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Kane Now Says She’ll Run for Re-Election

Kane-Constitution CenterKathleen Kane isn’t ready to let go.

According to the Associated Press, the Attorney General’s political consultant Ken Smukler believes Kane will run for re-election this year.

“If the question is, does she want to run for re-election, the answer is yes,” Smukler stated. “If the question is, does she intend to run right now, I think it is her intention to run and seek re-election. But every day changes in Kathleen Kane’s world.”

He also asserted that just because Kane hasn’t raised any money, that doesn’t mean she’ll have difficulty running a campaign.

“What does fundraising get you? It gets you money to buy TV to get what? Name recognition. I don’t think Kathleen Kane has a problem on name ID right now,” Smukler said.

Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review reached out to Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo, who confirmed the AG now wants to seek re-election.

“She indicated to me she is running for re-election,” Ardo told Bumsted. “I will not be able to speak for her campaign.”

As Craig McCoy and Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer point out, however, Kane has previously stated that she didn’t believe she could run again because of her law license suspension.

“I believe you have to be a lawyer in good standing to be able to run,” she said last September.

Of course, there are other major problems, such as the likelihood that Kane is going to be removed from office and the fact that she is still facing criminal charges. Her office doesn’t seem to have addressed those questions.

So far Stephen Zappala, John Morganelli, Jack Stollsteimer and Dave Fawcett have already thrown their hats into the AG Democratic primary. Josh Shapiro is also widely expected to run.

At this moment, State Sen. John Rafferty is the only GOP candidate in the race.

84 Responses

  1. David,
    Just following Kane’s lead. If it’s good enough for her then why not for me? Plus everyone knows animal match NY porn is for Saturday’s. Sunday’s is reserved for plotting against Dbags like you on how I am going to wreck your new year.

  2. SpongeBob-

    That’s your response about caring about illegal means? “Why should I?”

    Wow. You are an even bigger hypocritical piece of sh*t than I thought.

    Kane’s been playing defense. The “selective release” to expose hypocrites (like you) is not the same as the selective prosecution being used against her.

    Kane should call you as a star witness to show how full of crap her opponents/detractors are.

    If you don’t care, stop posting and go back to watching your animal mating porn.

  3. David,
    Why should I? Kane doesn’t care about those things based on selective release of emails, hiding her sisters involvement, promoting of sexual harassers, and those involved in the email scandal. Maybe if she cared even in the slightest I would too. Since she doesn’t whe the hell should I?

  4. SpongeBob –

    Any means necessary? That’s the problem. You don’t care about the illegal means and the perversion of justice that’s been going on.

  5. So David…let’s play fair. How did Fina embarrass PA in a way that Kane has not? Kane received an email of a penis from OAG. Ellen forwarded far more racist, pronagraphic emails than Fina. Also, let’s be honest, kane released one but why would a prosecutor say there are 10 more? Whinis Kane protecting? Herself!?
    Fina out Sandusky in jail for life, Deweese, Perzel, Veon…should I go on? Who has Kane or Ellen put in jail? Well for Kane, maybe herself-haha!! Even Brad Bumsted admits Ellen’s emails were more offensive than Eakin’s but Ellen got promoted and Eakkn for suspended. Your hypocrisy and defense of Kathy make me think you are stupid. Actually, I know you are! Kane pretended to be a prosecutor, Eakin and Fina were/are prosecutors. Also, if Eakin offends you so very much, why aren’t you outraged that Kane keeps Baxter, his email buddy?!!

  6. David. I call BS. I have multiple times been critical of Fina and Eakin. Eakin should resign not because of the emails but for his attempts to influence the events around what the emails contained. And I think Fina is an egotistical ass who shouldn’t be able to watch Law and Order reruns than be employed as a lawyer. That’s no different than what I have said in the past. That being said Kane should be shown the door as soon as possible by any means necessary.

  7. SpongeBob-

    I thought my answer was quite clear. I’m willing to point out actual Dem failures (not your imagined ones). If there was a Republican whom I believed was innocent and being railroaded, I’d defend them too. An innocent republican is rarer than Big Foot, but it’s possible.

