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Kane Launches First Television Ad (Video)

Former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane has launched her first television ad in support of her campaign for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

The spot, a thirty-second introductory ad that emphasizes Kane’s prosecutorial experience, is expected to air in most of the Commonwealth’s major media markets.

The ad’s voiceover begins by noting that Kane is the first woman in Pennsylvania history to run for Attorney General, then pivots to offer a brief summation the candidate’s experience mopping floors to pay for law school, prosecuting thousands of cases, and working to protect senior citizens.  The spot closes with mention of President Bill Clinton’s endorsement before circling back to reinforce Kane as “the Democrat with the most experience – 3,000 cases.”

“I am excited to announce that our campaign’s first television commercial is currently airing across Pennsylvania!”  Kane wrote in an email introducing the spot.  “With just under four weeks remaining until the primary election, I am thrilled by the support I have received from Pennsylvanians like you, smart citizens who demand that the state’s next Attorney General be a career prosecutor, not a career politician.”

Both Kane and her rival for the Democratic nod, former Congressman Patrick Murphy, have now dipped into their respective campaign war chests for media buys.  Murphy’s camp went up on air in the Pittsburgh market earlier this week with its own thirty-second introductory spot focusing on his experience as the son of a Philadelphia police officer and as a JAG attorney with the 82nd Airborne Division.


19 Responses

  1. She comes off as a bored housewife and the Clinton endorsement is so bogus. If she was so good, why didn’t he find a place in his administration for her?

  2. Kane can’t buy my love with all this self-funded airtime. But maybe she bought Corbett’s back in the day when he was running for AG and she made those contributions. Trojan horse?

  3. Wikipedia gives us some background on Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad and it seems he is back in Yemen. He does appear to be a bad guy.

    The Sheikh is popular in home of Yemen

    Here is report of trial in New York and there is no mention of Patrick Murphy’s contribution to the conviction The prosecutor is named as Robyn Mauskopf

    Here is a reference to Patrick Murphy’s involvement. He was awarded a Bronze Star!

  4. TNardi-

    See Direwolf71s post above mine where he contends “Murphy will run 4-6 behind Obama.”.

    Thats what I responded to. I think both ads are good. Southeastern democrats typically do not fare well in the southwest, which is no secret. So with Obama on the ticket… and a SE dem running, it’s hard for me to see how Murphy outpolls Obama there? He may only because the margin is so bad, but I doubt it.

    An aside, Murphys refusal on several occasions to investigate Kuchera is precisely why he should not be attorney general. Where was the courage then?

  5. Retired National Guard JAG

    I asked a straightforward question because I did not know. It was not a challenge to Murphy’s record. I was asking what it was.

    There is no need for defensiveness. Facts will do.

    You did not, however, contest the fact that Patrick Murphy is deeply entwined with Pennsylvania Democratic Establishment Insider Network and that Kathleen Kane is independent of the party leadership.

    Independence is key trait for chief law enforcement officer of Pennsylvania. It appears there has been too much politicization and that is what happens when one party has control. There has never been a Democratic AG. With the conflicted and compromised Dave Freed as the Republican candidate, this may be a year for change and Kathleen Kane seems, to this voter, to be the independent choice.

  6. @Steelblitz:

    Where do you see those poll numbers that show Murphy behind Obama? I know for a fact that Murphy out-performed Obama (votes, not polls) in Bucks by about 4-5% in 2008.

    Also, I don’t understand why there are random soundbites from Kane interspersed with the narration in this ad. Either she should be narrating all of it, or none of it. Or at *least* keep the narration separate rather than jumping about and forth.

  7. Kane would be the better general election candidate. Patrick made a mistake running for this office. He was crushed after getting beaten by Fitzpatrick by 10 points and then he made this rash judgment to run for AG. He should have run for Aud General instead.
    If Kane wins the primary then she gives us a 50/50 shot to win this in November. If it’s Patrick, then we probably lose 52/48.

  8. If Murphy polls 4-6 points behind Obama… and Obama is going to get beat badly in the western part of the state (which he prob will) then that means Murphy will get beat badly there as well. I’d go with Kane.

    It’s interesting aside from this or any race, that sometimes the best general candidate can’t make it past the primary. It’s a perplexing dilemma.

  9. The GOP is running a DA, why would people vote for an assistant DA? Murphy is an out of the box candidate and will do better than Kane. But the lack of experience may hurt him in the general, and while I agree it does not really matter, most voters do not know that. My prediction is Kane will run 10 points behind Obama, Murphy will run 4-6 points behind Obama. In 2008 the Dem AG candidate ran 8 points behind. I think Obama wins PA, but by 5% tops.(especially if gas continues to go up, which again even though I support drilling, I don’t think Obama has anything to do with gas prices, but most voters think he does.) and if the Dem who is running as an I gets on the ballot, he will get .01 percent which could be the margin. The GOP should have gotten the Montco DA to run, She would have wiped the floor against either one.

  10. Bob,

    Patrick Murphy was the leader of a BOLT (Brigade Operational Law Team) in Baghdad. The BOLT team leader is the top legal officer in the area. As it happens, his BOLT team covered a district of 1.3 million people; so in essence he was the top legal officer for 1.3 million Iraqis and American soldier.

    I also know for a fact that he was the lead prosecutor in the trial of Sheikh Muhammed al-Moyad, one of the most notorious terrorists in Iraq. He prosecuted other terrorists as well.

    So, I’m not rendering judgement in terms of who is the better candidate, and I am a Republican anyway – but I don’t like to see such an accomplished soldier’s service questioned.

  11. Kathleen Kane never said she tried 3000 cases, she said she prosecuted 3000.

    What managerial experience does Patrick Murphy have? We know he is a skilled politician.

    What did Patrick Murphy do as JAG officer, anyway?

  12. The Attorney General is a prosecutor. Prosecutorial experience is essential to analyze and manage cases.

    As the poster points out, this AG is political and Kathleen Kane is INDEPENDENT and Patrick Murphy is not. Patrick Murphy will politicize the AG in ways that an independent, like Kathleen Kane, won’t.

  13. Kane is the only one who can challenge the experienced Freed. Murphy is a standard politico who would use the office to attack political enemies and halt the investigation into his own campaigns voter fraud.
    If the Democrats don’t nominate Kane, then they don’t want to win.

  14. I don’t think Murphy is “heavyweight prosecutor”, but this isn’t a race for District Attorney, it is for Attorney General. As TJ correctly pointed out, it is a managerial position that requires political skill. Murphy, with his background in the military and in Congress is perfectly suited for it.

    I don’t really understand what Kane is running for…

  15. It’s a managerial position so how many cases Kane has tried is irrelevant. The notion she actually went to trial over 3,000 times seems a bit embellished. She won’t be prosecuting any cases as Attorney General. Murphy has a track record of standing up for Pennsylvanian’s against radical Republicans, Kathleen Kane donates money to them. Murphy knows how to win a tough race. He has the organization and support of the party to do it. As forthe ad, I thought it was kind of cheesy.

  16. Is Patrick Murphy a heavyweight prosecutor?

    How many cases did Patrick Murphy try? How many did he try to verdict? What was his win loss ratio?

    How many bad guys did he put in jail?
    How much experience does he have in the kinds of cases that Attorney General investigates and prosecutes? Kathleen Kane seems to have that experience.

    AND Kathleen Kane is independent of Pennsylvania Democratic Establishment Insider hacks who are interested in jobs for their cronies.

    Kathleen Kane seems far more experienced and competent than Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane is not conflicted and compromised as Republican Dave Freed.

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