Kane Uses Twin Sister to Distract Press Ahead of Hearing

kane happyAt this moment, Attorney General Kathleen Kane is in a Norristown courtroom for the first hearing concerning her indictment on eight counts earlier this month.

Thanks to a media blackout we won’t know what went in that courtroom until later this afternoon.

This morning, however, there was quite the scene.

For those that don’t know Kane has a twin sister, Ellen Granahan Goffer. She has worked in the AG’s office since before her sister was elected (although she was promoted in 2013).

When the Attorney General’s entourage exited the elevator in the courthouse hallway, Goffer emerged first several paces ahead only for Kane to follow along behind her lawyers and bodyguards.

The goal? It would seem to be to rob photographers of footage of the Attorney General to run on all the local newscasts and photos to use for all the statewide newspapers.

It was without a doubt a clever move, though one wonders if the time they spent thinking it up might have been better spent on developing their legal defense.

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34 thoughts on “Kane Uses Twin Sister to Distract Press Ahead of Hearing”

  1. David Diano says:


    Is it really fair game? Her sister goes to trial and she takes time off to support her? Also, the people on this site keep bringing up the sister and a trip to Haiti. Maybe she wanted to see if her name came up in court.

  2. eagleswing says:

    In the olden days of criminal law practice, it was thought to be a clever trick to get the prosecution witnesses to wrongly ID a third person as defendant . a certain defense attorney got the twin of the defendant to enter the courtroom and seat himself in defendant chair at defense table . when the prosecution witness ID’d the twin as the one who committed the crime, the defense attorney moved to dismiss all charges. but instead of this ploy working, the defense attorney was severely disciplined for unethical conduct. I find it very unlikely that there was any ulterior motive for Kane’s sister’s appearance at the preliminary hearing . Kane’s defense attorney is far too smart to risk getting disbarred for such antics.. But it is fair game to ask whether Ellen took paid time off from her AG job to appear .

  3. Real Observation says:

    It seems clear to the casual Observer that the fact that the media created the story about her sister walking in before her shows the media is anti-Cain. Then again maybe the media are just so incompetent that they didn’t know Cain had a twin. Literally the fact that her sister walked in the courtroom before her was covered like it was a story unto itself! The fact is, I hope my family supports me if I were in a similar situation.

    The media in Pennsylvania is failing the citizens by not showing any journalistic integrity. Just because Frankie leaked all the Bonusgate stories to you doesn’t mean he should get a pass now. Smarten up!

  4. Wally says:

    The old bait and switch routine.

  5. Jessica Myers says:

    West side trash.

  6. David Diano says:

    never mind, I just saw it.

  7. David Diano says:

    What other post?

    I don’t read every thread/story here, so you’ll have to forgive and indulge me

  8. David Diano says:

    BTW, on that blog, I was the main proponent of eliminating anonymous blogging and requiring full logins (which the site eventually adopted, and I was praised for my advocacy and foresight on the issue).

  9. SpongeBob says:

    Well, gee I did that on another post, Shall I teach you this whole interwebs thing?

  10. David Diano says:


    Not sure what point you think you are making? Are there any posters here that you think I’m posing as?

    Why do you keep claiming you are a well paid tech person, but can’t even identify the industry you work in nor size of your company?

    Do you even live in PA?

  11. SpongeBob says:

    Sure, Sure. I do think its interesting that memory was whisked from your brain…No worries…I will say as in politics often times when there is smoke there is usually a little fire.

  12. David Diano says:


    There were people on Spencer’s blog who tried claiming that, but didn’t know what they were talking about. I’d check the blog after being away for weeks, and find them accusing practically every first time poster of being me. It was pretty funny.

    One time their system posted a comment of mine under my brother’s gmail handle, after I had logged in to fix a setting on his account. But I posted a correction to identify the comment as my own as soon as I noticed it, and was careful to check my settings after that.