    But, see, you aren’t going after the GOP corruption here. Eakin and Fina seem to be getting a pass from you. You don’t care about the leaks from the Kane grand jury, nor the long history of politicization by the previous Montco DA.

  8. Oh that’s hurts so much. One second the moron felon HAHAHA says ignore me and the next is writing posts to me. So much stupidity so little time.

  9. Are you ready kids? “Aye Aye Castille”
    I can’t hear you! “AYE AYE CASTILLE”
    Who lives in a Frank Fina’s pants; under his balls?
    Cowardly and yellow and pimpled is he!
    If Repervlican nonsense be something you wish
    ” SpongeBobSquqreShill
    Then drop on the floor and flop like a CLOWN!


  10. David that was an answer maybe to someone’s question but not mine. How about a simple answer to my question?

  11. SpongeBob-

    The GOP legislature has embarrassed the State. Judge Eakin has embarrassed the state. Frank Fina and his buddy Seth Williams have embarrassed the state. The Montco DA has embarrassed the state. Rob McCord embarrassed the state. Mayor Pawlowski has been an embarrassment. Corbett was an embarrassment. (Note: Dems and Republicans in the list)

    Kane is a breath of fresh air compared to them.

  12. I won’t mind of Kathleen Kane runs for reelection and for she’s most likely going to lose the primary to one of her Democratic opponents into the primary. that’s also why is I am not supporting her for reelection campaign in 2016 but I have no plans of doing so just like in 2012 is I did supported Former Congressman Patrick Murphy is to be the next Attorney General back in 2012. and this year is I am supporting Republican State Senator John Rafferty is to be the next Republican Attorney General in the state of Pennsylvania in 2016.

  13. Has anyone heard anything about another grand jury investigation opened in response to the questionable car accident Kane was involved in the day she was to testify in front of the Grand Jury in Montgomery County. Kane’s driver (already charged in the Kane e-mail incident) was driving Kane when his cell phone slid on the floor. While looking for it he hit another car causing Kane to sustain a neck injury. Apparently, no record of the accident exists, pictures, hospital reports etc. I wonder if the driver has now flipped on Kane like Peiffer did.

  14. David,
    Your continued defense of an Attorney General who has embarrassed the Commonwealth is sad. I ask you this simple question. If she were a republican would you feel the same way? Would you make the same statements?

  15. DD – You are missing the point. There has been no grand jury set up to investigate the illegal leaks by Fina & The Corbett Pervs. The folks in MontCo did run the Kane investigation. They do know that there were leaks. They are just ignoring them. Ho hum. Just more corruption … … What’s new.

    And if anon is confused – Selective enforcement is a form of corruption. You can look it up …

    BTW – Still waiting for someone in the Press to ask Seth Williams about his new “Chief Integrity Officer” and “General Counsel” at the DA’s Office. She has virtually no DA/prosecutorial experience and zero general counsel experience. But she does stand to profit from Fina’s $$$ driven lawsuit vs. the Attorney General’s Office. And she is Tyron Ali’s lawyer’s wife.

    Remember that Fina, the prosecutor who gave the “unjust” plea deal to Ali has Robert Levant as an attorney. Guess who also represents Ali? You guessed it – Robert Levant.

  16. David – Is the is the part where we pretend that those three are not the same person? ROFL. It’s the same troll.


  17. SpongeBob-

    The prime suspect for people who wonder who leaked the story.

    Who is your guess as to the original leaker of the sting case (with all your supposed inside knowledge)?

    Of course there is no investigation of Fina by his pals, who are selectively focused on Kane. Duh! Haven’t you been paying attention?

    They don’t even investigate their own leaks (which only required a mirror).

    Ha3 is a liar-

    Of course you have to look to Montco for the Kane GJ leakers. Fina had plenty of friends there.

