Kane Suffers Legal Setback

Kane-sadKathleen Kane suffered a loss in court today.

Montgomery County Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy rejected the Attorney General’s motion to dismiss the case against her.

Judge Demchick-Alloy stated that the defense failed to conform to proper procedure in their motion, so they have ten days to file another one.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General is currently facing twelve criminal charges. They include two counts of perjury and ten misdemeanors: three counts of official oppression, three counts of conspiracy, two counts of false swearing and two counts of obstruction.

Kane is not running for re-election and has insisted she will continue to serve until her term expires in January.

You can view a full timeline of the controversies surrounding Kathleen Kane here.

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  1. Carl Bedsole says:

    So nice of you to share your story. Keep it real.


  2. bungy says:

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  6. Observer #3 says:

    Dave D – they probably take away privileges at the county jail during certain hours and on certain days. He wants to post. But he can’t.

  7. David Diano says:

    Pat and Bungy-

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  8. Pat Unger says:

    Take it easy on the pathetic leaker troll (UnsanctionedPaSpongeResident). He is a little off-kilter because he knows that the real Brett Cott (yes – there is a real person by that name that was prosecuted by AG Office) may come after him. Mr. Cott has him by the balls if he wants him. After all – the leaker troll said all sorts of salacious thinks about Mr. Cott – who has paid his debt to society.

  9. bungy says:

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