Kane Releases Sister’s Emails

kane-sad2Kathleen Kane’s defense has always been that she is a victim of the “old-boys network” in Harrisburg.

What she neglected to tell us, however, was that her sister was apparently part of that network.

This revelation was aired in the courtroom yesterday during the trial of State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop (Bishop would go on to plead no contest). It was also revealed that Kane herself was the recipient of some of those messages.

As Mary Wilson of WITF details, Ellen Granahan’s emails made jokes about domestic violence, illegal immigrants, and people with eating disorders.

The earliest message Granahan sent her twin sister came in 2009, three years before Kane was elected Attorney General.

Given this new information, it begs the question of why the Attorney General didn’t do anything about these emails until she found herself in legal trouble for leaking grand jury information.

Of course, no one is able to ask Kane since she isn’t taking questions, not even at her press conferences.

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  1. It’s still CleanUp Time! Let’s replace a prosecutor with a persecutor…of his mob family enemies.Pittsburgh and Chi-town are connected at the wallet so the little sister city has learned that indictments are just business, not personal.

  2. So Seth Williams must still be celebrating his amazing victory the other day! First a black lawmaker had to apologize for playing the race card against Fina. Then Williams balled on Kane by showing her involvement in porn emails.

  3. LOL … the mental patient “never liked” Kane — a female Democrat in elected office. Shocker!!!

  4. @ bobguzzardi:

    In response to your query [“Can we all agree that high ranking public officials have embarrassed us all, including Supreme Court Justices starting with Jane Orie Melvin?], I ask that you speak for yourself; I never liked AG-Kane – as did many others, including yourself, for myriad reasons – and thus I do not share culpability for her misconduct.

  5. Agreed, Bob. And Kane leads the charge. Of more concern to me than the embarrassing politicians, though, are the corrupt prosecutors and Judges/Justices. They seem to think the rules don’t apply to them. Just look at Eakin. Even when the heat was on, he was corruptly trying to stack the deck to protect himself. He has no shame. And any prosecutor who thinks the following is so funny that he just has to send it to his buddies (all white males) is a racist:


  6. Can we all agree that high ranking public officials have embarrassed us all, including Supreme Court Justices starting with Jane Orie Melvin. I do not think any other state is as embarrassing, publicly and obviously as feckless, to understate the debacle.

  7. wing — Kane’s sister was there when Kane arrived. If her sister is a racist women-hating creep like Fina, then she should not be a prosecutor. If her sister talked to female witnesses like Fina spoke to the two women below, then she should be fired tomorrow:

    1) Sheilah Novasky met Frank Fina for the first time while she was waiting to testify before a grand jury in the state’s case against DeWeese. She said she sat in a small room with seven men – including Fina.

    Fina repeatedly asked bout two things: How many women on DeWeese’s staff were sleeping with Manzo? And did she know about Frameli’s “breast enhancements”?
    Novasky then went before the grand jury. Fina asked her nothing about breasts or Manzo’s sexual relationships.

    “I think it was for their own amusement,” Novasky said. “There is a line between intimidation and interrogation and they crossed the lines whenever they concentrated on the sexual antics, which had nothing to do with [the case] …”

    2) Melissa Frameli remembers: “Fina was saying that we were exchanging political emails on state time and that it was illegal … It’s pretty sick that they were doing the same thing that they were screaming at us for – and our emails were related to political work, they weren’t degrading toward women or towards men, they weren’t pornographic in nature.”

    She recalled that Fina was fixated on her personal relationship with DeWeese’s chief of staff, Michael Manzo, and whether she had spent her bonus money on a “boob job.” He accused her of “whoring around,” unleashing a string of profanity and “F-bombs,” she said. …

    “He was completely putting me down and saying I was going to get in trouble for sleeping with my boss. Screaming at me, and saying that I used my bonus to get a boob job and that I was a disgrace, basically . . . I felt very degraded by him. I felt very degraded as a woman.”

  8. read the phila. inquirer story today– which says KK sister sent 54 variously – objectionable racy, sexist , racist and domestic – violence -mocking emails . KK discovered those but only the former deputy AGs Fina et al. were outed. all including KK sister were hired by Corbett. so why are only Corbett people getting disciplined by KK? the morass grows….

  9. You literally couldn’t make this sh$t up… not if you tried. Was her sister the “whistleblower” who brought the whole thing down? (I’m throwing a lifeline here).

