Kane Supporter Gets Promotion, Raise

Kane-sadBecky Berkebile wrote a public defense of Attorney General Kathleen Kane. She is now Director of Drug Control Programs and the recipient of a $11,000+ raise.

Are these two events connected?

That is one of many questions raised by the latest report from Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review.

Last month, Berkebile sent out a public defense of the AG to newspapers throughout the state.

“Recent news coverage about staff turnover and other controversies involving the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office seem to suggest that the office is out of control. It is not,” Berkebile wrote. “As an employee of the office and an insider with no ax to grind, I can tell you that Attorney General Kathleen Kane is in firm command of those aspects of her office with which I am familiar.”

Now records show Berkebile is Director of Drug Control Programs, a new position, and received a raise from $42,000 to $53,300.

Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo told Bumsted Berkebile was promoted earlier this year, before writing the letter, and the new title and salary only recently kicked in.

It’s perfectly possible that this is the case but it raises questions about the well-worn controversy concerning Kathleen Kane and loyalty.

In the past few months, the Attorney General has: 1. fired James Barker, the former head of the appeals office, who also happened to testify against her 2. hired Jonathan Duecker to be here Chief of Staff, despite H.R. recommendations against the move 3. gave Duecker responsibilities previously held by Deputy Bruce Beemer, who also testified against her 4. fired George Moore, the H.R. representative who warned her not to hire Duecker.

Given all this, it is hard to give Kane the benefit of the doubt when it comes to choosing employees based on ability and not loyalty.

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  1. OK … I’m gonna hold you to it this time. Next week it is. Will get popcorn on Sunday night so it doesn’t get stale this time.

    If you are correct, AG Kane needs to exercise her SPEEDY trial rights so the truth can finally come out!!! Looking forward to it.

    But – what’s with her/her reps meeting with Ferman’s people (as recently reported)? That doesn’t often happen right before an arrest, does it?

  2. Haha. Ferman is allowing Double K to make to do her last dog and pony show this morning with the Mayor Reed charges.

    It’s coming next week. Book it.

  3. Friday. Friday. Friday.

    I gotta check the expiration date on this truffle butter.

  4. Monday. Monday. Monday.

    More than me person, too.

    Get some truffle butter for that popcorn.

  5. “Hey” bungy — My popcorn is ready!!

    If AG Kane is charged Monday (Monday Monday) – as you and Napoleon Shill type – when can we expect AG Kane’s trial will be?

  6. “Hey” BugsBunny – How could I know how/where Fina’s hard drive was collected?? I know what I read in the Press … and what fellas like you type here and other places. But – can I really trust what you type?

    For instance – if what you say is true, you could only know that if you are a shill for or one of the Corbett Pervs. That would make you less than trustworthy.

    If I understand your point though — you are saying that Fina & The Corbett Pervs could never be prosecuted due to a technicality? OK … Maybe you are right … But Philly.com and PennLive reported on the content of the e-mails and that Fina was a part of it. They also reported that Fina ran and got Court Orders to cover his arrrse. Good for him … but, the truth will eventually come out … maybe at Ag Kane’s trial!!!

  7. HEY Busta Perv (I must use Hey to identify myself right Busta) I love how you constantly talk about the repervlicans but yet it’s ok that Kane hooked up with her driver. It’s ironic that you want to key in on perv emails but her deadbeat sister (according to the recent news) was part of those exact email exchanges you talk about. Also why is it you ignore the previous times I mentioned that the methods used to collect those emails was technically flawed and neither you nor anyone prove that Fina or anybody actually viewed the contents of those emails or that they even were actually sent from those people accounts. I pointed out that they never collected the data from servers but from unsecured desktops meaning anyone could have affected the chain of custody of what was on those hard drives. Oh that’s right you ignore facts and dabble in fiction. It’s simple. You know why no one will ever be charged about the email exchanges? Because in a court of law they would get expert witnessed out the door. As a Kane shill you should know this by now….

  8. Right HARRY … because all women are EXACTLY THE SAME … Get a clue.

    Let’s see what happens Monday (Monday Monday). The Shills are here to announce that AG Kane will be charged on Monday. If that happens, it will be interesting to know how the Shills knew it ahead of time. Are Fina & The Corbett Pervs working directly with or communicating directly with DA Ferman?

    If so, has anyone at the Montgomery Co. D.A.’s Office asked any of them how Craig & Angela at the INKY received so much leaked material? I would think that Fina & The Corbett Pervs have Fifth Amendment issues ….

  9. I actually am starting to pity this girl. Think she needs help.
    Hope this is not a example of how Hillary will be//

  10. What is going down this afternoon??? Wait … this afternoon is already over … It’s evening already …. What went down, Napoleon Shill?

  11. Wow you’re a bright one buss perv HEY maybe you can use those detective skills as a security guard when your benefactor is out on her ass? Enjoy food stamps you soon to be unemployed crumb! NEXT

  12. It’s going down this afternoon.

    Stay tuned.

    Adios, JD.

  13. Sorry, Bugs Bunny … I have no idea what the OAG Policy says … or whether the employee had permission. How could I possibly agree with you?