    You do make the point that the sting case leak was an investigation, not a grand jury. But, even the leaking of that was a violation under the rules that seem to be operating here. The GJ leak that Kane is accused of has to do with Fina’s handling of the investigation. If the sting leak wasn’t an issue, it wouldn’t be an anonymous source.


    I’m getting fed-up hearing about a Fed investigation of Kane. On WHAT charges/allegations? Some people toss around Haiti trip, without specifying what (if anything) the Feds are looking at.

    Make a SPECIFIC accusation if you have one.

    Are you kidding about the story? Once it was dropped, Fina wanted to tarnish Kane for dropping it. Fina had the most motivation to get his own case in the limelight. There wasn’t any more investigating occurring (with or without the leak, once the case had been dropped by Kane).

  18. The last thing Fina wanted was the Inquirer running that story. He probably knew that there were more greedy corrupt politicians ready to steal more of the taxpayers money.I am pretty sure that he wanted the investigation to continue.

  19. David.

    You need to look to Montco to find the leakers of that GJ. Fina may be all-powerful but how would he have ever gotten the stuff from Montco? That would have been a Montco insider. Or maybe Kane got it an leaked it to try and blunt the effect of her charges (if so, it didn’t work).

  20. BTW David.

    The Ali case was not a grand jury case until Seth Williams picked it up. He put it before a GJ. Though Fina attests that he was not the Inky source, it wasn’t a GJ leak BECAUSE it wasn’t a GJ case. Specific facts matter. You need proof for selective prosecution-not just she says. Is that why she hired Gansler? Spending 2 million of taxpayer money to try and provide a selective prosecution defense for her PERSONAL defense.

  21. Fina is the prime suspect? To what investigator? To what investigation. Please point me towards the published report of the active investigation. You make these accusations that are your opinion. So say so. Kane is in trouble because her own hand picked people have her up and soon it seems more than just the published Dave Peiffer will make a deal testify against her.

  22. Ha3 is a liar-

    He’s the prime suspect in the original leak of the dropping of the sting case that started this mess.

    Numerous posters here have posted that leaks from Fina (and others) were not uncommon before Kane got there, and no one bothered to investigate or prosecute them. (aka selective prosecution)

    Who’s going after the leakers of Kane’s grand jury?

  23. David
    Did you miss the detail that the notary was specially called in for Kane and her top staff members to sign the oath so they could finish being briefed on important GJ matters during her first or second day in office. They stopped a meeting, got oaths, had the notary brought in and then finished the meeting. How do you forget that? Her staff didn’t-they ratted her out to Steele.

  24. Also there were about a dozen documents in the first few days. Is that an overwhelming number?

  25. David,
    If you think the Attorney General regardless of whom it is can be in a position to forget that the signed a grand jury secrecy oath while in fact accusing others of violating such an oath means either you or the Attorney General who would make that claim is a moron. Which is it?

  26. @ d2:

    As expected, your ability to grade is “zero correct out of 6.”

    Exemplifying your penchant for invoking either tangential thoughts or truisms, I note that you claim “factors the DA cannot control” refer to “the election dates.”

    on #5, you comprehended that the long-overdue license suspension is providing the justified ammunition for the Senate’s proceedings. You are dreaming [fantasizing, as usual] if you think there is any prospect that the Supremes would “Remove the suspension” and thereby hope that “their rational [sic] disappears as well.”

    on #6, my classically legal reply is neither “an unusually stupid non-sequitur” nor is it appropriately viewed as “not a remedy.” The case has no possible relationship with “a wrongful termination suit, with compensation,” and there is “0” chance that “the court corrects the mistakes of its previous incarnation,” because [remember] it will want to minimize the filing of suits that challenge the ability of AG-Kane to prosecute.


    The Rationale {note spelling} for your misapprehension of basic-facts is all too obvious; you may wish to start composing your mea-culpa for your erroneous claims regarding this case, for you have polluted PoliticsPA with your wild claims to the detriment of those readers who prefer to base their opinions upon facts.

