Kane Will Face Trial on Additional Charges

Kane-sadAttorney General Kathleen Kane will be facing even more criminal charges.

In a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar, three additional counts were added to the already existing charges Kane will face at trial.

These new developments involve a felony count of perjury and two misdemeanors, false swearing and obstruction.

They stem from Kane’s insistence during testimony that she had not signed an oath to never reveal grand jury information from any case since the current system was set up in 1980. Agents found the signed oath in her office last September.

Kane’s lawyer Gerald Shargel asserts that the AG simply doesn’t remember signing the document.

“Everything she did suggested that she forgot she signed it,” he said. “This was an honest mistake.”

“We are very, very optimistic about this,” Shargel concluded. “The fight goes on.”

In total, Kane now faces two felony counts of perjury as well as ten misdemeanors: three counts of official oppression, three counts of conspiracy, two counts of false swearing and two counts of obstruction.

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  1. Warrior, I couldn’t get past your first paragraph. Either you have no understanding of what a felony is, or else you need to be, abd probably will be, locked up soon. After that you go with the same “victimless crime” argument that amateur lawyer Diano embarrases himself with from time to time. You’re an idiot, so just stop.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot. Here’s a good on of Montgomery County’s First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele being a media darling as he savors the idea of prosecuting Kane in front of Republican Montgomery County President Judge – William J.Furber Jr. [aka;Furby]…,
    Steele stock will go sky high if he gets a conviction!
    You just can’t make this stuff up! Only in Pennsyltucky!

  3. Think about this one for a second. Practically everyone reading this has committed a variety of offenses in the last month including felonies that if made known to the authorities could have them indicted and arrested.
    If you had a fanatical prosecutor [a political underling really] assigned [ordered]to make your life a living hell and nightmare by bringing you up on as many charges as possibles while alleging all sorts of improprieties and illegal activities in order to seal the deal and gain a conviction, what would you do?

    In Victor Hugo’s Les Mis, Javert was the name of the police inspector who hounded Jean Valjean To the ends of the earth because he supposedly escaped justice.

    Now ask yourself this. Who has been hurt by Kanes’ revelations other than the partisans directly implicated in the blowback from the Sandusky scandal. You will find the answer,is, no one.

    Should the prosecution of Kane go forward it will be a miscarriage of justice by political operatives, enemies of the state, out for blood seeking bloody revenge because they were outed as corrupt crooked, low down, sniveling politicians whose very appearance in the hall of the legislature, the courts and the governors mansion disgraced the great state of Pennsylvania! They are nothing more than self serving, greedy hacks who use the system to enrich themselves. They are the ones who should be on trial and not Kane!

    If Kane is convicted, it will be incumbent upon the Governor to grant her a full and unconditional pardon as she was fulfilling her duties as she saw them and did so to the best of her abilities. It is too bad her, “take no prisoners” approach ticked the status quo off it’s axis but sometimes they need to be brought down to earth by gravity every now and then to keep them in line.

    She is no criminal. What is criminal is the political prosecution of an upright public servant attempting to do the job she was elected to do after years of corruption,mismanagement and political coverups in the attorney generals office emanating from the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal that took the revered and storied Penn State football program down and made their god, Joe Paterno his partner in crime and easy scapegoat.

    Any questions?

  4. David, well good for you keeping it real with the grassroots and all. My question is then why defend Kane tooth and nail. Isn’t she the type of Dem that you don’t yourself lobby for. Her husband helped bankroll her election. She was the least qualified of all the candidates in both parties that ran but big money rolled her into office. And once she got their her inexperience has made her ignorant. She is the very opposite of what you define as the strength of the party. Why come on here and defend her like you truly believe in what she is doing? I think its because you need to see your name on the screen to feel some value. You bellow about using your real name because you like the feeling that those in the party know you are defending them. Except how many people truly come here for info? This is a nice site and all but here you aren’t reaching anyone but the ultra hardcore voter or nutbags who need to have 10 identities to keep them from playing with their cats all day long. So good for you keeping it real… but when you are ready. When the time is right, come talk to those of us in the big leagues.

  5. Notice that the Witchhunt Directorship did not hold this hearing in any DJ office near the County Seat in Norristown? No, they venue-shopped it all the way out to Ridge Pike in Collegeville, to a hand-picked female ultra-Republican, just like they assigned it to a hand-picked female Ultra-Republican DA to investigate – Risa Vetri. Gotta grease the skids in every way possible! What I’d like to know is, how is PA only the 4th-most corrupt state in the country?? What more do we gotta do??

