Kane Won’t Punish Sister for Emails

Kane-SisterThe Attorney General has asserted all along that she wouldn’t abide those in the her office who sent offensive emails on their office computers.

Today was the biggest test of that threat as it was revealed yesterday that Kane’s twin sister distributed a number of questionable messages.

Kane won’t be punishing her sister in any way.

According to Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo, Ellen Granahan won’t face any repercussions because she didn’t send enough emails and they weren’t as bad.

“As a whole, they don’t meet the same standard of offense,” Ardo said.

Unfortunately for the AG, her previous allies don’t see it the same way. Granahan’s conduct was denounced by Philly NOW and State Sen. Anthony Williams. The former called them “hateful” while the latter said they were “repugnant”.

Last year, Kane fired four people and punished sixty others for participating in the email chains.

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  1. Well, wing — there are a lot of double standards being applied. When it comes to the “ol boys network,” e-mail images making fun of female domestic violence victims are “hate” according to Kane. But, when it’s her sister, it is “not inappropriate.”

    I agree that the big one is the fact that Kane is being prosecuted for ONE alleged leak while the MANY illegal leaks by Fina & The Corbett Pervs are being ignored.

    Kane’s words are just words. And her credibility is all that is at stake.

    But – selective enforcement – where the powerful get to decide how to spend our $$$ and resources prosecuting ONLY the people they want punished … that is a form of corruption. And it is a very dangerous form of corruption.

  2. “…The REAL double standard here is no investigation into the repeated leaks of the grand jury against Kane…” when the court convenes a grand jury, proceedings are secret and witnesses and lawyers are ‘ encouraged’ not to discuss such matters. so if a grand jury has been convened to investigate the leaks against kane, we would not necessarily know that. i suspect one has been —but have no evidence of that. there’s entirely too much dirt flying around for a prosecutor to not want to get into that set of GJ leaks, too…

  3. WAHHHHH !!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! I’m not a racist — REALLY !!!!!! WAH … … … Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Spongebob, he thinks that you’re me, which is funny because he claims to know who both of us are. What he should be wondering is how did I know that his doxing threat was a bluff in the first place.

  5. Not agreeing with you on all issues does not make me a troll. I can’t understand your logic sometimes. Your need to constantly see yourself type things is sad for those around you. I have said in the past that Fina and Kane need to go. Just today you decide to make it a thing? If your goal is to come across as a moronic individuals with more fingers than brain cells by all means continue with your posting habits.

  6. NEWS ALERT : the troll typed something intelligent 2 days ago —

    SpongeBob says:
    December 19, 2015 at 12:31 pm
    OK I honestly thought that you were serious. In the end PA will be a better place when Fina, Eakin, and Kane are all off of the public’s payroll.

  7. Takes one to know one. I still own you B.

    Despite your best efforts, you just can’t stop talking about me.

    Gonna cry like a baby and call me a “retard” again?

    Truth is I love that it’s just you and one other representing Democrat voices here. Bring on the aliases. I’ll just keep playing you like a drum. Ha ha ha.

  8. I suppose there isn’t a smidgen of impropriety for the Kane sisters to exchange smut with judges too?

  9. “The emails contained racial stereotypes and photos of scantily clad women and men. One had a photograph of a naked man, along with a joke about the size of his penis.

    Earlier this month, Kane, a Democrat, appointed a special prosecutor to review the pornographic and offensive emails captured on her office’s computer servers.

    Before the announcement, she projected on a Jumbotron a sampling of the images that she deemed troubling, including some that made fun of African Americans, Mexican laborers, and victims of domestic violence.

    Granahan’s emails echoed similar themes. One displayed a photograph of a smiling woman with bruises on her eye and lip, with the caption ‘Domestic violence – because sometimes, you have to tell her more than once.’

    Another showed a black toddler wearing gold jewelry and clutching a stack of $100 bills.”

    Why am I not surprised that when images like these are found on her sister’s computer that Kathleen Kane no longer feels that they “rise to the level of pornographic or inappropriate.”

  10. @d2:

    My neurological exam remains fine; perhaps the demise of the AG will provoke you to experience a heart attack.

