney General of Arkansas. And Patrick is not going to immediately start running for Governor as soon as he gets elected, like then-AG Clinton did back in the 70s.

  3. Spend that money! Spend, spend, spend! In the fall, David Freed will beat either one of them soundly, not only because he knows the most about prosecuting criminals but also because he is not wasting his money now.

  4. Patrick Murphy is an opportunistic career politician dependent on party leadership for $$$, for union “volunteers”.

    Kathleen Kane is not only far more experienced at prosecuting the kinds of cases that the AG prosecutes but is independent of party leadership and union leadership.

    The Republican is Tom Corbett’s man; not good for any of us.

  5. Murphy clearly overestimated his Philly roots and name recognition, and underestimated the intelligent, highly qualified, and personable Kane.

    When I saw them debate in February, here in Philly, Murphy was cocky and arrogant, as if he had it all sewn up.

    I get the impression he is really sweating it out now.

  6. Looks to me like Murphy is losing. The “broadside ad” he is running so heavily makes him look weak and small. Is he just taking SEPA for granted like Arlen Specter did? Counting on the Rendell-endorsement to carry SEPA for him like Specter? Worked real well Arlen.

  7. 3,000 cases compared to zero cases is hardly “an arbitrary number”.

    Kane understands what is involved in making a case and winning a case. Would you want a guy running an auto company if he’s only ever ridden a bicycle?

    Also, Kane just comes off as much smarter and sharper in her knowledge of the law and legal ability.

  8. It really is ironic that Bill Clinton would make an arbitrary number of cases tried in court, his criteria for supporting a candidate… when in fact he never prosecuted a single case before he ran for AG of Arkansas. Look how he turned out.

    I honestly see the best of Clinton in Murphy.

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