  6. Pat Unger — everyone knows you’re HaHaHa. And I know you are. It’s coming. Popcorn?

  7. DD – Notice below that the “real” @spongebob is complaining that a shill-boy impostor is using his screen-name (but with a capital “S”). You are in a conversation with a troll.

  8. Spongebob-

    Rendell? I wouldn’t have anything to do with him. He represents the kind of big money politics I oppose. If you’ve read my comments about him, why would you even think I’d associate with him?

    I haven’t seen Wolf since the primary, but he does know who I am (though by name, not sight).

    But, I’m not one of inner circle of sycophants that you seem to associate with “relevance”. I’m at the grass roots helping candidates that are below the notice (and abandoned) by people like Wolf and Rendell. Wolf/Rendell don’t care about winning local township or school board races, or St. Leg primaries. They are interested in the care and feeding of the big donors, and surrounded by people trying to move up the ladder (and stepping on people to do so).

    But, it’s the people at the local level that are the strength of the party (and weakened when ignored in the party strategy).

    So, I’m not too concerned about my Q-rating with a couple of millionaires flying at 20,000 ft.

  9. So let me get this straight. You know that people of importance read what you right and then knowing that write some of the things you do? Wow, you are really comfortable being viewed as moronic then. No David, I didn’t really go around asking people about you though I did hit up a few people to ask if they read the comments on this site. The answers I got were amazingly similar in that the assumption is that those on here comment all the time are likely people who have no friends and live in houses filled with cats as their “kids.” While that does not describe me it does seem fitting for some on here. But here’s what I know. Rendell don’t know ya. Wolf, Don’t know ya. And at 2 others chuckled when hearing your name. But hey man, good luck with that supreme court thing. Maybe they will rule in your favor when you want to marry your cats…..

  10. Spongebob-

    When I go to political events and introduce myself, I am frequently surprised by some “fan” response to my postings here and how many people know/aware of me. When I met the Dem Supreme Court candidates last winter, one of them knew who I was and said he reads my posts all the time. Which, if you think about it, it’s pretty cool that a supreme court judge reads my opinions.

    But, the irony of your statement, claiming people say “Who?”, is belied by the claim that you are asking about me in the first place. Are you claiming to be a Democrat who goes to state party or other Dem political events?

  11. I agree with spongebob and Jessica Myers. If politicspa would ban his ip address, three or four screen names would disappear. And the collective intelligence of the comments would rise dramatically.

  12. Jessica,
    Please out this fool. I would gladly make a sizable donation to charity so that the outing was for a good cause 🙂

  13. I love that the person with what seems like the most aliases on this site says I am the same person posting as other people. just sad…. As for David Diano, sure maybe I am pretending to know things but so far its really weird. I jump on here, predict something will happen, it does and then because I did not spell it out in advance I was just what….guessing each and every time? Yeah ok. Go back to thinking you are a player in the party man. The most common answer people get when asking about you is “Who?” So sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

  14. SpongeBobSquareShill = Larry = MTG – kanesdriver

    LOL at the pathetic shills. Hope the Senate is paying attention. At this point – a majority of Pennsylvanians are against the Senate’s end-around on the Constitution.

    And the corruption involved with the cover-up is coming to light more and more every day. The relationship between Fina and feudal … Eakin and Graci …. It’s just the tip of the iceberg …

  15. When is Nick Field going to write an article about the link between Graci and Eakin? It’s in the Daily News today. Nick writes something every time Craig and Angela smear Kane …. Let’s see how long it takes …

  16. There is no way Steele is looking forward to trying the Kane case. It is trumped-up nonsense that was designed to help overturn an election.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Kane found a way to “drop” the case if Kane is removed by the Senate. There are just too many problems.

    Plus – Steele loses credibility if he prosecutes Kane for ONE leak while ignoring the MANY leaks from the grand jury investigating Kane.

  17. I actually feel bad for Montgomery county residents. They went from bad (Ferman) to worse (Steele). They charge the AG with perjury because she forgot something? OMG! We are all in for a world of hurt with Herr Kevin Steele running the show. Put your attorney on retainer because he’s coming to a town near you-with a subpoena. Sad that Marcel cut that deal with his Shabbat-mates Risa and Josh.