  10. Observer you are not very observant under kane she would have gotten away with it because Kane said it was to racial so what was your point

  11. Are you people that stupid that you are still trying to make sence out of this hypocritically ag kane. Oh it’s bad for Fina but ok for my sister. What do you get paid to write your version of the story or should I say your rewrite of the story. Every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it. Boondog millionaire

  12. Observer – Gilson said something about getting “special permission” from the grand jury judge to release certain information.

    Was it you who commented a ways back about Fina prosecuting someone for paying their kid’s Penn State tuition on their State computer?

  13. Any of the magpies notice that the lawmaker in this story got a better deal than the other ones who pled out? DA offered a sweetener to keep Fina off the stand, without doubt.

    Also, Kane has just stated that she received ONE email, four years before she was elected. Is DA Gilson now going to be indicted for leaking Grand Jury materials? And have his law license suspended? That IS the legal precedent in this state, right?

  14. Wow – I respect you a little more now, troll-boy (shill-boy). At least you manned up and admitted it. That’s the first step.

  15. You are correct, Franklin. I am sorry for lying and trolling. I am just a lowly shill for Fina and his buddies.

  16. Kane and her sister are twins and genetically the same. So, from a DNA perspective, it’s like sending an email to yourself.

    Did Kane’s sister continue sending these kinds of emails after Kane took office? They mention the earliest, but when was the most recent?

    Kane’s sister was hired by the previous administration. I’d suggest they should have vetted her better, but these types of emails appear to be part of the culture of previous administration.s


    1) Looks like Fina made plenty of racist decisions.

    2) The emails discussed in the article don’t sound pornographic (and more like what comes across a Facebook feed)

    3) Fina still got out of testifying and explaining what he found funny about black men and chicken.

  17. It’s cleanup time! And no body cleans up better than the Zappala mafia. For the past twenty years they ran garbage trucks from new jersey to an Ohio landfill on the Pa. Turnpike. No tolls? I guess that’s why they kept their boys in control of the turnpike commission even under the republicants. They can really clean up when they police themselves.

  18. kraig, link to the prosecution of a woman paying tuition on her computer or it didn’t happen. Plain and simple: time to put up or shut up.

  19. Are we really pretending that the most corrupt GOP legislature in PA history isn’t strong-arming the AG, and attempting to paint someone who RECEIVED emails as being the SOURCE of said emails? There is a difference, you know. I call on AG Kane to simply release all of them, Wikileaks-style. Maybe some Dems could get hurt, but the voters of my state deserve to know what their legislature REALLY does with their time, as well as how entitled they are. This little distraction does not cast PAGOP as moral, trustworthy, or effective. It’s PA’s Benghazi-Benghazi-Benghazi, and it will meet with the same fate: comical, impotent failure.

  20. Exactly, Mr. Justice. Both Williams and Kane have sunk so low that they need these “loyal” cronies at their sides rather than competent, vetted attorneys. I have no doubt that Kane is a total mess. She seemed unqualified when she was running. Williams, on the other hand, should have known better.

    There have been reports that Fina filed charges against a female State worker for using her State computer to pay a tuition bill. if that is indeed the case, then his actions are far worse than the others. Paying a tuition bill is pretty innocent compared to the stuff he uses his State computer for.

  21. We all know the only Chief of Staff that can get hired without a background check is the AG’s own….Duecker.

  22. Let’s face it – Both sides here are DIRTY. It is now just a bloodbath that will probably only get worse. Is the FBI waiting for the citizens to totally lose faith before stepping in? I agree with Ha that the hiring of Fina’s attorneys wife is highly questionable in light of Fina’s lawsuit against Kane and the money they both stand to make if the lawsuit goes anywhere. I also want to know whether this person (the attorney’s wife) went through the normal channels for getting hired by a Government Agency. If not – my concern would grow. IMO – Kane has been a huge distraction. But Williams is now making it worse. There is no way he should have hired those people with all that baggage. Regardless of whether the sting was racial profiling or not, the deal with Ali who has the same attorney is a major red-flag – and its probably the reason that Williams keeps offering these sweetheart deals to the legislators.

  23. So to recap, (1) Fina made no racist decisions and Kane lied about that, (2) Kane tried but failed to hide her own involvement in porn emails and is now revealed as a fraud, and (3) HaHaHa/Pat Unger wants to talk about “Fina’s lawyer’s wife” because of the epic OWNAGE of yesterday.

  24. Mr. Field: Is Seth Williams taking questions (from anyone beyond Craig & Angela) ?? If so – can someone please ask Mr. Williams how Fina’s lawyer’s wife got hired as “Chief of Staff” and “General Coundel” despite having very little prosecutorial experience and zero general counsel experience. Thank you.

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