    What was Frank Fina’s penalty for using his State computer to view and distribute bestiality porn? Sexual images of children? Videos depicting graphic violence against women? Has his law license been suspended for sending that depraved material to Judges he appeared in front of on criminal cases? How about the leaks?? Has there been a Grand Jury set up to investigate Fina & The Corbett Pervs illegally leaking secret material to Craig & Angela at the INKY?

    Take your time on the above questions. I am curious as to your answers.

    Oh – and when you get done with those questions – start thinking about how Fina allowed a witness to testify in the PSU grand jury without legal representation … jeopardizing the entire case against one of the defendants …

    Where there’s smoke, there is fire. Where fins goes, unethical behavior seems to follow.

  14. That’s ok Busta Perv, as you are clearly a shill as you accuse others of being have at it. I love when people have logic and reason thrown out the window come back at me with the same old stuff. Instead of just once saying you know what we can agree that when someone violates their signed secrecy oath that they should not be rewarded but punished. Your answer is to act like it never happened and just deflect with Fina Bad Pervs….

  15. LOL … Most shills are just cowardly hacks. But that one called me a name. I was soooooo upset. LMAO …

    As with all these other articles planted by Fina & The Corbett Pervs – not worth my time. It is obvious AG Kane has not done a good enough job weeding out all the Repervlican ayy-holes loyal to Fina/Corbett.

    Fire more of them!! That’s what I sat.

  16. Busta Perv….seriously….that’s your response. I am the only person who can say hey? Wow My favorite is applaud her for saying something nice. Which by the way I have no issue with. Honestly. If she is happy about the direction of the office I have no problem with peoples opinions BUT…She signs a secrecy oath when working at the office. She signed away her privilege of being able to say that to the media without approval. That’s not my rule, that’s the OAG’s rule. So put away the shill comments and all the rhetoric. You have to admit regardless of what she said she broke a written policy that she signed that said she would be suspended and could even be terminated for doing that.

  17. LMAO … another shill who can’t even come up with a screen-name that doesn’t expose him as a shill.

    Next …

  18. way to call them out for using all caps, sick burn, no coming back from that razor sharp retort

  19. “Hey Sponge Bob … I notice that you use “Hey” with all your other screen names. You may want to stop doing that if you don’t want people to know that you are a shill.

    It figures that this lady is now the focus of your attacks. How dare she speak up on behalf of AG Kane. Blasphemy, I say! Blasphemy !!!

    Back to the Clown Car with you …

  20. Hey Busta Perv, how about this woman that you refer to VIOLATING policy that defines not making statements to the media about the Office. She violated policy and was given a raise. Also ask the office what the average merit increase for an employee who is given an excellent review. In her salary range that would have been 3-4k at most (a 10% increase) She got a 27% increase. That’s unheard of under normal circumstances. She violated written policy. Since you seem to be so interested in blasting the Fina Pervs as you call them, can I assume you will call on AG Kane to suspend her which would be the appropriate HR response for such an egregious policy violation?

  21. Promotions and raises? Well let’s see. I probably deserve a 25% increase.

    Zero * 125% = Zero

    Raise achieved! 🙂

  22. Concerned – Is that really worthy of ALL CAPS?

    Napolean Complex Shill – Does Fina have a daughter? A wife? Does she know about the porn? The videos showing 100 year-old women engaged in intercourse? The female having “sex” with a snake?

    BTW – I have no opinion on “JD.” Unlike you shills, I do not know who he is. But I do know that allegations are just that – allegations. Until something is proven, allegations mean nothing. Anyone can make up allegations against anyone. Just look at the “allegations” made against AG Kane. Despite a grand-jury set up by Castille, they found zero evidence that AG Kane leaked anything. Oh …Yes … that is the same Ron Castille that has admitted he wants AG Kane’s job.

  23. LOL HOW DO I POLITICS NM UR A PERVERT – every single Kane supporter

  24. Blah, Blah, Blah, Fina, Republican Pervs, good old boys. That sums up the posts on any Kane story.

  25. It’s a completely made-up position. Contrived to reward a political hack.


  27. Are you married? Have a daughter? Would you trust JD alone in a room with them?

    I know I certainly would not.

  28. LOL … The article does;t mention whether she is an attorney … but the pathetic shills who work for Fina & The Corbett Pervs have inside information … and call us idiots … They seem mean.

    Of course – they are the same guys who used their State computers to view and distribute bestiality porn … So – what do we expect …

  29. She’s not an attorney, you dolt. She’s not even an Agent.

    You’re a pathetic troll.

  30. LOL … This woman is an attorney and she only makes $53,300??? AG Kane needs to give her another raise next year … especially if she is actually doing her job well … which no one who writes articles about AG Kane seem to care about.

    No one cares who “Nick Field” gives the “benefit of the doubt” to. AG Kane has the right to run her office how she sees fit. If voters don’t like it, they can vote her out in 2016.

    Firing Barker was supposed to lead to a Contempt hearing … but the Clown Car backed down … not wanting to give AG Kane the ability to defend her decision on open court. Until proven, the allegations against Duecker are just that – allegations. Any employee can make “allegations” at any time … against anyone.

    These articles are a joke.

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