  18. According to the most recent poll, half the State already realizes that the Senate is trying to pull an end-around on the Constitution. Fina & The Corbett Pervs are growing desperate. More e-mails will be coming soon. It is rumored that the latest batch will include some of the videos that Fina & The Corbett Pervs watched at work … using their State computers … on the taxpayers’ dime. One is said to show a 100 year-old woman engaged in intercourse.

    Hey Frank – how friggin’ perverted are you?

  19. Ha3 is my hero. I have her poster above my bed. When I dream at night, I dream of Ha3. I wake up in the morning thinking about Ha3. I even got a Ha3 tattoo. Pat Unger seems cool too. But Ha3 is sooooooooooooooo hot. I just can’t stop thinking about Ha3 !!! I am obsessed and I like it. I will now hit “Refresh” until another Ha3 comment pops up … or I’ll just pretend that I am Ha3 again. It makes my pee-pee tingle when I do that.

  20. Remember when I said I’m not defending Kane? Lol, that’s obviously not true. I lo v e Kathleen Kane and I HATE Fina! Kathleen, I don’t care how incompetent or vindictive you are. I don’t care that every Democratic official, pundit, and political operative has called you a disaster that has to go. You just keep on breaking the law, sister!!

  21. DD – SpongeBobSquareShill is just another screen-name for one of the shills. Evidently – they are feeling some sorta way … probably upset that their latest trick is also failing. Everytime one of their tactics fail, they come here ant type something stupid that boils down to: :but wait til you see our next trick.”

    One moron shill-boy was even gloating about some future lawsuit. LOL … A lawsuit. Something anyone can file any time they want … any day of the week.

    Pretty soon, they will again have to resort to: “BUT HER SISTER !!!!!”

  22. @ d2:

    As you ponder tackling the Herculean task of recanting your oeuvre of erroneous postings, I will provide – magnanimously – an example that will provide you, I hope, a head-start on [for example] cleaning the Augean Stables.

    You wrote: “That just means a majority either wants Kane removed without a fair trial, or is too stupid to understand that the committee is attempting to intentionally misinterpret their authority. (In your case, it’s “and” not “or”.)”

    You should recognize that Kane can be removed from her political position via a process that is mutually exclusive of whatever may transpire when she faces a criminal “fair” trial.

    You should also understand that the narrow interpretation of authority to act is predicated on the plain lingo in the Constitution and that, noting how I carefully parsed it, there is no contrary interpretation thereof which would extricate her from its jurisdiction.

    Indeed, were she to follow-through on your model of how she should conduct herself when subject to public oversight, she should not just have refused to honor the committee’s subpoena and, instead, have taken this legal concern via a legal protest to the judiciary.

    That she didn’t challenge the committee’s stated raison-d’etre last week bespeaks her primary behavior pattern throughout her tenure; she is flailing and, in the process, is revealing her internal “mush.”

    Time is tight, for the committee will be providing its [predictably adverse] report by Thanksgiving; perhaps you can simply pull all the “Kane” pages via a search on this page, and then work-backwards as you correct each of your errors.

  23. Diano: The woman you met in West Chester 5 years ago – ? I noted that Judge William Carpenter and District Attorney Risa Ferman played a role in her ordeal. Another public figure who played a pivotal role in her saga was Whyatt Mondesire. Yes, the same Whyatt Mondesire who Kane stands accused of leaking information about. The same Whyatt Mondesire who passed away (under rather bizarre circumstances in a medical facility) recently.

    Oh, and Diano – the woman you met with narrowly escaped death on December 23, 2013. Almost died in a Chester County emergency room. She was somehow exposed to a lethal bacteria (one commonly found in developing countries). And no – I am not kidding. She has fully recovered now, I understand. Don’t believe me – ? Check it out for yourself.

  24. rsklaroff

    That just means a majority either wants Kane removed without a fair trial, or is too stupid to understand that the committee is attempting to intentionally misinterpret their authority. (In your case, it’s “and” not “or”.)


    You keep pretending to have inside knowledge, yet don’t say more than “something’s coming” and no details. Are you an astrologer or palm reader at a carnival?

    This current stuff is the “least” of her worries? What do you have? A sex tape? A tape of her putting a dead body in the trunk, with shovels and lime? An unpaid parking ticket? A photo of her smoking in front of a “No Smoking” sign?

    You refer to this next problem as a Christmas present. That DOES mean you are predicting a timeframe.