  27. SpongeBob-

    1) I’m referring to all the documents she signed once in office, and I’m sure there were lots of them, regardless of what paperwork she and her transition team did prior to her being sworn in.

    2) I NEVER claimed that she didn’t understand the document as you’ve asserted. My claim is that she either signed it without reading it or read it and signed it, but two years later did not have a specific recollection of the document’s existence, content nor signing it.

    3) If you are going to disagree with me, at least state my position correctly.

  28. rsklaroff-

    As expected, your grade is zero correct out of 6.

    As for “factors the DA cannot control”, that’s the election dates.

    on #5, you failed to comprehend that the premature license suspension is providing the ammunition for the Senate’s proceedings. Remove the suspension and their rational disappears as well.

    on #6, you just said an unusually stupid non-sequitur and is not a remedy. The case would be more of a wrongful termination suit, with compensation. But, this can be avoided if the court corrects the mistakes of its previous incarnation.

  29. @ d2:

    Intuitive replies:

    1) How long can the Montco DA string this out without setting a trial date, given the repercussions on the AG office?

    The judicial process is routinely protracted due to factors the DA cannot control.

    2) Should the NEW PA Supreme Court restore Kane’s license until/unless she is actually had a trial and been convicted?
    This would make the Senate actions moot, along with claims the AG’s office couldn’t function (despite it functioning fine with Kane’s license suspended).
    (Eakin’s behavior and suspension calls the his entire participation in the Kane suspension into question. Who knows what self-serving arguments he made to his colleagues in private?)


    3) Does the Senate have the authority to remove Kane because her license has been suspended (not revoked) pending the outcome of a trial that is never even being scheduled, let alone concluded?


    4) Does the Senate have “reasonable cause”, and if so, do they really have they authority to remove Kane?


    5) Given the “presumption of innocence”, why has Kane been punished (and being punished) without a trial?

    Because the Senate proceedings deal with the internal workings of the government agencies.

    6) (*** important ***) if Kane is actually removed, before a trial, then later acquitted, what is the remedy to her from the State and the Court?

    She can run for office later-on.

  30. David for the hundredth time there are not hundreds of documents put in front of her in the first few days. Most of her paperwork was completed during transition. Don’t believe me? RTK it and you will find out her transition team started 2 days after the election was complete. Her like the incoming AGs before her complete the bulk of their paperwork before taking office. Certain documents like this wiretap orders and such cannot be signed until she is sworn in. There is no way any competent attorney would not understand that document. Are you saying she is incompetent on this matter?

  31. Ha3 is a liar-

    A few flaws:

    1) Dougherty is not only Dem on new court
    2) he can recuse himself
    3) he wouldn’t want Zappala to be at risk of similar fate
    4) who says a Kane run hurts Zappala? Maybe Kane hurts Zappala opponents.

    I don’t believe Kane remembered signing that particular memo (among the hundreds of routine pieces of paper placed in front of her in her first week). So, it’s not even close to a lie.

    Did she bother to read it before she signed it? Don’t know. Don’t care.

  32. Did David Diano miss that Dougherty is supporting Zappala? No way Kevin will let her stay in office or be eligible to run (Kane doubted her own eligibility in September) by the PASC if he can help it.
    So how did Kevin Steele, a democrat, get Kane to lie under oath that she had never signed a secrecy oath..Oh right, fina made her lie under oath.
    Kane won’t answer questions in a press conference, let alone participate in a debate-remember all of it can be used against her in court. Meanwhile, Zappala, Morganelli and all the rest can just continuously offer the voters a stark choice of competence versus chaos and lunacy. “Kane’s world” is a very strange place.

  33. 5 white men vs Kane in the (open??) primary. She’ll need what? 20%? Somebody explain how she can’t get 20%.

  34. Here’s the problem with how Kane’s been treated:

    The (very political) Montco DA and (very political) Judge Carpenter ran a (kangaroo court) grand jury that let to an indictment on a bunch of piddly misdemeanors and a (trumped-up/bogus) perjury charge (for the sole purpose to create the label “felony”).

