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Kane Investigation Featured in New York Times


The saga of Kathleen Kane has gone national.

Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times published a piece today on the investigation of Attorney General Kathleen Kane, as well as her swift rise and fall in the political world of Pennsylvania.

Steinhauer questions the reasoning behind the investigation. Is Kane being targeted by bitter men who were angry with the exposing of their pornography habits? Or do Kane’s problems exemplify her inexperience and own temperament as a political new-comer?

Last month, a grand jury recommended that Kane be charged with perjury, false swearing, official oppression, and obstruction. These recommendations came after Kane was last year charged by a special prosecutor with violating secrecy rules by leaking information that concerned the finances of a Philadelphia civil rights leader. The civil rights leader was under investigation by her Republican predecessor.

Kane is sure the investigation is revenge against her stringent attacks during the child sex abuse scandal at Penn State University.

“This all started because of retaliation against me for doing my job,” said Kane. “There is no doubt they are angry with me.”

Kane advisors, supporters, and elected officials, regardless of the reason, believe Kane’s inexperience was a big factor. Despite their support for Kane, these officials realize the problems Kane poses for the Democratic Party. Kane was once even seen as a challenger to Republican Senator Pat Toomey in 2016 but she’s been forced to abandon that effort.

Alan Kessler, a contributor to Kane’s campaign who helped get her elected, said that he hoped Kane would be able to break up the “white male game.”

Kessler said, “There was some hope that a Democrat and woman was what the state needed,” Kessler said. “But sometimes when you don’t cultivate people you can find yourself alone.”

Kane was bolstered by the support of the Clintons after acting as an unknown assistant district attorney in Lackawanna County. Kane had previously volunteered for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for President while her husband was a big financial supporter.

Kane’s tenure has been marked by fights with her supposed political enemies.

Frank Fina, a prosecutor who led the Sandusky investigation, was one such opponent.

Kane has few supporters these days. Former Governor Ed Rendell, however, is prepared to defend Kane. Rendell says the grand jury investigation recommendation was leaked, making a mockery of the case against Kane.

“Would it probably have been better if she’d had some administrative experience before this job?,” Rendell rhetorically asked. “Yes. But so could have President Obama.”

Kane will not discuss specifics of the case, but she again insisted that she will not resign. Additionally, she believes she has plenty of supporters across the state.

“The people I care about most, the people of Pennsylvania, support me,” Kane said. “Everywhere I go…every person says the same thing,’We see this for what it is worth, it’s sickening, hang in there.’”

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, who has also found himself in a feud with the Attorney General, was surprisingly candid when asked if he would consider replacing Kane.

“If the governor called me, I’d have to think about it,” he stated.

8 Responses

  1. Didn’t the Democrat Senator Williams make her look bad and bring this issue further to light?

  2. Big Moola, you can’t be serious. I know that white men are the sworn enemies of liberals everywhere. But they didn’t force Kane to make repeated statements that were demonstrably false and had to be walked back by her staff. They didn’t force Kane to disclose secret grand jury materials. Face it. KK just isn’t very bright.

  3. Girard-Dicarlo got the treasurer out, and he is aiming for Kane as well. Between him and Freakie Frankie Fina, you have two hatchet men from way back. You don’t need to look anywhere else.

  4. Attorney General Kane is under attack by the same members of the Republican White Male Political Establishment that controlled that Office for 30 years. The same Men who created and worked in a environment that produced Pornographic and Questionable e-mails on the State Equipment on State time. The same group that even at the highest levels did nothing to stop the practice. What better way to regain control of the Office than to attack and tear down a Democratic Women who put the end to the “Old Boys Club” reign and environment.
    I applaud Attorney General Kane for standing strong during this character assassination and continuing to represent and protect the citizens of Pennsylvania. This only solidifies the very reasons why record numbers of Pennsylvanians chose her over the Politically connected candidates in both the Primary and General elections in 2012.
    I believe in the end she will prevail over this Politically motivated turbulence and Win re-election and go on be one the best Attorney General’s the Citizens of Pennsylvania ever elected.

  5. So perhaps instead of trying to crush rivals or burnish her reputation, she ought to simply go about doing her job as “a prosecutor, not a politician”? What a brilliant idea! Prosecute the guilty whose conduct does actual damage!

  6. She is saying what she should be saying. But she can’t really believe it. When even Democrats are questioning her inexperience, she has to know that they’re right. She lashed out at political rivals and it turned out that they were smarter than Kane is.

  7. “a state where corruption in politics is as common as the housefly”….Pennsylvania proud.

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