  25. OK – who am I? Other than the person who calls you out for the pathetic shill POS that you are?

  26. Are you Kidding Me Judge Furber is going to be the Judge in The Kane case This is The Same Guy Who went to Court Defending Republican Committee People who were Defacing and Marking up Official Pictures of The Ballot Printed by The Courthouse of Montgomery County . I know this Because I went against him in Court on this Very Issue and He LOST

  27. Huh? What are you talking about? The fun has been here for MONTHS. You been under a rock? Oh … that’s right … it is no fun for you shills when Kane exposes the racists, perverts, and woman-haters.

  28. Sadly no, you are the only person who uses multiple names. Don’t worry. The fun will be here soon enough.

  29. Oh … That’s right … You are “kanesdriver” too .., why don’t you use that name anymore? Oh yeah …


  30. So sad you are….No, I will allow due course to run. Besides its more fun to watch your conspiracy theories in action. Also I haven’t been wrong yet. Each time I have said something is coming, magically it did. But sure lets stick with I know nothing. Repervlican Shill Boy Clown Cars for everyone!

  31. Just to be clear I never predicted a date for her demise although she continues to speed the clock up on that, As for HAHAHA and your many alter ego’s call me what you will but you and all your other personalities should enjoy themselves while they can. I wonder when she is out of the spotlight to whom you will focus your many personalities on? Kane knows what’s coming next and soon you will too.

  32. LOL @ SpongeBobSquareShill. It’s always something in the future with the Repervlican’s shill-boys. They have predicting the “end” for Kane for a lost a year. And yet – she is still standing (perhaps stronger than ever).

    Jut think about it. If he does know something that hasn’t happened yet – he is CLEARLY a shill. If he doesn’t the shills have sent him to pretend that “her days are numbered” again. It wasn’t that long ago they were saying she “wouldn’t last through October.” Now – it’s Christmas.

    Do better, shill-boys!!

  33. These charges are the least of her worries. Her Christmas present is coming soon. Can’t wait to see how everyone here who defends her tries to walk their comments back.

  34. O #2 – who cares?

    The perjury charge held over today is nonsense. They could never prove that she remembered signing it when she indicated that she didn’t remember signing it. The whole case is trumped-up nonsense designed to get the Clown Car to where they are now … with the Repervlican-controlled Senate looking to overturn an election.

    Here’s a short summary of how it went down:

    Repervlicans realize Kane has all their disgusting, racist e-mails … the ones that Repervlicans Corbett and Ryan tried to destroy

    Repervlican Castille (who wants to be AG) approved the grand jury; Repervlican special prosecutor appointed by Repervlican Carpenter

    Repervlican shill-boys start leaking material to Craig & Angela

    Repervlican Ferman gets case, realizes it is BS and starts scurrying to find real evidence

    Repervlicans leak more material … Repervlican Castille leaks material

    Repervlican (Lamb) controlled DB acts on the trumped-up criminal case

    Repervlican Senators start their embarrassing inquiry using an obscure provision from 1800s drafted to address low-level politicians who become senile.

    Can’t make this stuff up.

  35. The establishment must be very afraid of what AG Kane has unearthed about them and now they are piling on. Keep those emails coming and let’s bring down the whole corrupt system. And, what about Eakin? BTW, is this DJ an attorney? What are her qualifications beyond passing the DJ exam—just wondering what her depth of knowledge is.

  36. Freudian slip by Larry the troll. Turns out he is actually a shill (boy).

    Has Eakin resigned yet?

  37. Marie, you obviously don’t have to work for Kane. I feel sorry for those career OAG staff who are living in paranoia while a crazy person runs the office. I feel sorry for her kids too, as Kane keeps bringing them into the mix while talking to the press. (“I told them to fight like I’m fighting…blah blah blah…their favorite movie, Boondog Millionaire…”).

  38. So the D’s and R’s are licking their chops. I feel bad for the Attorney General. Unfortunately, the traps that were set for her, she walked in. She should be given her day in court, instead of being tried on PoliticsPA. Have some compassion folks!

  39. Duh!! Why would it still be in her Office if she remembered signing it. It’s not Perjury unless they can prove she intentionally lied. Forgetting you signed something is not lying.

    Surprised that’s the best they can do. All those searches. All those man-hours into this “investigation” … and they still have squat.

    Cannot wait for this trial – whether Kane is AG or not. I just hope the MontCo DA’s Office doesn’t chicken out … POPCORN will be ready.

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