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Kane Plays Down Guv 2014 Buzz

Kane speech Corbett
Kane is sworn in as AG; Corbett looks on. Jan. 2013

As the field continues to take shape for the Democratic primary to challenge Gov. Tom Corbett next year, some insiders have speculated Pa. Attorney General Kathleen Kane, still in her first term, might mount a challenge herself.

On Monday, however, Kane told reporters in Pittsburgh that she is happy in her current job.

“I love my job as attorney general. I think it’s the right time and the right place for me right now to represent the people of Pennsylvania,” the AG said in remarks to reporters according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

She was attending the annual conference of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

While a move towards a campaign for governor would very likely make her a top-tier candidate, Kane may also be considering her options down the road–including a potential challenge to Sen. Pat Toomey in 2016, or even a gubernatorial run in 2018 should Corbett be re-elected.

Denying interest at this stage of the game, however, does not necessarily mean she won’t run.

Kane has maintained a high profile in recent months, especially as she makes clear her differences from Gov. Corbett on issues such as same-sex marriage and the Penn State scandal.

That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s considering a campaign, but it certainly does indicate things will remain interesting in the lead-up to next year’s gubernatorial election.

5 Responses

  1. Didn’t she put the kibosh (at least so far) on that lottery privatization deal?

    According to
    “The bid from the United Kingdom-based private lottery operator interested in taking over management of the Pennsylvania Lottery has been extended until Aug. 30.”

    This is the NINTH extension on the bid that Corbett’s has had to ask for.

    Corbett tried to make an end-run around the Legislature and push through a bad deal for PA. I hope that Kane is looking into who’s getting the the big payoff from this (because it’s not the people of Pennsylvania).

    Follow the money!

    As for Kane for Senate, I have NO IDEA if she has the slightest interest in that office. The issue there is that the Dems who care about the party and its principles are afraid of getting stuck with Sestak again as the candidate. Also, why should they invest in a one-term Senator who will never face the voters again? In a presidential year, the turnout will be so high that any decent candidate can beat Toomey.

    Sestak is as popular with the people who do the real work in the party as a case of herpes.

    Let’s put it this way, if Kane ran for Senate, Joe’s campaign would be called “The Sestak Mutiny”. 🙂

  2. Not trying to be sarcastic, but other than her hardline stance on DOMA, exactly what has Kathleen Kane done to become such a political star in her own party? Not suggesting that she’s unqualified to throw her name in the hat for U.S. Senate, but I get the sense that she’s being held in higher regard than other known commodities on the Democratic side. Two years ago nobody knew who she was…now she’s a lead contender to unseat on Pat Toomey? What makes her so much more formidable than somebody like Eugene DePasquale, another recently elected state-level row office holder? Is it charisma? DOMA? Genuinely interested to hear some opinions.

  3. KingOfSpades-

    She’s doing a great job. You just don’t recognize what an AG’s supposed to do after the way Corbett spend his time on political witch hunts while Sandusky was raping young boys.

  4. Translation:
    Plenty of other Dems to kick Corbett out of Harrisburg, if I don’t put him in jail first. 🙂

    Also, the Politics PA poll indicates she’d fare well in 2016 to take on Sestak to take out Toomey.

    Senator Kane. Hmm…. sounds good.

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