  11. Spongebob,you are wrong about fina. Fina and his crew took down R’s and D’s fairly and evenly. UNHEARD of in this highly political day and age. Took a ton of balls to take down follow Republicans like Perzel. Best prosecuter around. I GUESS We should let THE PC POLICE take him down for the joke emails that I guarantee exist on every government agency across this state and country. I WANT EVERY POLITICIAN WHO CALLED FOR HIS FIRING, especially the phila. city council members to have all of their emails for the past five years examined. Funny thing, i hear some of these city council members or their staff may be under investigation themselves. No wonder their attacking the prosecuters. How politically convenient.

  12. OK I honestly thought that you were serious. In the end PA will be a better place when Fina, Eakin, and Kane are all off of the public’s payroll.

  13. Oh, wow, look–the Repervlican hater and all his aliases are all simultaneously out to lunch.

  14. The only reason KK has chosen to go kamikaze, exposing her family’s complicity in this abhorrent mess, is that she failed in trying to protect corrupt Philly Democrats. You should send her flowers. NOW will probably name her Mother of the Year.

    Hopefully the next AG will expose all the pervs (Not making that campaign promise should be a disqualifier)…if she doesn’t destroy the evidence first.

  15. SpongeBob-

    I’m trying to give you and sklaroff a stroke. 🙂

    But, overall, I think she has done a tremendous public service by exposing inappropriate behavior by judges and prosecutors. I’m not saying she handled it well, but she showed how unfit people like Eakin and Fina are.

  16. @ SpongeBob:

    d2 channels the approach of BHO, his fearless-leader; both prioritize party-loyalty and ideological-purity over honesty and productivity.

  17. David,
    Are you freaking kidding me? The best AG ever? The commonwealth is a political punchline because of this horror of an AG and you make that statement? I honestly would never have imagined you could say something nuttier than things you have said in the past but this is the most batshit crazy thing I have ever seen on here. I mean we live through daily posts where HAHAHA posts under like 9 names and posts crazy stuff and that’s mild compared to that comment you wrote.

  18. @ d2:

    “She’s exposed more about the underbelly of her own (in)justice system than all her predecessors combined.”

  19. Jack

    “Will someone tell me why Kathleen Kane still has a job? ”

    Because despite all the problems, she’s STILL the best A.G. we’ve ever had.

    She’s exposed more about the underbelly of the PA (in)justice system than her predecessors combined.

  20. Her ex-husband should petition for full custody of their boys for the inexplicably poor choices and example she sets.

  21. Her job is to defend the state of PA. PA has never voted to change its traditional marriage laws. Just because the Supreme Court also failed to do its job (which is to apply the Constitution, not make up its own laws) does not change her failure.

  22. “Ellen Granahan won’t face any repercussions because she is the Attorney General’s sister.”


  23. Will someone tell me why Kathleen Kane still has a job? She isn’t even qualified to practice law anymore. She’s using our tax dollars to pursue her vengeful and petty feuds only, because she’s not even legally qualified to do her actual job.

    Of course, starting with her refusal to defend PA’s marriage laws, she never did her job in the first place. PA, you elected a liberal Democrat woman to attorney general…have you learned your lesson for the future?

  24. Pat Unger, please name the federal law that the feds would be investigating and prosecuting.

  25. It’s getting harder and harder to imagine the Feds not getting involved here. We have two law enforcement agencies at war … and not against gun violence … or drug addiction … or child predators … but against each other.

    The public’s confidence in Williams AND Kane is now eroded beyond repair. They both need to be looking for jobs.

  26. Good point, Observer. It is one I made when this {non} story first broke. I said then that Kane should be indicted if she did not turn over her sister’s e-mails to the Independent Prosecutor.

    But – now that we know she did, this is just more nonsense from the CLOWN CAR who like to read their own headlines and then SCREAM “Get rid of her” like they are SCREAMING “Benghazi.”

    Meantime — has anyone asked Seth Williams about his new “Chief Integrity Officer??? She has zero qualifications. She was hired off the street (rather than rising up through the ranks at the DA’s Office). And – of course – she is Frank Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

    I guess that’s the reason Seth Williams isn’t talking to the Press. Can’t blame him, I guess.

