Kane: “I’ve Done Nothing Wrong” (VIDEO)

Attorney General Kathleen Kane sat down with 6abc’s Nydia Han yesterday and discussed her ongoing legal battle.

Kane once again asserted that she won’t resign.

“Why not step down and let someone unencumbered by those things take over and really focus on this job at hand?” Han asked.

“We do focus on the job at hand,” Kane responded. “We’ve had a record number of monies that are returned to the Commonwealth. Our child predator unit has an 800 percent increase in arrests of child predators in Pennsylvania. We’re in it to actually get the job done, we’re getting it done and the reason I don’t resign is because I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Han then tried a different tactic.

“I know that you’ve said that legally you did nothing wrong. Looking back, do you think perhaps ethically there was something-”

“No, no I don’t,” Kane interjected. “My friends and everyone who know me know that I don’t even jaywalk.”

Finally, the AG was asked if she could’ve handled her situation better.

“You’ve talked about the impact this has had on you personally and on your two teenage sons – if you could have a do-over, what, if anything, would you do differently?”

“That’s hard to say,” Kane stated. “There are certain things that of course you don’t know until you get there.”

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  1. You too, LD.

    But there are no “known facts” regarding a federal investigation into Kane. The article you site quotes “unnamed sources.” It was written by Craig & Angela. And we all know who their “sources” are. They are liars.

    On the other hand – we do know for certain that the FBI has a criminal investigation with Seth Williams in the cross-hairs. Williams admitted it and, comically, blamed AG Kane. Apparently – it was her fault he used campaign $$$ for personal expenses and hired girls he was fucking and paid them with taxpayer money.

    Seth Williams is now toast. He’s done. His career in politics (and probably the law) is over. He is a friendless, party-less creep. Not loyal. Not smart. Not hard-working. The curtain will soon be totally pulled back on his pathetic act.

  2. HAHAHA. Just wanted to clear the record with the known facts and not peculation that’s all HA you have a good day!

  3. HAHAHA. Perhaps I stated it incorrectly the it is my belief that FBI is investigatiing Josh Morrow WHP apparently was told several things by AG Kane. AG Kane testified before the Grand Jury that she did not tell Morrow these things. Apparently, this information has been corrabarated by other witnesses. Hence, a charge of lying to the Grand Jury.
    I hope that has made it easier to understand.

  4. THE FBI has apparently been investigating Kane. How all of this plays out, remains to be seen:

    PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — “The Philadelphia Inquirer reports the FBI is investigating embattled Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The newspaper reports agents have conducted interviews in recent months about several issues with three different people.

    “Agents wanted to know more about Kane’s role in negotiating a contract with the union that represents narcotics agents in her office. The FBI is also interested in how Kane paid for a trip to Haiti she took last year with several aides from her staff.

    “A spokesman for the FBI in Philadelphia declined to comment Wednesday, according to the report in the Philadelphia Inquirer.”

    “Chuck Ardo, Kane’s spokesman, said the office was unaware of a federal inquiry.

    “Kane is embroiled in controversy, standing accused of leaking secret grand jury information in order to embarrass political enemies, and then orchestrating a cover-up.”

  5. Ummm – that’s what I said, LD.

    YOU implied that the Feds were investigating Kane. They are not. They were/are investigating McCord. And they are currently investigating Seth Williams.

    Are you seriously calling Josh Morrow AG Kane’s “Chief of Staff.” Come on … GET A CLUE.

  6. HAHAHA. Here is the back part of the news article. It affects her because she denied knowing anything about the leak and her Chief of Staff is recorded recounting what Kane wanted him to do. So it does affect her and the charges.

    The FBI recorded the conversation between Kane’s consultant, Josh Morrow, and an unidentified person during its 2014 extortion investigation of state Treasurer Rob McCord, a source told the newspaper.
    The FBI later provided the recording to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, which has charged Kane with lying about her role in passing along the grand jury documents that were discussed in the call, the source said. The grand jury documents involved were supposed to be kept private. Instead, prosecutors say, they were used by Kane to discredit a rival. County prosecutors gave the recording to Kane’s legal defense team Feb. 5 in preparation for her trial this summer, the source said.
    Ten days later, Kane announced that for her children’s sake, she would not seek re-election.

  7. Aaron – your Q has been answered!!

    Hope Seth Williams is paying attention. Does he think we forget that he still employs the other racist woman-haters involved in this scandal??

    One of them was just called out by the Superior Court for his conduct in the Penn State case. They found that Frank Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.”

    Fina sent e-mails suggesting that females in the workplace need to perform oral sex on their male bosses to advance their careers.

    And yet – Seth Williams continues to pay Frank Fina from taxpayer money.

  8. Oh – and if you want to read the initial reports about the FBI’s criminal investigation into Seth Williams, just Google it. There are articles about it – including one here on PoliticsPA. You might remember that Mike Barley, the career Republican and Corbett henchman now working for Seth Williams tried to blame Seth’s federal crimes on AG Kane. It was comical. And complete horses hit. AG Kane did not force Seth Williams to use campaign money on personal expenses (like gym memberships). Kane had nothing to do with Seth Williams hiring and promoting women he had slept with and [paying them using taxpayer money.

    The G-Men will be coming for Seth Williams. He still lives with his Mommy too.

  9. LD – According to news reports, the Feds turned over to MontCo DA’s Office a recording that had Josh Morrow’s voice on it. The recording was made during an investigation unrelated to Kane. The MontCo DA’s Office turned it over to Kane’s attorneys.

    Let me know if you need other facts. Here’s a good one: the following was sent by Frank Fina to a group of white male buddies using his State computer. It was e-mails like this that led Fina & The Corbett Pervs to start their smear campaign against AG Kane. It continues to this day.


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