    Despite the rationalization that Kane’s alleged role in the leak required a grand jury (when no other AG’s been tried for any previous leaked)…. This grand jury could not have leaked anymore information if it been televised live with closed-captions (in case anybody missed anything said).

    Despite the late summer indictment, there has yet be a trial date set for Kane to clear/defend herself.

    Without a conviction, a trial nor a trial date, an under-populated PA Supreme Court suspended her license AND EXPLICITLY stated that it was not saying she was ineligible to hold office. (Sounds like she can still serve as AG.)

    We’ve since learned that at least one member of that court (republican Eakin) not only had a vested interest in the outcome, and failed to recuse himself, BUT previously covered up the close connection between himself and the “independent” investigator who had cleared his emails as “Okie-dokie”.

    Furthermore, this same judge (Eakin) sought to conspire with other judge(s) to appoint a board member to fill a vacancy on the board that would be reevaluating Eakin.

    This long delay in having a trial (not even setting a date), causes Kane’s suspension to continue, perpetuating a limbo state.

    The Republican controlled Senate (which is too partisan and dysfunctional to produce a responsible budget), is attempting to remove Kane over her suspended law license (absent of any trial or formal impeachment proceedings) in a questionable interpretation of a never-before-used, archaic, provision in the state constitution, that excludes elected officials of both higher and lower rank than AG (from a time when AG was not an elected office).

    Give the GOP’s dubious interpretation of the constitution (par for the course for the GOP and any state/US constitution), and the limbo state caused by the (typical partisan hackery of the previous) Montco DA, and the corruption within the PA Supreme Court by Eakin for the original vote to suspend Kane’s license …. whew.. I think the NEW PA Supreme Court should revisit this entire matter and rule on the following:

    1) How long can the Montco DA string this out without setting a trial date, given the repercussions on the AG office?

    (given that letting a mere indictment hang indefinitely holds up Kane’s law license and creates the constitutional crisis the Senate GOP is attempting to exploit)

    2) Should the NEW PA Supreme Court restore Kane’s license until/unless she is actually had a trial and been convicted?
    This would make the Senate actions moot, along with claims the AG’s office couldn’t function (despite it functioning fine with Kane’s license suspended).

    (Eakin’s behavior and suspension calls the his entire participation in the Kane suspension into question. Who knows what self-serving arguments he made to his colleagues in private?)

    3) Does the Senate have the authority to remove Kane because her license has been suspended (not revoked) pending the outcome of a trial that is never even being scheduled, let alone concluded?

    4) Does the Senate have “reasonable cause”, and if so, do they really have they authority to remove Kane?

    5) Given the “presumption of innocence”, why has Kane been punished (and being punished) without a trial?

    6) (*** important ***) if Kane is actually removed, before a trial, then later acquitted, what is the remedy to her from the State and the Court?

    Given the ease which DA’s are able to get grand jury indictments (rather than convictions), what’s to stop a DA from indicting the next AG for jaywalking and trying to make it into a perjury charge if they claim they thought the light was green, and a contrarian “witness” claims the light was red (under an immunity deal)?

    Given how the (selective prosecution, leaky, political, bogus) Montco grand jury got a mere indictment (the lowest legal standard), why should this be allowed to create an avalanche of dubious legal and political machinations, when despite the (oh horror of horrors) reactions to Kane’s charges, the Montco DA has allowed this to fester in limbo rather than expedite a trial. They’ve claimed to have such overwhelming evidence.. so start “whelming” or get off the pot.

    Where is Kane’s right to fair and speedy trial, while her name is tarnished, and her job threatened, under the sacred “presumption of innocence”?

    PA Supreme Court, please try and fix this mess created by your previous incarnation.

  35. A female perspective on this ongoing saga. I think she is ruining some of the gains women have made in the political arena. Guilty or not guilty it’s time for AG Kane to call it quits and certainly not make things worse by announcing she’ll run for reelection. time to call it quits Mrrs. Kane.

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