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Kane Indicates She May Not Run for Re-Election

KaneIs Kathleen Kane finally starting to cave?

For quite some time, the Attorney General has made it clear she refuses to resign and intends to run for re-election.

Now, however, she is indicating that she doesn’t believe she can seek a second term.

According to Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, Kane isn’t sure whether see is allowed to run for re-election now that her law license has been suspended.

“I believe you have to be a lawyer in good standing to be able to run,” she told the AP.

Additionally, Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo asserts that while she still wants to run, it would be difficult to reinstate her license by early next year.

Of course this begs the question, if she thinks she can’t run for re-election then why does she think it’s still OK to serve?

“Her statement just makes no sense in light of the fact that she is in staying in office,” former prosecutor L. George Parry told Couloumbis. “If she is not qualified to run for attorney general, then I don’t see how she’s qualified to be attorney general. It is that simple.”

Kane’s suspension goes into effect on October 21st.

62 Responses

  1. Why would acting Attorney General William Ryan order the destruction of 20,000,000 emails located in the Office of the Attorney General’s computer servers?

    The media is anticipating more porn and communications between judges, prosecutors and attorneys. Is this obstruction of justice?

  2. Pat-

    kanesdriver claimed in posts he had insider information and made “predictions” about revelations in the Kane saga.

    I hope his superiors are taking his (mis)behavior seriously and investigating his postings/computer and questioning him on the timing (and any use of state resources for politics). He sure tried covering his online tracks last night, but it’s often the cover-up and attempts to delete evidence that bite you in the ass.

  3. What’s this about an Agent from the Attorney General’s Office posting “inside” information? Have they started that Grand Jury investigation yet?

    What about the investigation into the many leaks of confidential information from “secret” investigation of the Attorney General? Has that Grand Jury been sworn in yet?

    Strange – isn’t it? One alleged leak from Kane = Grand Jury Investigation

    Yet – use of State computers on racist and misogynistic material gets no investigation?
    Yet – using State time to distribute that (perhaps) obscene material gets no investigation?
    Yet – leaking scores of confidential GJ material gets no investigation.

    Someone here called it “selective enforcement.” It is a form of corruption.

  4. HaHaHa-

    Very strange how the PoliticsPA site was down this morning following my revelations this weekend about “kanesdriver”. Coincidence? 🙂

  5. aaron – do you live in Philadelphia? If so – your Mayor, DA, Governor, and AG are all Democrats. And the front-runner for POTUS in your party is a laughing-stock. It’s the Repervlicans who are sad … so very sad.

  6. sklaroff thinks people are ignoring him and avoiding conversations w/ him.

    He’s right … for the first time ever!!

  7. @ DD:

    I didn’t visit your website, nor do I know its location, nor do I care.

    While engaging in self-promotion, you avoided the prior observation:

    “Hypocrisy abounds when you incessantly condemn influence-peddling yet “blink” when your gal is subject to this particular charge.”

  8. SpongeBob-

    Without a Premium account, I can’t see more than the last few viewers. You could be a consultant at EmCare (but, they are based out of Horsham, so that could also be Sklaroff who lives 7 miles away and is a doctor).

    I did get a hit from “1 LinkedIn member This person is viewing profiles anonymously”, so that could be you, too.

    I’m really not interested in you anymore as I pranked the hell out of once already and that Marsili is a big fish caught in my net (because he jumped out of the water and right into it).

    As for Robert Marsili, I can’t see his linked in profile anymore, but I think he merely blocked me (or everyone) rather than deleted it.

    The message I get is: “You and this LinkedIn user don’t know anyone in common. You can only view the profiles of users within your network. However, as you add connections, you may discover people you know in common.”

    I can see others in Pittburgh OAG. Maybe I should LinkedIn “friend” them? LOL. Maybe they can see him (if not on LinkedIn then at the office).

    This guy screwed himself and deserves what he gets. The fact that he’s trying to hide now is a pretty good indicator that he knows he’s been up to no good and he got caught red-handed.

    Of course, he’s forgetting that I tagged his IP address over a month ago. Gee, who in his chain of command might I have passed that info onto last month? 🙂

  9. HaHaHa-

    I thought it the linked-in page disappeared, but I’m using my phone browser from the gym and couldn’t be sure. Good thing I saved a snapshot of the page. 🙂


    What you are REALLY saying is that law enforcement can’t put two and two together to make the OBVIOUS connection or that his pals are vindictive (or both).

    Can you offer ANY plausible reason for why only ONE special agent with the OAG (and from Pittsburgh office) would visit my profile, and just “happen” to match the zip code of the IP address of the poster kanesdriver AND why BOTH of these online accounts suddenly packed up shop tonight?

    You know the reason, and you also have pointed out that attempts to cover your electronic trail not only don’t work, but generally increase the likelihood of guilt.

    If his fellow agents are of good character (unlike how you’ve assumed), they should chastise him for his foolishness and unprofessionalism as well as making them look bad by association.

  10. DD – A few days ago the shills were suggesting he was “undercover” and you were “getting him killed.” These CLOWNS will stop at nothing.

    SpongeBobShillBoy – can you explain why kanesdriver DISAPPEARED as soon as DD exposed him? Can you explain why Robert Marsilli’s LinkedIn page has been taken down?

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