  13. SpongeBob says:

    Does the Delcotimes ring a bell?

  14. David Diano says:


    When have I ever been accused of posting under other indenties here or elsewhere?

  15. SpongeBob says:

    Also I wonder since David was accused of posting with other identities on sites other than this site in the past how many of the postings here are of his doing?

  16. SpongeBob says:

    OK, Whistleblower needs to write for a comedy show about David D being right 79% of the time. If we are grading on a massive curve even then the answer is no. I mean what is his claim to fame? He is a super commenter on Politics PA? Is he even a player outside of this site? I wonder when mom and dad will kick him out of their basement…..

  17. David Diano says:

    Pat Unger-

    And, they didn’t even wear matching dresses nor switch dresses half way through the hearing.

    I guess they just weren’t fans of Patty Duke show.

  18. Pat Unger says:

    Has anyone in the Press considered that her sister just wanted to walk in separately? From the photos, it appears the AG is not far behind ….

    The truth is: You CAN make this stuff up. The Press just did …

  19. David Diano says:



    My opponents hide behind multiple names, motives, and conflicts of interest.

    If they were willing to back up their claims, they’d post under their real names.

  20. Whistleblower says:

    Why anyone on this site would doubt David Diano is beyond me. He’s right about 79% of the time and often the voice of sanity in a messy bog of Corman snerts and Corbett rejects. Keep pounding on the keys DD!
    PS The General looked fabulous in red today.

  21. David Diano says:


    I guess you were out that day in law school (and haven’t watched enough Disney movies).

  22. what says:

    This was no clever move to divert press, Kane was only a few feet behind her sister. What a non-story

  23. HaHaHa says:

    So — I will take that as a “No” … There must still be no direct evidence that Kane illegally leaked confidential GJ material … after all this time …

    Is anyone there in MontCo? Is Kenneth Starr at the prosecution table? because the “focus on perjury” (rather than illegal leaks) is a page right out of the Starr playbook on Clinton. Epic fail, BTW ….

  24. Larry says:

    David, I underestimated you. That’s brilliant.

  25. David Diano says:

    Well, Clem Murray got his photographer gold star today.

    Maybe this is part of a strategy to take all the witnesses (who claim they had meetings with Kane) and ask them to point to the person they spoke to. Then, when they pick Kane’s sister… case dismissed.

  26. Larry says:

    HaHaHa, you are apparently unconvinced that everyone close to her in the office (i.e., Adrian King, Linda Hoffa, and now Dave Peiffer), not to mention Josh Morrow is testifying as to each link in the chain of her releasing the confidential materials. They have provided testimony that opposes Kane’s sworn testimony about her handling of those Mondesire documents. How you think she walks from this is beyond me.

  27. HaHaHa says:

    kanesdriver !! ……….. oh, kanesdriver ………. come out, come out, wherever you are ………

  28. HaHaHa says:

    Anyone know what is happening at the PH?

    Any bombshells? Anything that actually proves that AG Kane illegally leaked anything?

    Is Kenneth Starr sitting at the prosecution table?

  29. HaHaHa says:

    Oh no!! Not a substantial sum …. OMG …. Sued for a substantial sum???

    LMAO @ you shills.

  30. Angelo Giambriagno says:

    Isn’t politics in Pennsylvania and the entire USA for that matter FUN?
    The entire world of civilized countries must think that politics in the USA is no different from the shenanigans that go on in their country.

  31. Unknown says:

    Yes, Ellen Granahan Goffer – who is currently being sued for a substantial sum by a former romantic partner (an individual who also happens to be an FBI agent).

  32. HaHaHa says:

    Kanesdriver – did you change your screen-name AGAIN? LMAO … DD has your number, though ….

  33. Tom Corbett's Porn Server says:

    Did Ellen Granahan Goffer take leave from her job in the AG’s office for this stunt?

  34. Larry says:

    You just can’t make this stuff up. By the way, here is what is going on in that courtroom:


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