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Kane Ordered to Testify About Leak Allegation

KaneKathleen Kane will be back on the stand tomorrow.

According to Craig R. McCoy and Angela Couloumbis of the Inquirer, the Attorney General has been called by Judge John Cleland to explain allegations she made against Judge Barry Feudale.

Feudale accused Kane of leaking his emails to the press. In response, Kane sent out a press release which included Feudale’s messages to McCoy and Couloumbis, which she stated were on an OAG server.

“The seriousness of this reckless breach of sealed Supreme Court documents, orchestrated by the presiding judge of a state investigative grand jury, with attorneys and the very reporters who have covered some of the Sandusky, Computergate, and Bonusgate cases, cannot be overstated. The OAG is currently litigating post-conviction motions involving these cases,” Kane concluded her statement.

Judge Cleland then asked the Attorney General to produce evidence that there was a leak in the Sandusky case. When Kane responded that she couldn’t, Cleland called for to take questions from him and Sandusky’s lawyers in a private session.

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo says that the AG was not trying to allege that Feudale leaked information related to the Sandusky case, instead she was merely pointing out how egregious it was that someone of Feudale’s stature was leaking information.

Yet in September Ardo told Sandusky’s lawyer that information in that case may have been leaked.

“The attorney general herself is not convinced that the leaks did not emanate from the Office of Attorney General and will comply with any subpoena seeking information about email traffic between this office and the judge,” Ardo said then.

Hopefully Kane’s testimony can clear these issues up, although clarity has not been a hallmark of this saga.

32 Responses

  1. AG-Kane is desperately trying to undermine the Constitutional process that has been initiated; the first hearing will occur on Monday, and it’s possible [because is not cooperative, indeed, another potential complaint against her lawlessness] that it will be the last one…prior to removal forthwith [perhaps by King’s Bench, were she to try to appeal].

  2. rsklaroff-

    So, after you have cheered the tactic of putting her in a perjury trap to create more serious charges, you are concerned about a public outcry if she takes the 5th? Seriously?

    I guess if she had taken the 5th in the first place, you’d be trying to make a mountain of mole hill of the other bogus charges. Oh.. wait.. you still are.

    In your little world, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, because all you want to do is damn her and overturn an election.

  3. Under normal circumstances, the view of Gulag/d2 [“Kane should just show up for the judge’s questions and plead the 5th Amendment on everything. What are they gonna do, suspend her law license for exercising her rights?”] would be unnerving, for public outcry would be deafening.

    In this case, however, we are numb to it all…for it won’t matter; she’s toast.

  4. gulagPittsburgh-

    I agree with you about her taking the 5th.

    I recommend: “I invoke the 5th because you are a bunch of petty motherf*ckers trying to cover up your emails”.

    I think Kane should try to invoke whistleblower protections as well. Because, Kane really is doing a public service.

    She should skip the trial and hangout with Snowden and release ALL the emails.

  5. The OAG under Corbett was a sewage pit of unethical conduct, so Kane was actually an improvement. The only difference is that she’s being prosecuted and they are not….YET. When the grand juries finally emerge, there may be surprises, but taking wwwaaayyyy too long to go public.

    Kane should just show up for the judge’s questions and plead the 5th Amendment on everything. What are they gonna do, suspend her law license for exercising her rights?

    While the OAG has been badly damaged, the PA Supreme Court has been a clown car for decades. Remember Rolf Larsen and friends AND enemies? Orie Melvin? Now incoming Donohue. All from Allegheny County. Nothing different here now or future. Philly had Castille and McCaffery. Nothing different there. Two judicial cesspools providing the stinkers.

  6. @ aaron:

    Your hyperlink to the Tribune contains a key-quote [“Kane released documents to the Philadelphia Daily News in March 2014 about a 2009 investigation headed by Fina into allegations of financial improprieties by former local NAACP president J. Whyatt Mondesire. “] that is followed by a narrative that wanders afield; it is possible that its author is not thrilled with the fact that a slew of black state-reps got nailed, noting that it’s published in a black-owned publication…explaining the selectivity of the narrative.

  7. Like most dogs, mine is unable to speak … or laugh … so “HaHaHa” is out of the question …. …

    Most would agree that, since Corbett polluted the place, the OAG has lacked honor and integrity. That would include Kane’s tenure.

    Most reasonable people would also agree that the next AG needs to make sure that he/she does not have racist, pervert, woman-hating creep pigs masquerading as prosecutors.

    I have said repeatedly that I hope Kane is held accountable if she illegally leaked protected material to get revenge on a political enemy. Jail time would be appropriate. But I have also said repeatedly that the Clown Car attacking Kane is unethical … maybe even corrupt … and that they were doing so to cover-up for their own misdeeds. Turns out I was correct.

    BTW – The Senate’s actions are not “court proceedings.” Try to get a clue.

  8. I wonder if Ha Ha picked his own name or that’s what is friends sorry friend call him. I count your dog as a friend. Your comments about Spongebob were just that HA HA. What SpongeBob states is that this whole fiasco will come to an end soon based on current and apparently new court proceedings etc. There will not be the necessity to post what you think are intellectual comment and what others view as absolute absurdity. My only fear about Kane and The Attorney Generals Office investigation is that HaHa will have to revert back to what he did before this scandal came to light. probably nothing. We can only hope that Kane’s successor can bring honor and integrity to the Office and that HaHa goes somewhere else to post.

