Kane Pledges to Release All of Eakin’s Emails

Kane-ConferenceIn case you’ve been stuck on Mars with Matt Damon and haven’t heard the news, Kathleen Kane is in quite a bit of legal trouble.

Whenever the AG has found herself facing a judge, though, she always has an ace in the hole to fall back on; the thousands of inappropriate and illicit emails shared by hundreds of government employees.

She’s already used them to humiliate her enemy Frank Fina and his associates.

Now, on the heels of the Judicial Conduct Board suspending her law license, Kane is going after Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

Yesterday Kane pledged to release over 1,000 emails that Justice Eakin received and forwarded to the public. That release could come as early as today.

The same Judicial Conduct Board investigated Eakin over the emails when former Justice McCaffery threatened his colleague with them.

Meanwhile, the suspension of Kane’s license has officially gone into effect.

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53 thoughts on “Kane Pledges to Release All of Eakin’s Emails”

  1. Pat Unger says:

    That’s real aaron … and he IS stupid.

  2. Multi Tasker General says:

    Fake aaron, are you being willfully obtuse? The constitution requires notice and a hearing. Did you think it would begin and end in a day? You’re an idiot.

  3. aaron says:

    a committee to “explore” … oh, great …. this isn’t them doing anything … sigh

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