  27. LMAO … The TEA-guzzling mental patient is complaining about someone else being repetitive!!

    The truth is: The REAL double standard here IS that there has been no investigation into the repeated leaks of grand jury material damaging to Kane.

  28. @ d2:

    Your repetitive comment [“The REAL double standard here is no investigation into the repeated leaks of the grand jury against Kane”] became tiresome, months ago; even the lib “Bloomberg Businessweek” is decrying her conduct [in this week’s edition].

  29. The headline is misleading and completely untrue. In a statement today – ignored by this writer – Kane said her sister’s emails were among the million-plus given to the special prosecutor, and if any charges arise therefrom, including against Kane herself, then that’s what will happen. Ellen is not immune from anything.

    DA Gilson admitted revealing grand jury information. Still waiting for him to be indicted or have his law license suspended…

  30. Stevie junior can now hold fire on his general war on women since they have started calling air strikes in on themselves. He might still smack around a stray now and again, though.

  31. Sponge Bob, HaHaHa and Pat Unger are the same person, and he was obviously prosecuted by Fina. Diano is a basement-dwelling loser who isn’t even taken seriously by the Democrats that he departs reality to defend. No real people actually support Kane or hate Fina that much.

  32. So let me get this straight. Kane gets up in front of a room, does her speech about hategate, gets caught playing favorites with her sister who received AND SENT these emails to others including kane herself and her answer is no punishment and her defenders on here give her a free pass? I feel sad for all of you who are so desperate to want to believe in her that you cannot even say wrong is wrong. You think it’s only her sister sitting in those emails? Let’s see how you feel when her chief of staff, head of forensics etc… are all exposed for having received AND SENDING these emails. No you people just pivot to FINA is bad and investigate the other leaks. I truly feel sorry for you people. So loyal to party you are willing to accept them treating the law and ethics like they did not matter. No worries, you will have plenty more posts to blather on about as there is more coming to this story very soon.

  33. Nah, HaHaHa, Fina is on top of the world after burning Kane with the double-barreled blast of a Bishop plea (with apology about the race card) and Kane involvement with porn. Fina’s probably kicking his feet up and smoking a cigar.

  34. Too funny, Pat.

    It is almost getting fun watching Kane and Williams tearing each other’s throats out. They probably have no idea how stupid they both look. Fina’s life must be in a death spiral, too. Despite being demoted, he is still hanging on to that job on the government’s teet!! Despite the fact that the only people that want him there is the DA obsessed with Kane and his lawyer’s wife.

    Guess it’s hard to get another job when you have been exposed as a racist women-hating creep. Let’s see if the DA’s Office offers the Salvation Army guy a reduced sentence in exchange for his lawyer “apologizing” for raising the issue? If they gave Bishop the equivalent of a non-conviction in exchange for her lawyer apologizing, I can imagine what they will give the Blacks Fina targeted on the Salvation Army case.

  35. Well, it looks like HaHaHa/Pat Unger is one really dumb guy who doesn’t learn from getting OWNED. I wonder how he will spin this into something about Fina when more is revealed about Kathleen Kane’s porn email habits. Or when we learn about her newly promoted bodyguard being the originator of all this porn email mess in the OAG.

  36. Since it seems clear that Granahan’s e-mails did not rise to the level of Fina’s, perhaps Kane should schedule a half-day of “sensitivity of training” and then issue a mea culpa, keep paying Granahan, but make her sit on a different floor.

    That should solve this!!

  37. DD – Totally agree. As it stands right now, Kevin Steele is prosecuting ONE alleged leak while totally ignoring the MANY illegal leaks from the Kane grand jury.

    It’s called selective enforcement and it is a form of corruption.

  38. David, she committed a crime, and she will pay for the crime. It may be true that other people committed the same crime, but that is never a defense. And you wouldn’t even raise it if Kane were a Republican, which makes your whining even more pathetic. So try to stay on the issue here: she is letting her sister off the hook for something she criticized (and even fired) others for doing. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  39. The REAL double standard here is no investigation into the repeated leaks of the grand jury against Kane.

  40. Well, Kane has alienated everyone else, so she might as well add blacks, Asians, and women to the list. Hmmm, a two-thirds vote in the Senate is looking more and more likely.

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