  9. Dear Platinum / Busta Perv / HaHaHa / Pat Unger,

    It is Larry, not MTG, that you should have been falsely posting as every day for the last several months. Although neither was good enough at changing up writing styles to disguise his identity – out of sheer mercy for the other readers of this website – I’m calling this second grade battle of wits for Larry since he at least ID’ed the correct adversary.

  10. This whole thing has my head spinning. Probably because I am not too smart. After all, I just troll around looking for attention from men on the internet. Some people thinks that makes me gay. I’m not sure yet. Like Justice Eakin, I do like sexual images that have little boys in them.

    I have to go now. It’s time for me to pretend I am one of my IDOLS – Ha3 or Mr. Unger.

  11. Wake me when Eakin has resigned .. Or when a GJ gets empaneled to investigate leaks from Kane investigation …

    What did Seth Williams mean when he said that he is a “recovering misogynist?” Does anyone think that means that Fina & The Corbett Pervs sent their bestiality videos to Seth too? I hope not …

  12. HaHaHa, as a defendant? None. But as a lawyer, Corbett argued a number of cases in the appellate courts.

  13. Who would have thought that Kane would spend more time in the courtroom after her law license was suspended than before?

  14. Oh look … SpongeBob ShillBoy is here to again tell us “the end is near” … “her days are numbered” … LOL … like they have done for a year …

    Shills — it is getting old. You need better material.

    The OAG’s credibility was destroyed by Corbett, Fina and The Pervs. Their brand of “investigation” reeks. Just ask Aaron Fisher (one of Sandusky’s victims). They let that monster attack and rape children for 32 months while they swapped racist material and bestiality videos.

    The only difference b/w Kane and all the others that were pursued by Fina & The Corbett Pervs is that she stood up to them. She refused to “take the deal” and go away. My guess is that we will see this in the steaming pile of dung (sting) case too, The ones that go to trial will expose this crew for what they are — insecure little men with badges … guys who send this to their white male pals:

  15. David – You know the answers.

    IMO – Kevin Steele will lose all credibility if he keeps running plays from the Repervlican Handbook. Enough is enough. If you are going to investigate/prosecute Kane for ONE alleged leak, you have to investigate/prosecute the people responsible for the MANY leaks.

    Fina & The Corbett Pervs are deathly afraid of that happening, though. Because they have made careers out of LEAKING protected material. It is how they did business for many years under One-Term-Tommy.

    As Ha3 said below – Feudale is a criminal. If he is not prosecuted for his crime, then why is Kane being prosecuted for allegedly doing the same thing.

    Reasonable people know why. Has Eakin resigned yet?

  16. Has anyone been called in to testify about the leaks of the case against Kane?

    Why isn’t anyone calling in Feudale about his email conspiring to leak to the press?

  17. Kane’s days are numbered. The other shoe is about to drop and the post Kane era can begin. What’s sad is on her way down she has destroyed any credibility the Office had and more importantly will have caused damage that will take years to correct. The citizens of the Commonwealth will suffer as competent resource to work in the office will be hard to find for a while.

  18. Peggy, thanks for your support. Did you like how I protected Uncle Vince from prosecution? Fumo is a Democratic king-maker, so you have to keep him happy. May our Lord and Father Joe Paterno bestow many blessings upon you and your family.

  19. Peggy – That is just silly. No one should “back” Kane if she broke the law to get even with a political enemy.

    At the same time, we should expect that the racism and sexism be exposed and dealt with. And, if there was corruption, that needs to be weeded out.

    I agree that special counsel should be appointed to make sure that the system is not protecting it’s own. It is the only way that we will get to the truth.

  20. in what judicial universe is it permissible for a judge supervising a grand jury to have ex parte communications with both news reporters and prosecutors? if Feudale did either of these things he should be disbarred and dis- benched. does the taxpayer-paid JIRB have the courage to investigate this – or will the investigation be handed off to some politically connected law firm , paid outrageous rates to do a white wash and allow a Mccaffery resignation with pension ?

    a criminal prosecution would be more appropriate. judges are supposed to know the law, not seek to get around it for their own political benefit. how sad.

  21. Glad to see that Kane is not willing let the Sandusky conviction go down the drain. Expose Frank Fina on some other case. We all know he is a bad egg. But those rape victims should not have to testify again.

    Fina and Corbett put them through enough. Read Aaron Fisher’s (one of Sandusny’s victims) book. They should not have to re-live that nightmare.

    Not suggesting that she lie. But, if she can protect that conviction, she should. In the end, though – any re-trial based on Fina’s misdeeds will have to fall on Fina (where they belong).

    I would not expect that Fina used his State computer to leak stuff. He is smarter than that … even if he is a racist, woman-hating pig.

  22. Creeps like Fina and Feudale use grand juries improperly. They use their “secrecy” provisions to hide their own mis-deeds.

    For instance – it has been reported that Fina used the FOIA to get all his vile, racist e-mails. He then turned around and entered them into evidence in a Grand Jury in an attempt to make sure that the people who pay him – the taxpayers – never see them. He is a corrupt sneak … exactly the kind of person you don’t want as a prosecutor.

    The e-mails Feudale sent to Craig & Angela at the INKY speak for themselves. They are evidence that he committed a crime. He is a criminal. Any excuse for him leaking protected material to the Pressis just that – an excuse (just like Kane’s hollow excuses). He is a criminal scurrying to sway public opinion.

    There should be a Special Prosecutor appointed immediately. And – this time – it should’t be a friend of anyone in the Clown Car that this mess has become. Let’s get to the bottom of this. Let’s CLEAN HOUSE.

    Start with the people who thought this was funny:

    Hey Frank – how friggin’ racist are you?

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